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Video: Jesse Tyler Ferguson announces engagement to his boyfriend

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Reader comments

  1. Why not just refer to each other as “my husband”- because THATS what you are!

    1. But that’s the point.
      In all the states not listed at the beginning, they would just be seen as two men having sex with each other. In these states, the law gives no recognition of their love and commitment for each other, they would be given no rights and benefits which “real” husbands receive.

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 20 Sep 2012, 1:10pm

    And Jesse Tyler Ferguson supports the republican party! Ironic! A party whose new platform wants equal marriage banned forever. I’m convinced people like him are suffering from a severe dose of Stockholm Syndrome, loving their oppressors and going back for more. How sick is that?

    1. As far as I know, the closest Jesse Tyler Ferguson has ever been to being a Republican is that time he played one in a video poking fun at Republican homophobia. I think you might have your wires crossed there.

      Speaking of which, there was a study done a while ago that measured how popular different shows are with Democrats and Republicans, and Modern Family was one of the few shows that was extremely popular with both. I don’t know what that means, if anything, but I thought it was interesting.

  3. Love your cause, love the bow ties! Fiancé is handsome, puppy is cute! One bit of advice … Don’t give up your day job and pursue a singing career! ;-)

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