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Chick-fil-A make promise to stop funding anti equal marriage groups

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Reader comments

  1. So, the boycott really started to hit them in the wallet. Good.

    I’ll never eat there anyway. Leopards don’t change their spots that easily.

  2. Oh dear! Upset the shareholders have we!! Lolz at their complete turnaround ( most very likely money oriented)

  3. Is anyone surprised at how those “Christian values” that are held so dear can be so readily discarded once it starts to have an effect on their revenue stream? Can’t say I am.

  4. All those people who flooded there to support the bigotry must be feeling pretty annoyed now.

    Chick have now upset both camps!!!

  5. That There Other David 19 Sep 2012, 10:31pm

    Too late IMO. The Chick-Fil-A brand is permanently tarnished. They can either rename the company completely or watch it slowly fade away.

  6. friday jones 19 Sep 2012, 10:36pm

    No flowers? At least Ike Turner gave Tina some flowers after he apologized for the last time. And yes, I believe there will be a “next time” with Chik Fil A.

  7. Paddyswurds 19 Sep 2012, 11:25pm

    Once the erudite Sarah Palin turned up to shove her ignorant snout in the trough , Chick Fil A knew they were phuct. This is so delicious it has given me a longing for some KFC lol.
    Well they can shove their backtrack up their collective arses., we don’t do climb downs and consider the back sliders as worse than those who stand by their “beliefs” if not their “holy” book of lies and evil. It is just way way too late. Ask for your check back and we might consider a purgatory of some sort as a probation period otherwise, well…….

  8. Hallelujah; the lord god almighty dollar has prevailed!


  10. Don’t get too excited. They made this same promise a couple of years ago but continued to give to the most vile anti-gay organizations and then just recently bragged about it.

    I don’t trust these people any further than I could throw them.

  11. Oh, and as of this moment Chick-fil-A hasn’t confirmed this report even though they’ve received countless requests for verification.

  12. too little too late.

    1. Ignore what I have written above. Chick-fil-A is just playing PR games and apparently has no intention of stopping the funding of anti-gay groups. Not that I’d eat at their homophobic eateries anyway.

  13. GingerlyColors 20 Sep 2012, 6:37am

    In the USA money obviously takes precedence over God. There they bow down to the Big Wedge (wedge being one of the many slang words for money). Many successful business people, artists, singers and actors are gay. It is time that they took their businesses, money and jobs to the States which do uphold full equality for gays. If the boycott for Chick-fil-A has worked, can you imagine what effect it could do with States like North Carolina where a referendum has recently declared both marriage equality and civil partnerships. Money talks in America.

    1. Spanner1960 20 Sep 2012, 9:20am

      Actually, in the USA money IS God.

      1. Absolutely right

      2. Paddyswurds 20 Sep 2012, 12:41pm

        Thats why in southern States in particular there are “churches” every 500 yards of denominations you never heard of and most of the denominations have just that one clapped out store front “church”. the states affords tax free status to just about any dipstick who turns up with a buybul and dogs collar…. The state of education in those states is for the most part rudimentary at best and so these “churches2 are usually full of the illiterate shouting hallelujah or whatever other hocus-pocus they get up to in these establishments of delusion.

  14. Feeling a little cynical about this, if they wanted to prove they want to change then they would show support to equal marriage groups instead.

    1. Spanner1960 20 Sep 2012, 9:23am

      Agreed. If these people want to demonstrate their true Christian values toward their fellow man, they should at least donate to some LGBT organisations.
      I would understand if they were still anti same-sex marriage, but that is something else again. They need to undo the damage they may have caused.

  15. I wonder if praying will help them out of their financial troubles… sliiiiightly skeptical, though.

  16. NutjobsareeverywheretheUNtoo 20 Sep 2012, 11:33am

    It’s better chick but not that easy and not good enough !!

  17. NutjobsareeverywheretheUNtoo 20 Sep 2012, 11:34am

    Donate the same amount to lbgt groups as you donated to hate groups then we can talk!

    1. With 150% added on as a way of saying sorry!

  18. NutjobsareeverywheretheUNtoo 20 Sep 2012, 11:36am

    Omg they’ll be chick-a-fill-gay next !!

  19. You have lost and you will continue to lose. What you have said will stand against you until your business closes. You cannot be trusted.

  20. They may have said they will stop sending money to hate mongerers but the view of Dan Cathay hasn’t changed and and a company they are still opposed to gay marriage.

    Nothing has actually changed.

  21. Well that didn’t take long. Just as I suspected earlier, Chick-fil-A can’t be trusted. The ink wasn’t even dry on the paper yet when CFA president Dan Cathy sent out a Tweet trumpeting a CFA motorcycle ride benefit to raise money for the anti-gay Marriage and Family Foundation, one of the very groups that they pledged to no longer support.

    Lying in the name of Jesus should be an official sport in America today!

  22. Don’t get too excited. Truth is a rare commodity.

    They need to be watched very closely

    1. They haven’t changed their policy. They’re just trying to confuse the market with a dose of misinformation, claiming they’ve been mischaracterised.

  23. Bill (Scotland) 20 Sep 2012, 10:55pm

    This is merely a damage limitation exercise to try and undo the damage their anti-gay policies have caused to their business, nothing more.

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