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Australian politician, who linked bestiality with equal marriage, to attend UK Conservative event

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Reader comments

  1. Wait a minute… we have the cons party “strongly condemn(ing) Mr Bernardi’s comments, which do not reflect David Cameron’s or the Conservative Party’s viewpoint in any way” and yet when the Church/C4M or any other Tory MP or Lord comes out with something outrageous they say nothing.

    It’s ok to condemn a foreing MP but not one of your own eh? Lets hope they will be keeping a very close eye on what is said in the C4M upcoming conference and be willing to openly condemn anything which isn’t condoned by theTory part or Mr Cameron himself!

  2. Another offensive anti-LGBT equality loudmouth, who deserved the sack.

    There was a time, of course, when it was illegal in the UK for a Catholic to become an MP. What if those opposing this measure had said, “If we allow Catholics to become MPs, why shouldn’t we let mass murderers and animals do the same?” I wish some of those dogmatic Catholic bigots who imply LGBT sex can be compared with incest and bestiality, would think a little about how their own equal rights in the UK could have been challenged with similar offensive “arguments”.

    By the way, the rabid homophobic commenters are at it again under the latest DT article:

  3. Pavlos Prince of Greece 19 Sep 2012, 7:06pm

    He just has say this, what another straight men have in his secret (or not so secret) mind. I personally know nobody, who, as a straight men, have be a different opinion about gay men and gay sex, than this opinion of Australian Senator. And what matters? Only important thing in this story for me – that Mr. Bernardi is a very attractive men, with whom I have be very good sex, regardless, how his opinion about homosexuality is…

    1. What a silly post.

      What he looks like is completely irrelevant. Who cares. He is in the international news because of his stupid bigotry, not because people want to look at his mug.

      Your comment about the views of straight men implies you need to change your circle of acquaintances.

      1. Pavlos Prince of Greece 19 Sep 2012, 8:28pm

        Well, only gay friendly territory for me is ‘pink news’ . And Buckingham Palace too.

    2. That There Other David 19 Sep 2012, 8:44pm

      Yet I know plenty of straight men that genuinely are not phased by gay people or the sex gay people have, and find the comparison of monogamous gay couples with bestiality as utterly ludicrous.

      Maybe we just move in different circles.

      1. Pavlos Prince of Greece 19 Sep 2012, 9:15pm

        Maybe. I hope. But my experience with straight men since childhood until now is: no place for a little more ‘different’ understanding of gender roles that those traditional, blessing by Church…

  4. Whilst I’m disturbed to see such a person giving a talk to young conservative folk, it is to be expected. They are conservatives after all.

    But to see Ben Bradshaw being Labour’s quoted person on a marriage equality story is at once both hilarious and disgusting. A man who doesn’t even believe marriage equality is necessary having a go at someone else who think it isn’t necessary. Labour truly need to get a clue and get someone who actually believes what they say out there for once.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 19 Sep 2012, 8:46pm

      I also noticed Bradshaw’s comments, positive and welcome as they are. It’s probably his way of retracting once and for all what he said about equal marriage earlier this year. As much as I despised what he said at the time and I was one of many bashing him for it, I welcome his comments. Bradshaw, in spite of what he said is supporting equal marriage, thankfully. We need every vote we can get, the most crucial coming from Tories for without some of them, it won’t pass.

      I would like to see our own Tories in opposition do as Bernardi did, resign, although he was sacked.

  5. The event wasn’t organised by Conservative Future or the Conservative Party, so why, despite being told this by the chairman, did you still run the story with the inaccuracy in it?

    There are a lot of Conservatives in the Party who believe in equal marriage and we’re winning the argument. It would be nice to have a bit of support on this from across the spectrum, rather than trying to shoe-horn a story into an old narrative and wheeling out Ben Bradshaw to stir things up.

    1. Matt, I have a lot of sympathy for people in the Tory party in your position but this post is disingenuous. On the Conservative Future web site under “events” you will find this text:-

      “Date: Friday, 21st September 2012

      The European Young Conservative Freedom Summit will take place at St Hugh’s College, Oxford from mid afternoon on Friday, 21 September 2012 until mid afternoon on Sunday, 23 September 2012. This is your chance to join us at the leading conference for young conservatives of its kind in Europe!

      Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, the cost to attend EYC Freedom Summit is only £85 for students and £145 for young professionals, to include 3 days of conference, 2 nights’ en-suite accommodation in an Oxford University college, 2 dinners with wine, lunches and cooked breakfasts, resource materials and training.

      If you’re interested in attending please email ”

      You are self evidently supporting it.

    2. /continued

      I am truly disappointed in this. even if the party is not organising the event it is most obviously and clearly supporting it. And if it is supporting the event the party organisation should make sure that the speakers are people wh are not against everything the (de-toxified) party is supposed to stand for.

      I will be writing politely to Mr Howlett (who supports marriage equality and is most particularly entitled to courtesy) to complain at the damage he is doing to the Tory brand and I invite others to do the same (POLITELY!).

    3. Robert in S. Kensington 20 Sep 2012, 1:17pm

      Let’s hope there are enough conservatives to guarantee passage of equal marriage. Without a sufficient number of them, it won’t happen.

      Cory Bernardi should be castigated by Cameron and Clegg and if I had it in my power, I’d have him banned from entering the UK, implying that equal marriage could herald bestiality, even incest and polygamy are nothing more than instigating hatred and intolerance. Other foreigners have been banned for vile comments and fomenting hatred such as Geert Wilders of the Netherlands and Michael Savage of the U.S. Bernardi should be accorded the same treatment. Freedom of speech is one thing, but words have consequences. He’s unfit to set foot in the UK, end of.

  6. That There Other David 19 Sep 2012, 8:45pm

    I’ll judge this after the conference, not now. For all we know he’s about to get slow-clapped.

    1. Except that he’s said stacks of stupid things before (mainly about Muslims), but still they invited him.

  7. As if we don’t have enough bigoted haters in the country, now we’re importing them….

  8. Hope you all give him a hard time. Let him know that his comments were offensive.

    I know that I have NO feelings towards any animals.

  9. Poor England!

  10. Does LGBTory condemn this bigot’s homophobia and condemn his appearance at a Tory event.

    Or is LGBTory being its usual worthless, ridiculous, irrelevant self?

  11. hilariious! how do you have CONSENSUAL relations with an animal. The guy is short a few billion neurons to make such an illogical statement.

  12. Understandably gay folk feel affronted whenever homosexuality is linked with bestiality. However, if we are going down the path of redefining marriage in order to allow it for those currently excluded, specifically same sex couples, and on the basis of equality, we lay ourselves open to the notion that, as repugnant as this seems, that anyone else excluded can use the same argument e.g. people who wish to marry a close relative, a minor, more than one person or an animal.

    I know v.little about Cory Bernardi but he has as much right to make his point as anyone else and if he is invited then providing he does not break the law or there is a public order issue I see no reason why he should not come. In a free society we need to hear arguments from those we disagree with – to stop such would be eroding an important freedom.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 20 Sep 2012, 5:02pm

      How many people have demanded to marry a close relative, a minor or an animal since equal marriage was first legalised in Holland eleven years ago. Can you provide the evidence? If you look at the old testament, you will find that incest and polygamy were uniquely heterosexual. It’s all very well you upholding freedom of speech and in so doing, you should also support calling opponents of equal marriage as bigots in the interests of an important freedom. We should also be able to label some of them as sick and demented just as they label equal marriage grotesque and our relationshps equallly so.

      Equal marriage doesn’t redefine anything. If anything redefined it, it was when the Abrahamic cults came along and changed it, then governments introduced civil marriage to allow serial adulterers to remarry outside their respective cults. Equal civil marriage doesn’t affect one straight marriage in any way shape or form. If it did, no straight would continue marrying.

  13. All very well for the tory party to state that it has no control over who attends but with this senator and his beastility remarks and now it seems Ann The wicked witch Widdecombe also in attendance its seems to be a another anti gay marriage jolly c/o the Young Tory’s that Mr Cameron has no control over! Who has given the invites out? Young Labour,Liberal or Green supporters would never get away with this especially so close to the conference season. Another own goal to the Tory party which i hope the opposition will have a field day with at conference time.

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