Two new national polls show that support for marriage equality in the US is steadily increasing.

It suggests the anti-equal marriage campaign could be losing steam with the number who back marriage equality now greatly outnumbering the detractors.

A CBS/New York Times poll found that of 1,300 respondents, many of whom are registered voters, 51-percent favour same-sex marriage. That’s an increase of 5% in two months.

As for the opponents, the figure is down from 44% to 41%, which means a 10-point margin between the two groups.

Meanwhile, an Associated Press poll shows more than 6 in 10 Americans believe in equalising benefits for same-sex couples, while half of its 1,000 participants support legal recognition of same-sex marriage.

AP notes that the number has not changed much since last year, but reports that in the past three years, support has gone from 46% to 53%.

Meanwhile, opposition to the measure has dropped from 53% to 42%.