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US gay advocacy group blast Rupert Everett over gay parenting row

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  2. So, Rupert’s the recipient of today’s 5 minute hate. Perhaps he doesn’t want to base his opinion on what Summerskill purports to be “evidence” but on his own gut feeling – he’s perfectly entitled to do that, he’s not a lawmaker.

    1. How is it hate exactly? GLAAD are right to critize Everett’s ill-informed and hurtful remarks. Hate is the bullying of the children of gay parents who Rupert doesn’t give t@ss about. He is happy to undermine their families and provide ammunition for all those who say that their families are not good enough.

      He deserves all the criticism he gets. Well done GLAAD.

      1. Why do you find the words “hurtful”? I happen to disagree with Rupert E on this but his words don’t hurt me in the least. What kind of decadent wusses are we if we get hurt by someone having an opinion we don’t share?

        1. Joe, are you a child being raised by gay parents?

          1. Totally reprehensible argument. If I was happy with my parenting in such a situation, nothing this guy says could hurt me. People are just working themselves into a self-righteous frenzy whenever someone says anything they don’t agree with. It’s the opposite of a society in which people are allowed their own perspective. It’s like a witch hunt against anyone who happens to be “wrong”.

  3. i interpreted what he said to mean that HE personally couldn’t think of anything worse than being brought up by two gay dads – NOT that being brought up by two gay dads turns makes you suffer from this that or the other. ffs summerskill and GLAAD!

    1. That’s a very imaginative interpretation ofwhat was written. You’re not a catholic by any chance?

      1. Staircase2 19 Sep 2012, 7:40pm

        Bollocks is it – that’s exactly how I read it

        It doesn’t take ‘imagination’ – all it takes is to bloody well READ the thing…(which so few posters on here generally do, being,as they are, founding members of the ‘lash out as quickly as possible to anything the gay news media spins a particular way’ brigade; knee jerkers one and all…)

        You lot have an AWFUL lot in common with Daily Mail Readers you know…

        1. Don’t feed the ultra leftie PC fascist trolls, Staircase2 and rob.

  4. To be honest it sounds like Everett is pretty full of hate for himself… his own mother is unhappy with him and and he obviously sees something wrong with his sexuality.

    While HE personally may feel like that his comments just give ammunition to the twisted and hateful “anti-gay parent” groups.

    1. Staircase2 19 Sep 2012, 7:41pm

      If you know nothing about Rupert Everett you’d know he’s more than happy with his sexuality…

  5. Pavlos Prince of Greece 18 Sep 2012, 8:39pm

    Rupert have right to have his negative opinion. But not in this words:’I can`t think anything worse’!( Rupert, please, watch this evening tv-news and you see, that in this world are much more worse things possible than two daddies). And not at this time in this paper! ‘The Telegraph’ has already nice conversation with Mr. Derek Jacoby, how happy he in the the civil partnership live and against same-sex marriage is. Now – this interview with Mr. Everett, how happy he just with his mother and boyfriend live and against gay adoption is… With whom will the Telegraph speak next, when, for example, both Catholic Church and Church of England will begin here in UK the public campaign against high divorce rates? With H.R.H. Prince Charles – how happy he in his marriage is?

  6. Each to their own. Everett is entitled to his opinion.

    1. Everett is clamouring for acceptance from the straight-supremacists, foremost among them his mother – at our expense!! People are entitled to their own opinions, but when they consist of this rubbish which has no basis in fact or reason they should keep them to themself.

      1. Spanner1960 19 Sep 2012, 5:04pm

        Who’s expense?
        I don’t have kids.

      2. Staircase2 19 Sep 2012, 7:43pm

        Don’t talk rot…Everett is one of the very few out gay actors with anything like an international acting and film career…

  7. Suddenly Last Bummer 18 Sep 2012, 10:17pm

    TBH Everett is so washed up I’m surprised we haven’t seen a crew of fishermen and trawlers haul him back out to sea. Far more encouraging is witnessing straight actors such as Daniel Radcliffe fighting our corner.

  8. Rupert Everett seems to have so much self hatred. That makes me sad.

    1. Pavlos Prince of Greece 19 Sep 2012, 2:42am

      Agree. And I am sad too. No marriage between Rupert and his friend, never, no? How self homophobic he must be… Poor boy! When he live be in another times, more gay hostile past, I suspect, Rupert make be decision after example of Duke of Windsor: not can live free this homosexuality, marry masculine women and play all rest of life happy couple…

  9. de Villiers 19 Sep 2012, 1:50am

    I disagree with Everett, having adopted a young boy, jointly with my partner. I do not find his comments “hurtful” – I just consider them to be wrong. As I do not know him and have never met him, his internal anxieties do not make me “sad”.

    In fact, had I not read two articles about this on PN, it would not have bothered me at all. There is more to life than taking offence at gay actors and their demons.

    1. ROTFL.

      You’re not allowed to be equanimous and calm about this sort of story: it’s about gay upbringing and includes a celebrity. You’re supposed to leap around and express a great deal of emotion.

      If Everett is suggesting same-sex upbringing is normatively wrong (and I’m not sure he is) the literature so far suggests he’s incorrect. But then he’s an actor and it’s foolish to expect him to deal in empirical facts.

      And I think that’s the end of the story. Nobody died, after all. Though I suppose if everyone responded in the same way as you to stories like this, Pink News would lose its raison d’etre.

    2. how does your child feel that people like him are worse off then everyone else because of who his parents are?

  10. Petty gossip on his part. His mother probably still has old hats she once bought in expectation of his marriage.

  11. Staircase2 19 Sep 2012, 7:34pm

    Methinks people are chronically misunderstanding the phrase, ‘couldn’t think of anything worse’ and assuming it means ‘I think this is bad for the children’ whereas I read it as meaning its something that Rupert Everett thinks isn’t for him…

    Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out really does it…

    Would Stonewall, GLAAD et al have even registered it had it not been given undue weight by Pink News….?

    This feels like media storm in a media teacup created by a media hungry to create things to write media type outrage things about…

    Not good

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