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US: Couple to sue restaurant that cancelled gay wedding because of ‘bad Feng Shui’

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Reader comments

  1. I should hope so. I think they should be interviewed on AndersonCooper LIVE. Maybe Anderson wants his there!

  2. Who is this Mr. Fong who is mentioned in the quotes? He’s not mentioned anywhere else in the article. I’ve a feeling the article is incomplete.

    1. Oh well, it looks like it was updated!

  3. Katie Kool-eyes 18 Sep 2012, 11:03pm

    Tbh I doubt the couple gave 2 sh1ts about a flowerpot being in the path of the moon!!

  4. Why do homophobes always use their irrational beliefs as an excuse?

    1. At least these ones were creative. Come on, Feng Shui ? It’s hilarious. It looks like the plot of a SNL sketch.

      1. Yes, on the plus side this excuse is nothing if not original!

    2. Feng Shui is the best excuse I’ve heard yet!

    3. Staircase2 19 Sep 2012, 8:01pm

      Using Feng Shui as an excuse isn’t plausible – he’s saying that to bamboozle, not to explain. That’s not how Feng Shui works I think you’ll find…

      1. “…Feng Shui works..” Oxymoron surely.

  5. Feng shui?!?
    Are they suggesting gay couples are part of the funiture now?

    1. Maybe they were worried about having loads of pink decorations hanging up. Lol

    2. Ciaran McHale 19 Sep 2012, 8:26pm

      Flapjack wrote: “Feng shui?!? Are they suggesting gay couples are part of the furniture now?”

      Perhaps the manager thought that gay people would hide in the restaurant’s closets. I agree that that would be bad Feng shui ;-)

  6. rupertb@hotmail.co.uk 19 Sep 2012, 1:43pm

    The restaurant should have figured they were on to a loosing argument when they attempted to go head to head on interior design theory with a couple of gay newlyweds.

    1. Sometimes gay stereotypes can give us so much to work with…

  7. I think it far more significant that the restaurant shut in June. Mr. Ho’s dismissal is curious, since he would surely be aware of the proprietor’s “views”. The newlyweds were probably spared an absolute disaster.

  8. Staircase2 19 Sep 2012, 8:00pm

    The bloody idiot…
    The bad energy was entirely his by the sound of it…

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