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Update: Baseball player apologises for homophobic slur, is suspended without pay

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Reader comments

  1. As a baseball fan, this is awful but I’m delighted GLAAD will benefit.

    Don’t forget the opposite side of the coin, Matt Cain and Matt Latos and Yovanni Gallardo posing for the NoH8 campaign

  2. yeah, he insists it wasn’t “hurtful”, that it’s just something Latino guys say?

    hmmm, sort of like saying… “that’s so gay”?

    he apparently isn’t the brightest bulb in the Bluejays’ chandelier.

    1. David Waite 19 Sep 2012, 12:15pm

      Now he owes the latino community a further “apology” for slurring his own ethnicity to cowardly cover up his own ‘macho closet’ issues. Pathetic waste of oxygen.
      Let’s see if any of the many many latino major league players is man enough to demand this creep at least make that gesture.

  3. Maricon does not have the same meaning as the American expression ‘faggot’ (faggot in English means either a meat ball dish or a small branch from a tree used to make a fire in Britain), Latin American gays call each other maricon in a way that is not derogatory, its like the term queen. ‘queen’

    1. Maricon is a derogatory term and if he didn’t know this, now he must know. Reina is akin to Queen, and is also used in Spanish speaking gay communities, and is not so obviously derogatory as Maricon is.

    2. You are either terribly misinformed or you’re an idiot. Some Latinos may call each other “maricon” the same way some gay men call each other “fag” or “faggot” and it IS intended to be derogatory.

      Why does the gay community seem to have more than its fair share of idiots?

    3. Thomas, you are right – it doesn’t have the same meaning as faggot but as a word it is much more derogatory. In Spanish it conveys a mixture of disgust, hate, anger and violence. It’s on the same level as cabron which is about the worst thing you can call a Spanish person who is straight. Just because some gay Spanish use the term between themselves in a joky way does not excuse it’s use in the public sphere in a combative sporting event unless you are suggesting that the player was using it in an “in joke” kind of way instead of the normal aggressive use to which many of these eyewear are intended.

      I have had maricon shouted at me from cars full of drunk Spanish and believe me it is derogatory and you don’t shout back – you just get out of the way.

      1. Well said. You sound better informed than some of the commentators!

      2. David Waite 19 Sep 2012, 12:18pm

        Or shout back “Tu madre!” as I used to.

  4. Hello. There’s nothing loose about the translation. I am Spanish, and have lived in Madrid for 23 years, am married to a Spanish man and we speak only Spanish, at home and at work. The expression this homophobe had on reads exactly as “you’re a faggot.” “ere” is a dialectical representation of ‘eres’, the intimate form of the second person of the verb ‘ser’, to be (permenent state) So, stop hedging, PN; the guy said it. There was no misrepresentation. Sorry this post sounds so pedantic, folks, but I’m fed up of the rather mealy mouthed ‘misrepresentation. defence. ¡hasta luego!

  5. Get facts straight. He’s a CUBAN Baseball player who happens to play in Canada.

  6. I’m glad to see the Jay’s are taking this seriously, and I am glad to the sports world being so open minded…
    lesson learned and lets move forward !

  7. I live in a South American country and speak both Spanish and Portuguese. I don’t hear men calling each other this in friendly and polite conversation.

    It sounds so juvenile. Like teenagers calling each other homo or faggot. The man, if he is indeed supposed to be called a man, needs to grow the hell up.

    He is of course, entitled to wear his eye black, but we are entitled to condemn him and thankfully he is being punished for his immaturity and stupidity.

  8. How lame is that excuse?!!
    “I don’t have anything against homosexuals. I have friends that are gay.” How many times have we heard this of homophobes?

    “In reality, I would like to ask for [forgiveness] for all of those offended by this.” I’m sorry if you were offended, the classical non-apology apology.

  9. Later he repeated: “I don’t have anything against homosexuals. I just don’t like faggots.”


  10. Toronto morning TV news is speculating that he won’t be playing with the Jays next season (this season is about to end soon) because there’s another player coming up who has better skills and the team doesn’t need the controversy. The consensus also seems to be a racial slur would have had him fired on the spot (gays aren’t important theory).

    What’s missing is his motivation – when you go to the trouble of painting something on your face for public viewing, you’re trying to communicate a message to someone either individually or as a group. Don’t blame lack of education – Cuba claims a 100% adult literacy rate.

  11. “I have friends that are gay”
    People using this excuse should be shot.

    Since when does having friends mean you can’t be racist or homophobic?

  12. darkmoonman 19 Sep 2012, 4:54pm

    “It’s something that’s said around Latinos, and it’s not something that’s meant to be offensive.”

    Tu madre.
    ¿Cuál es el problema? Sólo algo que decir entre los latinos.

  13. This political correctness crap sucks big time!

  14. ewbd Toronto 24 Sep 2012, 9:41pm

    The so-called apology that the Blue Jays and MLB engineered from Escobar is just as big an insult to the intelligence as Escobar’s original act. Nobody will ever believe his half-hearted recantation of what was plainly meant as the worst possible insult to other Spanish-speaking ball players (and expressed in semi-literate Spanish, at that). Praise to the fan who accidentally captured the message in a photograph and then publicized it. Boos and hisses to the Blue Jays and MLB for not treating this incident as severely as they would surely have treated a racial slur.

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