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Terrence Higgins Trust launches new transgender online resource

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Reader comments

  1. Excuse me, but I thought the link was for a website, not a link to a book for sale.

  2. Link doesn’t work.
    this one for trans men does though. the pdf is free.

  3. here’s the free publication for transwomen

    I wish everyone would take this seriously. I see way too much unsafe behaviour at clubs.

    1. I myself am greatly disappointed. Once again everyone ASSumes all trans people are promiscuous. This link is mainly about sexual health, not much help to the average trans person IMO.

      1. The last time I checked THT was a National Sexual Health & HIV Charity – what sort of guide were you expecting them to produce?

  4. I’m a little wary of the statistics being cited for Europe and US and applied to the UK. These areas have vastly different healthcare provisions for gender reassignment and if the country/state does not provide free gender reassignment then there is a higher rate of people going into the sex trade. In the UK, I doubt that HIV prevalence would be comparable to Europe and US due to the NHS providing gender reassignment and significantly lower levels of sex work as a result. Trans identity is not recorded in sexual health statistics so it will be interesting to see when it does start being recorded to get a more balanced view of trans people’s sexual health needs.

  5. I think the 68% of trans women having HIV in the U.S. is absurdly high. This “study” strikes me as having a transphobic agenda. That figure is total BS.

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