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France: Catholic archbishop fails to apologise for equal marriage ‘incest’ remarks

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Reader comments

  1. Religious leaders will never get the fact that they are bigoted and homophobic!

    1. tehy take pride in their religion. As well as trying to deflect our attention from how their sex starved priests raped kids – 100000 in the USA alone.

  2. Why is his opinion of any more importance than the man in the streets opinion? Religion does not own marriage and *civil* marriage is proposed anyway.
    Are governments supposed to consul the catholic church about all legislation turning democracies into theocracies?

  3. Here we go again! One man marrying one woman is fine, but one man marrying another man or one woman marrying another woman will suddenly lead to incest. No, it WON’T. It’s nothing to do with it, nor is polygamy.

    Don’t these people ever stop and think?

  4. Pavlos Prince of Greece 18 Sep 2012, 4:34pm

    The strategy of French Catholic Church for the next few months: with conscious controversial comments to rest at the center of public interest and hope, that not ending discussions will make some Socialists in the government and the parliament no more confident, especially, in the Upper House, The Senate, where the left block have a very weak majority indeed.

  5. What the hell does misinterpreted mean fo these people ?? He sounds just like Todd adkins

  6. Cardinal Capone 18 Sep 2012, 4:42pm

    What this is about is indignation that gay relationships may be thought to be just as valid, rich and loving as straight relationships. It’s about maintaining a level of rejection of gay relationships. The Vatican and its prelates are extremely clear about that in their pronouncements. They don’t want society as a whole to accept gay relationships, and marriage is a sign of that acceptance.

  7. Nick Davis 18 Sep 2012, 4:43pm

    Despite all of this hate and vitriol being spewed out over the media at us by right-wing religious fanatics (Christians, Catholics, Muslims and Jews), I’m actually starting to feel sorry for them.
    Their hate filled minds must be a truly terrifying place to live and to have their hypocritical life view challenged by love and compassion from the people they hate, must be a very scary thing.
    We cannot, however, tar entire religions by the actions of a rabid minority.
    I suggest anyone who has been on the receiving end of their bigotry to show them true love and understanding. They are infected with a sad disease and should be treated as having such.

  8. Sister Mary Clarence 18 Sep 2012, 4:44pm

    A hop and a skip and you’re across the border in Spain, where to the best of my knowledge the sky hasn’t fallen in yet

  9. Robert Gillespie 18 Sep 2012, 4:51pm

    Barbarin the Barbaric

  10. Robert in S. Kensington 18 Sep 2012, 5:15pm

    He went on to say: “This could have innumerable consequences. Afterwards they will want to create couples with three or four members. And after that, perhaps one day the taboo of incest will fall”.

    Well, Cardinal Barbarin, provide the French Government with the factual evidence. The Netherlands has had equal marriage for over eleven years and as far as I know, incestuous and polygamous relationships have not taken root nor is there any demand for them. Why oh why doesn’t someone go after these obsessive bigots and nail them once and for all?

    1. Cardinal Capone 18 Sep 2012, 5:26pm

      In a way it is his belief in religious rights that is more likely to lead to acceptance of polygamy. If we accept that marriage is to be defined for society by religious dogma, then we have to accept that established religions that permit polygamy have a right to social recognition of plural marriages. On the other hand if it is a purely secular matter, they don’t.

  11. Has this archbishop ever raped a child?

    Has this archbishop ever covered up for other child rapist priests.

    He’s catholic clergy so it’s a very reasonable question.

    1. He’s looks like the child catcher in Chitty.

  12. Maybe next time any pro-equality figure (Nick Clegg) says the word “Bigot” publically, they should just say that anybody who complains simply “misinterpreted” what he said.
    If religious people can suggest their critics are too mentally void as to grasp the meaning of words being spoken, can we not also do the same to them?

  13. Another one of those appeal to consequences argument..that is logically fallacious of course:

    If P, then Q will occur.
    Q is undesirable.
    Therefore, P is false [or undesirable].

    An invalid argument that is used all the time with marriage for same-sex couples. Same-sex marriage is about not privileging just the one sexuality that is heterosexuality. Incest and polygamy are not about that, so they should not be brought up. It’s just used to scare people, as most people are repulsed by incest (not so much polygamy I’d say). So when ‘incest’ is used in the same sentence as ‘marriage for same-sex couples’, it can have a desired effect of linking the feelings of repulsion for incest to marriage for same-sex couples. Such a poor, poor argument against marriage!

  14. There is far more evidence that Roman Catholicism leads to paedophilia and child-rape than there is evidence that same-sex marriage will lead to polygamy and incest…Wouldn’t the good Cardinal’s time and energy be better spent campaigning to ban that?……

  15. If we were to legalise cannabis would that mean we would have to legalise heroin? One could just as easily say that legalising Heterosexual marriage would lead to polygamy etc… A rediculous argument.

  16. The Catholic church is largely irrelevant in France.
    After all this is the country that sent quite a lot of priests floating down the Loire.
    The country has grown up.

  17. It’s the same old rubbish every single time. Can they not think up another excuse?

  18. “The Archbishop of Lyon and Primate of the Gauls, who claimed marriage rights for same-sex couples could lead to incest and polygamy”

    As it hasn’t lead to either in countries that have introduced equal marriage, this statement is nothing short of stupid based on empirical evidence. And one should always apologise for stupidity. I suppose to expect an apology for stupidity from an organisation that prides itself on persecution and covering up paedophilia is a stretch of the imagination.

  19. de Villiers 19 Sep 2012, 1:55am

    The archevêque should stay out of the politics. There is the laïcité in France – the archevêque cannot behave as if the Revolution never happened.

  20. This article has a good comment about the impact of SSM

    “Our analysis of the impact of equal marriage in other countries where it has been introduced shows that the reform has led to minimal or no change in the stability or the nature of marriage. Following the introduction of equal marriage, the number of divorces after the introduction of marriage equality reduced in the Netherlands, Canada and South Africa and flatlined in Belgium……”

  21. “He went on to say: “This could have innumerable consequences. Afterwards they will want to create couples with three or four members.”

    Because a couple doesn’t have to be two it can be any number I suppose in the strange disconnected world of Cardinal Phillipe Barbarin.

    With his math is as bad as his logic, I wonder how the Cardinal deals with the Holy Trinity, it could be three or five or more Gods in one if looked at in the same daft way.

    Honest facts and accuracy? who needs any of that when you can have such fun and games distorting, misinforming and scaremongering eh Philippe!
    No wonder he’s grinning.

  22. Its all in his name… Barbaric barbarian!

    Evil… evil………….

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