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Canada: Baseball player took to the field with a homophobic slur on his face

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Reader comments

  1. Christopher 18 Sep 2012, 3:37am

    Ok, first of all, there is no Canadian Major League. It’s either the American League or the National League, and both are America. The Toronto Blue Jays and the Montreal Expos are the only teams that are not in the Lower 48, and were established to include Canada’s two largest markets in the leagues. Escobar was born in Havana, Cuba. Like the National Hockey League, American players (as well as other nationalities) are drafted to play on wherever the team is that offers them a position. This player is but a reflection of his upbringing and personal choices, not on Canada. He may, however, face Canadian Hate Crime law, which actually has teeth.

    1. Well this at least possibly explains why the end of the article suddenly starts talking about recent events in the US, as if the US and Canada were the same place…

  2. tomchicago01 18 Sep 2012, 6:17am

    I find it very hard to believe that the painstakingly detailed lettering was “accidental” –in any way.

  3. Gosh! A homophobic bigot in the poo ’cause he’s made a a mess of his make-up! Yer gotta larf…

  4. Maybe he should be made to wear a large pink triangle on his shirt?

  5. Jim Nashville Tn 18 Sep 2012, 4:26pm

    cuban born .. … send him back take away his nice life in canada and his nice salary . .and see how he likes that .. fire his bigoted homophobic ass ..

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