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US: Trans prisoner may be given legal costs as well as surgery

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Reader comments

  1. I think that a transgender person incarcerated should have the right to have surgery, to deny this is inhumane, even on a level of almost torture.

    1. And it is also torture to keep a woman in a men’s prison. She should be moved to a female only prison immediately.

      1. Besides the fact that it’s torture, it’s extremely dangerous. Male prisoners are often raped by other male prisoners, despite the fact that the rapist is actually straight (situational homosexuality). What do you think would happen to a woman placed with male prisoners?She will become the target of EVERY inmate in there. Even the ones who haven’t raped other men would more than likely assault her.
        Don’t get me wrong, this woman did something awful and belongs in prison. The problem is that she’s being punished more harshly than any other female murderer. Aren’t we all supposed to be protected from cruel and unusual punishment? I’m glad she’s getting the surgery, and she better be moved where she can be among other females.

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