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Jamaica: Education officials ban ‘homosexual’ textbook

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Reader comments

  1. I agree that the questions are inappropriate for any age group and are highly intrusive!

  2. Staircase2 17 Sep 2012, 1:57pm

    The whole things seems highly odd and suspect – this story doesn’t have an air of truth about it…

    Neg PR perhaps…?

  3. What is supposed to be controversial about this, or homophobic? I would like to think the UK would ban this sort of book….and I am a very liberal gay man

  4. Paddyswurds 17 Sep 2012, 3:49pm

    If the story is anywhere near the truth then I have no problem with their stance. The Questions are highly inappropriate for 13 year olds never mind ten year olds and I suspect were ordered by whom ever with the sole intention of causing a furor. What sort of creep ever thought such a text book was suitable in primary education?

    1. GingerlyColors 17 Sep 2012, 7:19pm

      I agree that 10-13 year olds are too young for sex and shouldn’t be asked about sexual practices but this does not get away from the fact that Jamaica is the most homophobic island in the world.

  5. That There Other David 17 Sep 2012, 5:12pm

    Hmm. This brings to mind exactly the sort of anti-gay PR the right wing dreamed up in this country before Section 28 was brought to the table. I can’t believe that anyone would be asking those questions to 10-13 year olds. If this is actually true then of course they should withdraw it. It’s way more than is acceptable under any circumstances.

    1. Well said!

  6. Someone has made this up, surely? Completely inappropriate. I agree with you @Adam. There is a time and a place for all things.

  7. Asking the HIV status of both participants does seem a valid line of questioning for people a little older than 10.

    1. Oops sorry I meant to click and approve your post but accidentally clicked on the thumb down – its a bloody nightmare on the iPad – all those buttons are so tiny and close together

  8. I am appauld at Jamaica’s Department of Education. The big question is who regulates/oversee educational materials before releasing to the general public? Our youths are volunerable at this young age, clearly they don’t have the open-mindess to make conscented decisions

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