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US: Texas school shuts down entire course, to prevent possibly gay student from joining

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Reader comments

  1. The US is so much like a third world nation in so many ways.

    1. The republicans and the christian fundies want it to to become that way with rural Texas leading the front !!

      1. Gary Farrimond 15 Sep 2012, 4:59pm

        I’m not American, however, I have many American friends and I like the USA. Far be it from me to tell anyone how to vote in November, but it seems to me many in Red States with Democratic leaning don’t bother to vote as they feel it won’t change anything. Please all those that are in this position get out and vote Democrat or for Progressive parties and encourage friends and family to do likewise. I don’t mean to be strident but Mitt Romney & Co scare the hell out of me, his colleagues have stopped progressive laws being made to help the many but he seem interested only in the few

        1. interested in 46% or so, by his own admission!

    2. But a provincial ignoramus is at home anywhere. Aren’t you, Mike?

    3. Worse!

  2. You would probably get into a lot of legal trouble for that in England, I’m surprised that the same rules don’t apply over in the US, I hope the principal loses his job and hopefully gets a hefty find or has to pay compensation to the students out of his own pocket.

    1. Gary Farrimond 15 Sep 2012, 5:03pm

      This man would not be allowed to behave like this in England, he would be held to account and dismissed. I hope the authorities in Texas see sense and remove him, it is an outrageous way to behave.

      1. Highly unlikely in Texas. I am sure that he would be applauded, which saddens me!

      2. But we’re a bunch of damn pinko lefties who have socialist healthcare and a communist government who give money to the poor, etc., etc.

  3. Someone who is that homophobic that he’d cancel a course rather than be in the mere presence of a man he believes to be gay has got serious issues. What on earth is he afraid of?

    1. Sophie Younger 15 Sep 2012, 6:02pm

      His own sexuality.

      1. Very likely. And that’d explain the over-the-top reaction too.

    2. Probably afraid that he may bump into the student at one of his cottaging spots and be outed.

    3. More importantly, how the hell was someone with serious psychological issues given charge of young, possibly vulnerable students?

  4. He will definitely get in some kind of trouble for this. The bad publicity won’t do his career any good but I hope there are greater consequences. What a worm.

    1. ‘…He will definitely get in some kind of trouble for this…’

      not in texas

      1. As unfair as it is, he’d more likely be sainted than punished. What a sick, sick world.

  5. I feel sorry for the Mr Gray. And for all the other people on the course.
    Their education and future is being thrown in the bin because of one person’s bigotry.

  6. Did this fine christianist principal also cancel all the other courses that this “possibly-gay” student was planning to attend? Imagine how crazy he would get if he lived in areas with “metrosexuals” – he’d be fully occupied in his maybe-gay hunt.

    Sadly, his backward thinking is not uncommon – similar types have learned to control their revulsion and achieve the same persecution through other means; physical abuse, verbal abuse, bias in schooling choices, “lost” paperwork, snide comments to other teachers, unfair grading, etc.

  7. Carl Rowlands 15 Sep 2012, 4:32pm

    What is this man doing being a principal of a school!

  8. Gary Farrimond 15 Sep 2012, 4:49pm

    It is clear that this individual is unfit to hold the position he does. Is this to be the latest line in Homophobic Bullying to deny access to education?

    Who is he to be Judge, Jury and Executioner? That his action denies others access to the course because of his ‘view’ Education should be a basic right irrespective of an individuals supposed sexuality. This petty lickspittle should be be shamed and held to acccount, at the very least dismissed, I shudder to think what his real views are are on a whole host of groups and beliefs!

  9. clearly principal thomas amons wants to be the only gay in the village

  10. The one who needs to be prevented from entering the school is Principal Amons, the worst sort of Texas riff-raff.

  11. Mark kirkham 15 Sep 2012, 5:37pm

    What a strange country America is, I had to read that a second time.Thank goodness I live in the UK.

  12. Brian Latham 15 Sep 2012, 5:43pm

    How can you call America a free society when bigots are allowed to be educators.

  13. Everything’s bigger in Texas – including the raving nutters.

  14. Michael Johnson 15 Sep 2012, 6:13pm

    Not to cast any stereotypes here, but it was a cosmetology course. Was the principal really expecting his auto shop students to be the ones to sign up for the course? Get real. Mr. Gray couldn’t have been the only gay guy wanting to enroll. Oh wait . . . Texas. . . . Only women are allowed to be cosmetologists. . . . It’s the law. LOL

    1. What the blinking flip IS a cosmetologist?

      1. Someone who specializes in make up and hair and stuff. You know cosmetics?

  15. So… if there is already a gay student on the course….?

    Bit like ‘segregation’ again… I thought we’d overcome this… obviously not…

    Type ‘Rosa Parks’ into any search engine to find out what I mean by segregation.

    Honestly, when will we wake up? Join the 21st Century for fack sake! Its getting boring hearing these anti-gay ‘solutions’… If you don’t like it, go back to the cave.

  16. If only men like this principal were the exception among policy makers in Texas. The state is firmly in the grip of the Republican Party, and the Texas Republican Party platform includes, among things, an unconditional demand for the banning of all homosexuality. It’s sad, because these people with these kinds of prejudices…you just know they’re set ironclad in their ways, and will take their attitudes to their graves.

    1. You would think that after the disaster of Prohibition, Americans would realize there are some aspects of the human condition that are immutable. Our desire for alcohol, our predilection to fight among ourselves, and the fact that we have, as a species a diverse spectrum of sexual desire.

  17. I can’t help but wonder, do Pink News’ writers know what “[sic]” means?

    Because in this particular case, you are most definitely using it wrong.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. Are any of those words spelled differently in British English?

      1. Yes; Technology Center is Technology Centre in British English.

        1. So, technically, it’s NOT an error.
          Therefore, no need for the inclusion of “[sic]” in the text.
          Particularly since it is the proper name of an institution.
          Would you write “Chick-fil-A [sic]”? No, since it’s their corporate name.
          Well this is no different. It’s the actual legal name of the school.

          (which, by the way, does not make them any less a bunch of douchebags)

        2. Mikey, ‘sic’ simply means ‘thus’ It isn’t just used to mark an error. It also means ‘yes, that’s what I MEANT to write’ to signify that the writer HASN’T made an error.

          It’s often used to mark American English in essays at schools, etc in the UK to show that the spelling is NOT a mistake! Or sometimes simply to draw attention to the subject matter being American, and therefore that the reader should expect more American spellings which also are not mistakes. I took it to mean that here as I noticed further US spellings in the piece which weren’t marked by ‘sic’ (ie the ‘sic’ after those being implied by the first use of it by ‘center’).

  18. Prejudice is more important than education…. Only in Texas.

  19. Marcwebbo3 15 Sep 2012, 9:48pm

    As much as I agree with most of the comments on here arent you guys discriminating saying things like “…could never happen in ENGLAND….”… that means it could in Scotland, Wales and Ireland

    1. Well Scotland is completely its own jurisdiction they make their own laws with exceptions in some areas – so how the rules will apply north of the border are not immediately clear to non Scottish citizens.

      England and Wales is one legal jurisdiction with Wales having additional laws in reserved areas made by W.A.G.

      Northern Ireland also has its own Assembly, so it is correct in a way to separate the individual countries in deciding whether behaviour could or could not be accepted.

      1. Marcwebbo3 16 Sep 2012, 1:42pm

        Scotland does indeed have its own laws as does Ireland but they obey the anti-discrimination laws…and by your own posting as England and Wales are one legal jurisdiction it is still wrong to say (as my original posting) England as the welsh are not english….so it is not correct to separate individual countries

        1. They are separate legal system with different laws and enforced differently. They don’t ‘obey’ the English law (yes it is referred to as ‘English’ law) they have their own. English law is imposed on Wales with a few laws made by WAG in reserved areas only (anti-discrimination is not one of those reserved areas).

          1. Isn’t “devolution” of legislative power a bitch, it means that the UK is not so united on a law front so what is legal in one may not be in another.

      2. Marcwebbo3 16 Sep 2012, 1:49pm

        Scotland has indeed its own laws as has Ireland but they both have the same anti-discrimination laws…as by your own posting England and Wales are one legal jurisdiction so to say (as my original posting) England is incorrect…the Welsh are not English…so to separate individual countries is incorrect also

  20. Niles Timothy Standish-Brundish-Winston-Cledge 15 Sep 2012, 11:09pm

    Funny that you appear to make a jab at US spelling conventions in the first paragraph when you can’t even spell the word “principal” right (you wrote “Ppincipal”). I think in this case the [sic] is unnecessary as I’m sure your readers are all familiar with spelling differences between the two countries. It looks like you’re just looking to offend.

    1. Agreed.
      It comes across as pompous.
      And particularly after the egregious typo in the very next paragraph.

    2. It’s definitely a jab at American spelling. You don’t correct proper nouns, which makes it even more hilarious since the author is using bad grammar to fix “bad” spelling. The British think they own the language since it originated there. We’re all supposed to pretend like there hasn’t been 300+ years of it evolving across the ocean.

      1. No, it isn’t ‘definitely’ anything. I think it’s highly unlikely it’s a jab at US spelling – maybe pedantry, maybe carefulness, maybe habit (words like ‘center’ and ‘theater’ are often marked with ‘sic’ in writing at school to show that it’s not a spelling mistake).

        But I’d take YOUR comment as a definite jab… What’s with the unnecessary rudeness? Is there something that’s made you and others in N America over-sensitive today? (a genuine question not a jibe)

        1. It’s not being overly sensitive. At the end of the day, I don’t really care what you think of my American English. About 10 minutes after I’m done writing this, I will probably forget about it until I come back to the computer and notice the tab open. The only reason it bothers me the little bit that it does is because British people seem to take ownership of a natural human phenomenon (language). It’s extremely self-centered if you ask me. Especially when we’re talking about words that aren’t even spelled the way they sound (in AE or BE) in the first place.

          1. WE have taken ownership? Then why does my spell checker insist on correcting words like theatre, which i have known how to spell correctly since the age of 5? English is the language of Shakespeare, Chaucer, Wilde (Irish) and Wordsworth as well as Hunter Davies and Gore Vidal, Tony!

        2. Tony, I’m very familiar with American English – my girlfriend’s from N America so I’d be unwise to criticise it :D Not that I would anyway because I just see it as one of many differences, and diversity is good. Neither “centre” or “center” is right or wrong – both are equal and the ‘rightness’ or ‘appropriateness’ only depends on the situation.

          I’ve never found that British people ‘take ownership’ of language at all. The UK has 6 languages (most of them minority ones obviously) and English itself is a product of many different languages. If you’ve met unpleasant, rude or critical British people then you’ve been unlucky, but to suggest that British people are possessive or rude about English is as wrong as all the anti-American stereotypes. I work with people from Canada and Australia and they both speak different English from me. The idea that I’d for ONE SECOND think of insulting them because of that or suggesting that my English is superior in some way is offensive to me.

        3. I really don’t believe the author was having a dig at American English. Why would he? And if anyone did want to, surely they’d be putting ‘sic’ left, right and centre?

          I once read an article about some snow vehicle or accident that was a re-posting of an article that was originally British, and every time the word ‘tyre’ appeared, the US re-poster had carefully put ‘tire’ in brackets. It was all the way through the article – “tyre (tire)….tyres (tires) etc etc, but I didn’t see it as a dig at British English – it just made me smile because it was almost cute the level of care the re-poster had gone to to ‘correct’ the numerous mentions of tyres.

          I was simply confused by why this particular article struck you as ‘having a jab’. It honestly didn’t strike me (or my girlfriend) like that at all.

          1. Niles Porpington-Wellsingley 16 Sep 2012, 9:33pm

            It just seems like overkill. In the US, it would be extremely odd to see an article about a “Centre for Advanced Biological Studies” include [sic] after “centre”, even though that spelling is considered “incorrect” in the US. The only instance I can imagine there would even be any mention of spelling differences in a proper noun situation is where the spelling might be confusing to some Americans, such as “gaol” vs “jail” (most Americans are probably unaware of what a “gaol” is, since this spelling difference, unlike most between the US and the UK, is not trivial). Surely it is common knowledge in your country that the US spells many words differently, so I can’t see why the situation would be any different as far as not commenting on the spelling of proper nouns.

          2. I’ve seen ‘sic’ after US spellings before on PN, Niles. Often any articles with an American subject don’t have any ‘sics’ at all. So yes, I noticed the ‘sic’ here but what I took umbrage at was the idea that that ‘sic’ was only put into to wind up US readers. I saw it as ‘carefulness’ (that is, it’s official ‘right’) or a style thing like careful use of commas where others might omit them.

            So ‘pedantry’ as a criticism would have been fine :D But not ‘anti-Americanism’. Particularly not so when that does sadly rear its head on PN. I’ve read some borderline comments about America here so to criticise what’s probably just someone’s fussy use of ‘sic’ seemed utterly strange to me.

            Yes, US English differences are common knowledge here – from exposure to American culture and from being formally taught in schools (differences in terminology as well as spellings – eg pavement/sidewalk). I wouldn’t say it was ‘normal’ for adults to use a ‘sic’ after ‘center’ but it’s not unheard of.

  21. That There Other David 15 Sep 2012, 11:23pm

    I’ve got an idea. Gay people just need to sign up for every course in Principal Amons’ school. He will then cancel every single course, dismiss every single teacher, and put himself out of a job :)

    1. Or extend that right across the country and shut down the United States of America altogether.

    2. GingerlyColors 16 Sep 2012, 1:24pm

      Brilliant idea! I love the smell of cooked goose in the morning!

  22. Im sure the teacher has a claim for unfair dismissal though right?

  23. I am SO PROUD of Ms. Clark. Thank you for doing the right thing!!!!

  24. .

    This man has no right being in any roll of resposibility. and should be saked and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
    this man is a bigot and is no christian, if that is christianity then you can keep it.

  25. It was a hair stylist type course I believe? In Texas??????
    All they’d have to do is nip along to a grooming class at the American Airlines training school and they’d have seen that styles haven’t changed since 1975 – what’s to learn ;)

  26. Aryu Gaetu 16 Sep 2012, 1:18pm

    Texas is the heart of far right bigotry. I think that is why the heavily-funded-by-Mormons Boy Scouts of America headquarters is located there (irving, TX).

    The Republicans are the primary reason why the US has one of the world’s worse education and medical systems. High speed internet is nonexistent in 50% of the country, and what does exist is under 2Mb/sec (communication companies are allowed to have local monopolies, thus no reason for growth).

    Shutting down a school and blaming it on the Gay student is a badge of honor in Texas!

  27. GingerlyColors 16 Sep 2012, 1:22pm

    Oh dearie me how pathetic! But then what do you expect from the not-so-beautiful south where not long ago black students were barred from university.

    1. Ironically, the Principal in question is black…

  28. Jen Marcus 16 Sep 2012, 2:04pm

    Here is another example where religion does humanity more harm than good and in its extremes pollutes our social, institutional and political discourse,inter action ,behavior, environment and rational thinking.

  29. What small minded hateful bigot, oops did I use the word bigot damn I did it again, this excuse for a human being the parents of the children in that school really want this bigot as principal I used it again din’t I …bigot!!

    1. Don’t say bigot it’s not, er, PC

  30. tangible hate. What a sick society the LBGT Community has to live in, in the ‘land of the free’ (sic). It’s enough to make one puke.

  31. Garry Cassell 17 Sep 2012, 3:00pm

    The parents of student’s in this school is just as much to blame if they continue to allow this bigot hateful so-called Christian Principal to remain at the school…Time for parents to develop some balls…

  32. Hopefully together as the group in the course they will sue to crap out of this idiot!

  33. Art Pearson 17 Sep 2012, 8:39pm

    It would be my expectation that the teacher in question be reprimanded if not dismissed from his position. His religious beliefs have no place in a public classroom or school!

  34. Taylor, Texas is a hell hole. Some things happe for a Good reason. Best to get out of there sooner rather than later.

  35. This article is littered with typos and errors, which is unfortunately a common site on PinkNews. I cannot take the stories seriously when I see them.

    PUH-lease can you hire someone to proof-read your articles before you publish them?

    Thank you.

  36. Robert Brown 20 Sep 2012, 9:48pm

    HORRENDOUS . . .

    Unfortunately many are using their prejudices to discriminate just now.

    Sad to read and hear.


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