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Malaysian government criticised for hosting seminars to spot ‘gay children’

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Reader comments

  1. Wow just wow !!! They want to profile children for the most stupid reasons in world !!! This muslims have no shame

    1. yea and in christian america they tell children its not ok to be gay

      1. It is no secret that the Abrahamic sects they are fueled by ignorance and intolerance and that the only solution is the total destruction of religion.Radical might people think but it is posible and desirable

          Guidelines wich ”identify” gay children

  2. How much are they being charged?
    Sounds like a scam for bilking bigots.

  3. Har Davids 14 Sep 2012, 7:37pm

    Will and Kate are there right now, maybe they can take some time to discuss this with the hobnobs they’ll be meeting. It would make a refreshing change from the usual royal drivel.

  4. religious nutters are the same all over the world be it usa or malaysia

  5. Glad to be Canadian 15 Sep 2012, 1:45am

    They will be rounding up all children who are good at art, music and poetry…

  6. I find the use of the expression ‘against nature’ strange. Television sets, computers, automobiles, genetic engineering, DVDs, CDs, bricks and mortar, alcohol, – all of these are ‘against nature’. For the life of me I can’t find any of them growing on trees or sprouting from the earth or just lying around waiting to be discovered. All of them are the products of human ingenuity through the appliance of science and represent the progress of knowledge and understanding against what would otherwise be ossified ignorance. It is a pity those trapped in ossified religious values cannot break free and treat human nature as a malleable social construction rather than stuck in their one-size-fits-all view of human relationships.

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