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London: 4th annual Stonewall fundraiser returns to the Paramount Club

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  1. Cardinal Capone 14 Sep 2012, 2:37pm

    Isn’t it time Stephen Fry got a knighthood? He’s the most charming man I’ve ever met, is a national treasure, and the face of what it means to be intrinsically British, across the globe. Actually, forget the knighthood, put him straight in the House of Lords. And Richard Dawkins. Start compensating for all those Bishops.

    1. You’re entitled to your opinion on Fry, but since he’s a transphobic[1] piece of work, and so full of himself that he frequently makes very stupidly nasty comments he thinks are jokes but would be disastrous in a legislature, I would strongly disagree.

      Dawkins is probably too busy, but maybe when he’s winding down a bit.


  2. In what way is Soho a T epicentre? T should never be mentioned in any story about Stonewall unless it is to report on their transphobia.

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