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Disabled man attacked in Manchester’s Gay Village

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Reader comments

  1. A despicable attack, I hope that those responsible are caught and punished.

  2. A cowardly attack on a brave man. This saddens me.

  3. After all the uplifting success of the Paralympic games and positivity towards all disabled sections of the community, events like this still can and proberbly will happen. Like vultures they deliberatly attacked a perceived weaker member of society and took full advantage. I hope those two black men are caught and shamed. Shocker!

    1. GingerlyColors 16 Sep 2012, 1:56pm

      Please don’t make an issue about them being black, white people can be just as bad. It is unfortunate that the majority of black people descend from migrants from African countries where their attitudes towards homosexuality is less than impressive. Nowadays most black people were born here and are doing their level best to integrate into our society. They seem to have less difficulty integrating than Asian Muslims who still seem to self-segregate.

  4. Shocking!!! Poor guy I hope they catch them. People like these are disgusting cowards.

  5. Cowardly thugs!

  6. brian sallis 14 Sep 2012, 3:58pm

    why do we spend a fortune on cctv in the village ,,, they should be there to help in things like this ,

  7. Disgusting vermin. I hope they are caught and go down for a long, long time.

  8. OH NO !!! despicable , oh we all know they wil get caught but what will they get a silp on the hand , they will cry out we are black or what ever , but the person who’s disabled will now be staying in his own home , I have cp and i use a wheelchair , all i can say to him is don’t let them bet u by staying in .

    1. de Villiers 15 Sep 2012, 7:24am

      I’m not sure their being black is relevant to your post. I know plenty of people who have had difficulty with white people.

    2. Sharha, maybe you can explain where them crying out ‘we are black’ will actually get them?

      I’m not aware that being black or any other ethnicity is a reason for committing any crime, or accepted as an excuse for committing any sort of crime. Perhaps it works differently where you are, although I suspect it doesn’t

    3. ” they will cry out we are black”. That’s funny.

  9. GingerlyColors 16 Sep 2012, 1:47pm

    When those two toe-rags get caught and hauled before a court, don’t be surprised if the judge praises them for their courage in robbing that poor guy.
    Coming so soon after the most successful Paralympic Games in history which is supposed to have raised the profile of disabled people, I am disappointed, saddened and sickened by that dispicable act.

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