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US: Democrats call on Republican aide to quit after he sent a video of a Senate hopeful at gay pride

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Reader comments

  1. Garry Cassell 13 Sep 2012, 7:59pm

    Just goes to show the kind of scum-bags that make up the GOP…

    1. Am I missing something here? I understand that the Republican aide’s motive was fishy. But is there anything wrong with dancing at a gay Pride event – even in the Heartland? What if Hillary Clinton went to a gay pride event…or Joe Biden…would it be considered inappropriate for them to dance at Pride and be photographed? Where is the shame? Instead of chastising this Republican aide for emailing pictures, maybe someone should simply inform him that his little scheme backfired – that a little dancing at a gay pride event might be both relaxing and good for the soul…politician or otherwise.

      1. ” But is there anything wrong with dancing at a gay Pride event”
        Unless you are one of the legion of hate filled bigots that that make it their lives’ work to spread poison throughout society for self-aggrandisement, ‘no’.

  2. It just shows what kind of people make up the Republican party. The fact that the leadership of the party did nothing about it shows what kind of people they are. It is time for the voters to show their feelings. The election is coming up soon.

  3. Someone in the papers just a few days back was commenting that the GOP’s approach to dog-whistle politics had got so blatant, it’s more or less a straight up whistle.
    You might as well run a campaign saying “are you the type of backwards homophobic bigot who longs for the good old days when queers were given electrotherapy – not parades… well have we got a political party for you!”
    It’s crazy to think that what passes for right wing looney fringe in the UK is a mainstream party in the US.

  4. The GOP is stepping on banana skins where we didn’t even know there were any. Heartbreaking, really (not).
    The Democrats are no angels for sure but the crooks and loons who now comprise the GOP shouldn’t get anywhere near government.

    1. The GOP could sit in a chair, perfectly immobile, and banana peels would find their way under their feet and manage to make them fall over.

      These people are a walking, talking, campaigning train wreck.

  5. Dancing ? How the woman dare behave like a normal human being !!

  6. Shock horror – a politician participating at a community event. Politicians of all political persuasions should be marching and speaking at Pride events.

  7. Paulpatriot 14 Sep 2012, 6:48am

    Nothing is wrong with dancing at a gay pride festival who ever you are. To insinuate anything less is religious dogma. If only the rethuglicans could differentiate the Constitution from the Bible.

  8. Spanner1960 14 Sep 2012, 8:33am

    As usual, the two party battle rises to frenzy pitch where one cannot slide a cigarette paper between the two of them or their manifestos, and rather than show what they can do, they prefer to resort to mudslinging and bad-mouthing their opponents at every possible opportunity.

    It really does demonstrate what how terrifyingly puerile and immature the people that populate the most powerful country in the world really are.

    1. I agree with the first paragraph. I think the sentiment of the second isn’t far off the mark, but I would focus the blame at the greedy and self serving few who claw their way to positions of status within politics and religion by preaching hate to the uneducated.

      Sheeple will listen and act as they are led, and they exist in all societies. The less educated they are the more likely they are to respond to emotive arguments rather than rational ones. Better education without religious interference is the only way the US will get out of that particular rut.

      1. ….And in the end, its all about their egos,power and money and not the common good of the country!

      2. Spanner1960 14 Sep 2012, 3:05pm

        I think you have only reinforced what I have said.
        The uneducated and ignorant will remain immature until somebody teaches them how to grow up and fend for themselves instead of listening to the few elite, be they politicians, lawmen, religionists or financiers.

    2. David Myers 15 Sep 2012, 7:30am

      Do any of you actually study the respective records, actions, and platforms of these two parties? You really believe there is no difference between them? This election will be one of those sea change elections that will be probably the most important one over the last 75 years. Either the tea-party kidnapped republican party will roll the nation back to the fifties or before – particularly on social issues and will complete the take over of the 2% corporate oligarchy in conjunction with a right-wind christian fundamentalist fascist theocracy, . . . . or the democrates will win the election in a record turnout and will go on to continue the job of universal health insurance, renewable energy conversion, and the final stages of acheiving equality for the GLTBQ community, while the republicans have a civil war amongst the nearly extinct “moderate” republicans, the right wing military industrial combine neocons, and the right wing christian fundamentalist fascist tea partiers.

  9. Is this all the Republicans have to try and win an election? Sounds desparate stuff from a desparate and depressing party. This will backfire on them…hopefully at the polls in november!

  10. This report might have been less confusing if it had explained that Tammy Baldwin is already the first out-lesbian member of the US House of Representatives.

    And is it PN policy to erase lesbianism, dubbing us, and events (such as pride events) all “gay”? Or is that pure laziness? It does matter that women’s issues not be erased, even by gay men. In this instance, for example, Tammy Baldwin isn’t the first out-homosexual member of the House of Representatives, but she is the first out-lesbian and does deserve much credit for that, but it didn’t rate a mention.

    The same sort of issue applies in many places. The House of Commons, for example, has many out-gay male MPs, but only a single out-lesbian, and that imbalance – reflecting different problems for women, and lesbians, in achieving membership of the Commons, is frequently ignored.

    In the 1970s it was a big issue that “lesbian” be used alongside “gay”, and that decision has never been rescinded, and should not simply be ignored.

    1. And of course, it is probably not a coincidence that a republican staffer targets a lesbian candidate in a way that gay candidates have apparently never been targeted – for dancing in public. Seems pretty damn misogynist to me.

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