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Iraqi police behind anti-gay killings, says TV documentary

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Reader comments

  1. Just to point out that evil as he was life for LGBT people in Iraq under Saddam was FAR better than it is today.

    Yet another reason Tony Blair and George Bush should be on trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity.

    1. Get over your moral vanity.

      1. How is it moral vanity to expect war criminals to face trial for their crimes?

        Saddam Hussein faced trial for his crimes.

        Surely the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians killed as a result of the illegal invasion of Iraq deserve justice too.

        Tony Blair and George Bush need to face trial in the Hague.

        1. The figure of civilians was about 16,000, most of whom were killed when bin Laden’s cronies (led by Saddam’s corroborator, Zarqawi) joined forces with the Baath party. Disgusting mistakes were made, but to equate Blair with Saddam is repulsive on any level of civilisation. Every independent commission has found Blair innocent of dishonesty – sorry if that interferes with your moral crusade. No doubt you’re one of those morons who didn’t give a damn about Iraq until Saddam was overthrown, when suddenly the world’s worst people were in charge of the USA and the UK.

          You have no right to speak for the dead, and even your views on the living are patronising. Let the Iraqis speak for themselves:

          Very revealing results there.

          (Yes, I know I’ll get loads of thumbs down. People aren’t interested in the truth; arrogance rules the day.)

          1. Well if they are innocent then they will be acquitted of war crimes and crimes against humanity, once they have been on trial in the Hague.

            But there absolutely should be put on trial.

            Are you trying to pretend that the invasion of Iraq was LEGAL?

            Blair and Bush told barefaced lies about Saddam having WMD, when it was quite obvious he did not.

            To invade a country which poses zero threat to ourselves is a crime against humanity.

            As for your figure of 16,000 – evidence for that low figure please?

          2. Oh and Mark – I trust you accept that life for LGBT people under Saddam was better than it is now?

            Do you accept that the invasion of Iraq has had catastrophic consequences for the LGBT population in Iraq.

            Do you think that Blair and Buch bear no responsibility for the genocide currently happening to LGBT Iraqis?

        2. I’ll reply here. As Eddy says, the fact that some people are worse off now – being no result of the invasion – says nothing about the actions of Blair and Bush. It’s not a competition. Is it unthinkable that I might support the overthrow of Saddam but condemn the terrible aftermath? (I notice you didn’t respond to the poll results. I know they’re inconvenient.) We pulled out far too early. Sectarianism needed controlling. But that didn’t happen, thanks to people like you who forced the allies to capitulate to populism. No, it wasn’t legal; just like the Kosovo/Bosnia campaigns and Sierra Leone. The UN allowed millions to die in Rwanda and Darfur. I’m glad we didn’t do what it said.

          Four (or is it five?) INDEPENDENT commissions have concluded there were no “lies”. There is thus insufficient evidence to merit trials. Also, from a respected anti-war journalist:

    2. dAVID, I lived in that region for many years during the time of Saddam. Remove from your mind any fantasy that life under Saddam was great for LGBTs! Life for LGBTs in any state where Islam is the dominant religion is horrendous and I can tell you that to be LGBT in Iraq under Saddam was to be thought of as scum.

  2. And yet they will continue to use their religion as their motive.

  3. The money and the lives lost in getting rid of Saddam and these backward barbarians benefit? Never mind perhaps they are religious and god fearing?

  4. This is a tragic situation.

    The more positive steps forward the GLBT community seems to makes in some countries there are ghastly consequences in other. What to do ?

    1. What to do ? For LGBTs in countries like Iraq and Ian, more civilized countries to facilitate asylum based on sexual orientation and gender identity. And we need to support online information, and in-country safe houses.

    2. Kaleidoscope is celebrating its first anniversary today.

      Your support is needed and appreciated.

  5. Report about being gay in Iraq on Newsnight last night

    1. Denis LeBlanc in Canada 13 Sep 2012, 3:09pm

      Thanks for sharing this information. I’ll pass it on.

  6. Robert in S. Kensington 13 Sep 2012, 12:42pm

    Appalling! Let’s hope the Home Office takes this seriously next time an Iraqi gay man or woman seeks asylum in the UK, no more sending them back to an uncertain fate that can easily lead to their deaths.

    1. I think the US and UK have a moral obligation to accept every single asylum application from an LGBT Iraqi – without exception.

      1. Spanner1960 13 Sep 2012, 1:36pm

        Sure. Now would you like to demonstrate a way of separating genuine LGBT people under threat versus the thousands of economic migrants flooding our shores?

        Unfortunately it isn’t as cut and dried as many would like.

  7. Probably the biggest obstacle to stability and prosperity in Iraq is the current PM – Maliki, the same sectarian thug who had Saddam executed on a Sunni religious festival. It’s a real shame, but there’s not a lot when we can do – if the west tries to pressure the Iraqi government they’ll be accused of being neocolonialists; all the more depressing for the fact that President Talabani, the fantastic Kurd federalist who chose to stick with Iraq despite legitimate grievances with the country, might be very receptive. He’s used to standing up for minorities.

    OH and Iraq could have become such a better country than it did. =(

    1. But now we get their oil so who cares right?

      1. Actually, after the invasion the oil supplies were handed over to the control of the UN – to make sure that all of the profits went to the (democratic) Iraqi government, which nationalised the industry. We didn’t benefit at all; in fact the war cost a fortune. Money well spent, I say.

      2. GingerlyColors 14 Sep 2012, 9:44am

        Pity they don’t have any oilfields in Zimbabwe!

  8. Well, what would you expect of Hell ?

  9. I doubt if very much will be done to alleviate the plight of people in the LGBT Community in Iraq. Islam is a closed club and its members and those who control them are not endowed with much education or understanding outside of their barbaric beliefs. If Islamic children as young as nine years old are hanged for holding hands in public, the fate of LGBTs is sadly, none to bright. Oil is at the heart of Iraq. Written protests will not have much effect as the Islamic states worldwide believe that homosexuality is a Western ‘invention’ and must be ‘purged’ from Islam. HIV is not recognised either by some Islamic countries. It is a very difficult situation and I do not see an easy or quick solution. Unfortunately the LGBTs there, may have to go underground for a while for their own safety or fight or exile themselves until a solution is found. To stay is possible death. Perhaps external radio broadcasts targeted at the Iraqi people to educate them about the LGBT Community. Just a thought.

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