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Report: The US is less productive because of LGBT discrimination in the workplace

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  1. GingerlyColors 13 Sep 2012, 7:19am

    A happy workforce is a productive workforce. Treating everybody fairly is not rocket science – leave that to NASA!

  2. Good sense, of course – but not to the millions of bigoted Americans that just have to have someone to hate.

  3. Wow. Hold the front page. Respectful and non-discriminatory work-places raise productivity, commitment and well-being.
    Trying to convince bigoted politicians and employers of it is the trick.

  4. Spanner1960 14 Sep 2012, 10:44am

    If the morons that funded the millions of dollars that go into their churches into public services instead, America wouldn’t have anything like the problems it has.

    1. Just the impression that some one is gay is all it takes in the Uniteed States to run up a very large legal bill over employment issues. It is a favorite way for power hungery “psycho pathic” administrators to show how powerfuer they are. And on top of it all there does not have to be any reasonable reasone offered by an implyer in order to fire you. For instance I rank in the top 95th percentile world wide on my medical licesure exam in 1989 and have been unemployed for 18 years. The excuse supported by the law is that passing grades are the same as failing grades and it keeps me from working running up a 350,000 dollar legal bill on my side and much more than that for my former schools and employers. I think with the poor economy, they are now begining to run out of money keeping me unemployed. I have also uncovered many problems with a toxic work place where I worked and with numerous toxic exposured officially covered up by our medical establishment that would affect performanc

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