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PM defends cabinet return of David Laws

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Reader comments

  1. I think I’m beyond caring about Laws anymore….what exactly is he supposed to be so good at?

    Perhpas PN should direct their questions about openly gay Tory ministers being sacked to the Tory leader rather than the lib dem one! As far as I remember Nick Herbert was a strong voice for SS marriage, Laws isn’t.

    1. well of course Laws isn;t a strong voice for same sex marriage.

      He was cowering in his self made closet until this theft of 40,000 quid was made public.

  2. Strictly speaking, Cameron hasn’t brought him back into the Cabinet but into the Government. Cabinet consists of Cabinet Members and minsters who attend Cabinet. All other ministers can be invited to attend if required. Laws falls into the last group so he clearly has not been brought back into the Cabinet . I know, I should get out more.

  3. This just shows the utter contempt in which the government regards the electorate.

    David Law is a liar; a thief and a coward.

    As for ‘second chances’ – will the same second chances be afforded to benefit cheats.

    If not then why not?

    This is a revolting double standard.

    David Laws is not fit for purpose as a government minister.

  4. Secret partner? What’s that when it’s at home?? Secret lover, affair, clandestine relationship, f-buddy, w-h-a-t???

    1. I think he had hid very own rent boy

      1. Some rent boy, I think he was in his late twenties-early thirties at the time. Oil of Olay has a a lot to answer for.

  5. I thought Cameron said the reshuffle was all about getting people who could deliver and who could get the message across to the public. Laws had to resign after 2 weeks in office , he left office in disgrace and doesn’t have the respect of any gay or straight persom. It makes me wonder what exactly the reshuffle was all about in that case. His second chance for most people’s point of view was not being sacked as a MP and not given a heaftier fine.

    1. i am no fan of David Laws’ politics, and don’t believe it was right for him to be put into government ahead of others in his party, but I don’t think the criticism of him is fair. He was afraid to come out, not for financial reasons but personal ones, and he should not be pilloried for that, least of all in PN. Surely we should be encouraging a society where being gay is not something to be ashamed of?

      If he had been open about his relationship, he would have been entitled to roughly twice the level of expenses than he actually claimed, because he could have claimed the property as his second home. Certainly he breached the rules, but it actually meant he got less not more.

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