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Joe McElderry speaks of relief at conviction of Twitter troll

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Reader comments

  1. Experienced this myself, though replace twitter with every day real life for 7yrs…

    No one should sit back and accept abusive or threatening behaviour from anyone.

    1. Never have, and never will, use Twitter. I did not suffer years of English language in school to stop using it now, along with a large part of my IQ. (lol)

      1. Seriously, the gutless wonders, aka trolls would never have the balls to confront most of those they abuse on the Internet. This was not so much a troll as a stalker. Probably sexually obsessed with poor Joe, but cannot admit it even to himself, subverting it to anger / hate.

  2. If someone is sad enough to drive from Stockport to South Tyneside to contact a complete stranger – having researched their former addresses as well – it will obviously not help their chances in court.

    I hope Mr McElderry can come to terms with his sexuality.

    1. I meant of course Ennis McBride. Apologies. Please delete my original comment.

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