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France moves closer towards equal marriage and same-sex adoption rights

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Reader comments

  1. GO FRANCE!! That is excellent news and shows the bigots at groups like Coalition for Marriage that they are in the minority – here and across the world!

    1. Cardinal Capone 12 Sep 2012, 11:48am

      They don’t like to be called bigots. They want you to be more politically correct and not use blunt language, but only when referring to them. The proper term is asshole.

  2. Vive la France !!! This is the way to move foward !! Did people even know that France decriminalized homosexuality since 1791 !!!

  3. I like the way this new French Government are moving forward on these issues. They say they are going to do something and they are, no public consultations, no time wasting, just getting it done! Oh how I wish our government would do the same!

    1. de Villiers 12 Sep 2012, 7:50pm

      The consultation took place within the PS.

  4. Cardinal Capone 12 Sep 2012, 11:51am

    We have been way ahead of the French in this area since 2005. Now they are going to beat us because the UK is dragging its feet.

    There is nothing worse to the Sir Humphries of Whitehall than being beaten by the French.

    Surely this must be an incentive to move more quickly ?

  5. Hang on.

    They’ve been in power a few months and expect to get a draft law to cabinet by the end of next month…

    Meanwhile, the ConDems have been in power since May 2010 and have promised to sort this by 2015…

    1. I think you’ll find that the ConDems now merely HOPE to have marriage equality by 2015.

      It is looking less and less likely.

  6. Robert in S. Kensington 12 Sep 2012, 12:58pm

    How I wish we had the French system of government and no state religion. Expect to hear more frequent vicious rants from the C4M/CI hate group and Anglican and Catholic clerics once the French legalise it way ahead of us. It’s an absolute disgrace and the consultation offensive,unnecessary.

  7. PeterinSydney 12 Sep 2012, 1:51pm

    The Catholic Church is so anti-gay under Benedict XVI that it is no longer relevant to the modern world. In fact it poses a serious danger to the well being of all gay people. It must be resisted.

  8. PeterinSydney 12 Sep 2012, 1:53pm

    The Catholic Church under Benedict XVI has become a crusader against gay people. They are so rigid that they have become a danger to the lives and well being of all gay people. They must be resisted at all costs.

  9. and they’re going to vote on the Bill in early 2013…so by mid 2013 French gay couples are probably going to be able to get married. I wonder where we will be mid 2013. Probably debating on whether we need another consultation to consult on the previous consultation and so on and so on….

  10. Well done France! Fantastic news.

    As far as I know, and I might be wrong, it is not possible to adopt as a same-sex couple in Germany. I wish they changed that.

  11. Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité!
    Well done, France.

    I wonder when “The world’s best place to be gay” will follow…

  12. Denis LeBlanc 12 Sep 2012, 4:51pm

    Great that French government is moving early in it’s mandate. Our experience here in Canada shows great benefits to gay youth will result.
    recent laws mandate gay groups in all high schools to prevent bullying.

  13. Viva la France – I’m proud to say that my parents are French, and it’s a really great move for a forward thinking country.

    Really shows up the yUK on how slowly they’re moving!

  14. That There Other David 12 Sep 2012, 7:13pm

    Isn’t it funny how all the movement on this is coming from the big Catholic nations? Spain, Brazil, Argentina, and now France, all showing Benedict the bird and getting on with reforming their outdated legal discrimination.

    Meanwhile, in post-Reformation Protestant UK, the politicians dither and pander to foreign religious interests….

    1. France is not Catholic !!!!! Even the LGBT community is bigger than practicing Catholics

      1. That There Other David 13 Sep 2012, 2:13pm

        Change Catholic to Christian and that’s true of the UK as well. Doesn’t stop our politicians bowing and scraping to The Vatican Corporation though does it?

        1. From all statistics that i know France is the most atheist country in europe with an very very secular constitution and around 60-70 % atheist-agnosics .If you look at the history of france you will see a long tradition of Anti-clericalism and the catholic church is not beyon scrutiny .French politicians have a very large number of atheist in them particulary in the governing Socialist party.Read this so you can understand the difference !!!

  15. gay adoption is gay

    1. Wrong time,Wrong place,Wrong site

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