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Buffy the Vampire Slayer introduces new, gay, vampire slayer

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  1. I think the question every one wants to know the answer to is “Is he cute?” I grew up with my sister being obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, we both had a bit of a thing for Spike if I remember :P

    1. I’ve seen a picture of him… he’s pretty darn adorable lol :P xx

  2. Suddenly Last Bummer 12 Sep 2012, 10:35pm

    Seriously, this thing is still around? How very 1998.

    1. At least Buffy was once in which can’t be said for pettiness. Get some manners.

      Anyway, I hope the newcomer hooks up with Andrew. He’s always so alone.

  3. Wow, I didn’t know they were still making Buffy comics. I am the hugest fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer you could ever find, for me that was the best TV series ever created of any genre, but I never had any interest in the comic series. For me the TV series had the perfect and definitive ending, with the…well, you all know. But now I think, how is this possible ? Slayers are born only in the female lineage, male Slayers are not possible. Of course, there are some exceptions, like in the Buffyverse comics series Fray where the main character, a female Slayer has a twin brother that shares with her the powers of dreams that Slayers usually possess, but still I don’t like too much continuity break.

  4. (cont.) For me this is a bad move. If they wanted to show their support for LGBT people they should explore more the LGBT characters they already have, Willow, Kennedy and Andrew, not creating a new one. And finally, while the Buffyverse is indeed an amazing franchise I think that Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel, counting both the TV and the comics of each series, already gave all they had to give. If they wanted to make another comic series using the same universe Whedon should instead continue his comic series Fray, about a Slayer living in a future New York City. While I never read it I am very curious and interested by the premise and I think if it was well developed it could be as good as Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

  5. Have the comics already allowed guys to be vampire slayers, or is the gay guy considered to be a girl because he’s gay? If the latter, that doesn’t seem all that progressive.

    1. Totally see where you are coming from.

      Could be that the intention is precisely to confront that very misconception : they’ve already posed the question, we’ll have to wait and see how the storyline answers it.

      I’ve read other fiction where a gay male finds himself in a stereotypical female role and a significant part of the story is fighting those very stereotypes. It can be a very positive way of making the reader think about the differences between sexuality and gender roles and I hope that turns out to be the case here.

  6. I love the show but never read any of the comics, not a big fan of comics in general tho. I think they should develop the current gay if they are still in the comics (Willow, Kennedy and Andrew). Am not sure how having a gay male slayer will help stop the stereotyping, that gays are women, as slayers as I understand are only women, if they do introduce a 2nd male slayer, I think that they should make him straight.

    1. I think it’s the media that has branded him a slayer. I read somewhere that he’s just meant to be a normal guy protecting his town from vamps, like Xander or principal Wood.

      And I was sceptical of the comics as well. Until I actually read them. They’re a real blast! All the throwbacks to the series just warmed my heart.

  7. Good to see more LGBT inclusive comics and TV programmes, featuring characters which can be possitve role models for LGBT folks.

  8. To reassure those confused about the female slayer lineage rule, I have read elsewhere that this new character is not a “slayer” in the born sense but wants to learn how to be a slayer as a way of fighting back against bullies/evil etc. So not a “chosen” one, just a super awesome fan.

  9. “I have no problem telling a story about a boy who’s always felt more comfortable identifying with what society tells him is more of a feminine role.”

    Oh, is he transgendered too?
    Seriously, what “roles” are we talking about?
    Someon e needs to consider their use of the word “gay”.

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