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Aberdeen: Trainee lawyer found guilty of homophobic attack

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Reader comments

  1. Cardinal Capone 12 Sep 2012, 7:02pm

    Sounds like a man in denial.

    1. Someone with Ishoos, certainly. Pity they’ve been allowed to dominate his life to the point he becomes violent, harms others, and scuppers his future career to boot.

  2. Jesus Moran 12 Sep 2012, 7:13pm

    Rot in jail !!!

  3. Jen Marcus 12 Sep 2012, 7:47pm

    Me thinks not a stellar model of the legal profession!

  4. Who knows how many homosexuals he would have come across in the day to day routine of his job. I would hate to know how many cases he would have derailed with his prejudice.
    Better for his legal career to have been finished now.

  5. Oh my Gosh that’s my hometown! hope the homophob gets a harsh punishment. (we should be able to live in a society where we can be who we are without having to suffer abuse from homophobs.)

  6. If you have a look at Bruce’s picture (he’s on the internet) you will see an obvious closet gay. What a shame to screw up your chances instead of just dealing with who you are and getting on with it.

    1. As a general rule I think it’s best not to make snap judgments based on the appearance of a person on his own in a photograph.

      1. Its about public decency 16 Sep 2012, 11:14pm

        Nope but his future employers will be able to read that this is why DLA Piper may have decided to terminate his employment by googling his name. With a legal career what google tells you about a person is very important.

  7. He’s gonna need a good lawyer. Not himself, obviously.

  8. Robert J Brown 13 Sep 2012, 7:21am

    Och . . .

    My homophobia is ruining my legal career . . .

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