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US: Hundreds rally in Portland for equal marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Good luck to them !!! One can only with that they succeed

  2. Warren Jamieson 11 Sep 2012, 8:07am

    I whole idea of voting on others rights is disgusting!

  3. Best wishes to all progressive and liberal people in Maine! Conservatism must be defeated!

  4. great city Portland, good luck to them!

  5. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 11 Sep 2012, 1:34pm

    I hope that marriage equality is passed by the voters!

    Polls indicate that marriage equality has the support of 57% of people in Maine. I personally predict and think that marriage equality will pass – but by only 51% voting YES!

    Washington State and Maryland voters as well are going to go to the polls to vote FOR or AGAINST marriage equality!

    My prediction is that Minnesota will by a vote of 51% approve a constitutional amendment banning same sex marriage (same as California which was 52%). And that voters will unfortionantly REJECT marriage equality in Washington State by 51% (49% APPROVE) and voters and Maryland will approve marriage equality by a vote of 52%.

    These are just my predictions. Bit we will see in 2 months time hey!

    1. While I’m not American, I will venture that marriage equality will pass in Maine, Maryland and Washington, but I agree that things don’t look good in Minnesotta.

      With 160,000 one-on-one conversations over three years, you have to admire the never-say-die determination and diligence and humble low-key approach of Maine LGBTs despite losing a referendum three years ago. I can’t think of anywhere else were LGBTs have worked so hard.

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