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Gloucester: Teenager sentenced over anti-gay park attack

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Reader comments

  1. Spanner1960 11 Sep 2012, 10:07am

    Since when was 18 considered ‘young’?
    Put the brat in with all the other adult inmates and let’s see how the chicken survives for a year.

    It’s a real shame the lovely city of Gloucester is being tarnished with this filth.

    1. Once again someone advocating prison rape as a form of punishment. Not funny.

      1. Although Spanner was somewhat… brutal in his language, I see nothing supporting rape in his statement. And he raises a valid point – since when was 18 considered young? 18 is when we, legally, become adults in this country. It is the age of vote and considered to determine when someone comes of age. So, he’s an adult and should have gone to a facility for adults.

        Usually, people who act like this are bullies – and bullies are ALL cowards. So yeah, I’d like to see how he handled an adult prison, with many far more hardened criminals. Maybe it would have jarred him out of crime. But I doubt it.

        1. I believe, in English courts, you are sentenced appropriate for the age you were when you committed the crime rather than when you are convicted, therefore he was (presumably) 17 at the time.

      2. Spanner1960 11 Sep 2012, 5:06pm

        Who said anything about rape?
        Maybe it is your own devious mind doing overtime.
        If someone is adult enough to hurl abuse and recognise it’s impact, he is also old enough to suffer the consequences.

        1. The point is that if he is put in prison with hardened criminals he will also become a hardened criminal. Not clear how this will stop him from being homophobic. A young man of his age and presumably good looks may or may not be subjected to sexual harassment or rape. This is always possible in an all male environment with the total absence of women.

          1. Thems the risks of MUGGING SOMEBODY. Although I abhor rape of any kind, we can’t stop punishing people for their crimes just because bad things sometimes happen in prisons.

    2. chris casey 11 Sep 2012, 3:58pm

      What do you mean “chicken”?

        1. Thanks, Spanner, I had no idea words like “naff” were polari or that it stood for “not available for f***ing”.

  2. Good punishment for a nasty thug.

  3. How inspiring that this young couple took sophisticated action and tracked down the attacker and got him arrested!

    I hope all those readers in London take note that it’s difficult being out and proud in back-woods cities like Gloucester and Hereford.

  4. Of course the perpetrator should be punished for his actions, but I can’t help but feel a bit sad that his obvious inability to come to terms with his own sexuality has driven him to these life-altering actions. I am thankful that the victim wasn’t more seriously hurt during this crime and hope that he can come to some sort of peace about the incident and not have so much fear hanging around his neck.

    1. his obvious inability to come to terms with his own sexuality

      You know, sometimes thugs are just thugs, and will use any way of demeaning their victims that comes to hand. I think, sadly, it is perfectly possible for someone brought up in a brutal environment to be full of hate towards any given minority, or anyone that appears to them contemptible, without it necessarily concealing inward fear.

    2. He is not necessarily a closet case. If a white gang or individual beats up an Asian, it is not because they fear becoming Indian! Sometimes it is just hate.
      Incomprehensible, irrational hate.

  5. This histeria has to stop !!! People are using homophobic remarks in almost every thing in life wich has absolutly nothing to do with sexuality.Schools and Parents have a lot to do to address this

  6. Now, I’m glad that this thug has been given a half-way reasonable sentence, but to me it highlights a glaring flaw in our legal system.

    Last year, I was assaulted, my phone stolen and I was left with severe concussion, heavy bruising and needed a tooth reconstruction. I also suffer an associated fear of going out. The thug got 3 months in a Y.O institute. I’m sorry, but I don’t see how shouting homophobic comments make this crime with less physical effects worse than what happened to me – and I say that as a member of the LGBT community.

    Hate speech should be used in determining motivation, but the crime itself should determine the sentence. This disparity in sentences could harm us in the long run, making it seem that we get special treatment.

    1. I agree totally, Carl. there is a demand at the moment for capital punishment for killing a police officer. Murder is murder, a policeman’s life is worth no more and no less than anyone else’s.
      Similarly, a mugging is a mugging, whether the victim be gay, black, white, young, old……

  7. Hopefully when Public Order act will be modified and this kind of sentence will not happen in future to someone who is speaking his mind.

    1. I’m sorry, but since when was him mugging somebody “speaking his mind”?

      Also, saying “I dislike people who were born gay” is speaking ones mind. Screaming obscenities is not. Shouting and swearing in public is a public disorder offense, or is it less offensive if it’s aimed at “the gays”?

    2. James Justice 11 Sep 2012, 5:59pm

      He didn’t just scream abuse though, did he? He grabbed the victim by the throat and pushed him into some railings!

    3. “someone who is speaking his mind”???

      A mugging? Seriously. You should be embarrassed writing that, even on an anonymous forum, it its truly shocking the level of ignorance you demonstrate. I look forward to the day someone kicks the cra.p out of you and you defend their actions as “free speech”.

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