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Comment: Why we should resist the ‘mind-creep’ commercialism of Pride

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Reader comments

  1. I do agree with much said in this post.

    However, it has been proven on more than one occasion that the LGBT community do not appear to want to dip their hand in their pockets to make decent donations to the pride buckets, which in turn has forced the event to become something which is now ticketed.

    B&HCC cannot always be expected to put money towards it as it has done in the past and nor should it.

    I think that having some commercial sponsors is OK but we, as the community should also dig deeper and not expect our over stretched councils to plug any funding gaps.

    1. I disagree.

      In Amsterdam, the Pride is sponsored almost entirely by the city government.

      Considering that 500,000 extra people spend the day in Amsterdam for Pride (and Amsterdam has a population of 800,000) then it makes complete sense for the city council to sponsor it.

      It benefits the local economy – these 500,000 people sleep in hotels; spend money in shops, eat in restaurants and cafes and drink in bars.

      I do not understand why Brighton Council does not pay for Pride.

      The benefit to the local economy far outweighs the cost.

      Alternatively the hospitality indistry should be taxed more heavily as they make an absolute fortune from the Brighton Pride.

      Expecting the attendees to pay for it from contributions is not going to work. Attendees are already spending loads of money.

      1. I do agree with you here, but you just know that if any local council agrees to put any amount of money into an event like Pride, then the God botherers and the like gets up in arms and then the council backs down.

        Brighton is not like that in that respect as they still support the Pride event as they know the benefits it brings to the local economy.

        As for your comment about the hospitality industry. This is an industry which is currently on it’s keens through already too heavy taxation. Do you know the amount of pubs & restaurants which close every week due to the high cost of rent, wages, beer site ties and alcohol duty? At least 3 pubs and restaurants close every day in almost every town in the country so higher taxation will not work.

        As I stated, some corporate sponsorship should be used to help with the cost from carefully selected partners.

        1. But we must also not forget how Pride events become so popular and then suffer terrible in-fighting with their own organising committees which result in them collapsing which we have seen happen with London Pride in the past and almost caused Brighton Pride to be cancelled this year too.

  2. Robert Brown 11 Sep 2012, 4:26pm

    Considering the amount of council tax and other rates the LGBT community pays in the council’s coffers every year . . . with very little return . . . the LGBT community DESERVES better.

    I also think that the local Green Party are on a PR offensive after the homophobic remarks of one of their Cllrs . . .


  3. Spanner1960 11 Sep 2012, 4:36pm

    Pride is no longer a political force, most of what we want, we have. The rest is just a mopping-up operation. Outfit’s like “Queers Against the Cuts” have nothing directly to do with LGBT politics and are just a bunch of Lefties using Pride as a vehicle for their own socialist goals.

    If people want to party, let them do it with their own money or find private sponsorship; Having seen the results of recent Prides such as the sexually explicit placard-wavers in Manchester, or the defamation of AIDS memorials in Brighton, I would say it’s about time this whole concept got knocked on it’s head – it appears to be doing far more harm than good to the majority of LGBT people.

  4. Pride was founded as a reaction to police harrassment in NYC. The world wide movement that has grown out of this will always be a political statement. Even if you can’t see that for your self, it doesn’t mean that it’s not political. Stop bitching about individual’s personal politics. That is called divide and rule. We fought for the freedoms we have. It is not a fight that has been won everywhere.

    1. Spanner1960 11 Sep 2012, 5:37pm

      Fine. So hold Pride marches where they actually mean something.
      Pride in the UK has become a travesty of it’s former self, and many people forget what it is really all about; I wonder how many mincing nancies here would travel to blow whistles half naked in Moscow or Tehran?

      The war may not be over, but as far as this country is concerned, the battle has been won. It’s time to either pack it in, or if you are really motivated and concerned about LGBT rights worldwide, go there and see how tough it really is.

      1. mark young 11 Sep 2012, 6:12pm

        mincing nancies? sounds like you need to learn what pride is about, never mind telling us all it means nothing.

      2. mark young 11 Sep 2012, 6:17pm

        and just so you know spanner, i’m not a ‘mincing nancy’ but I respect those who are and have pride in themselves for being ‘mincing nancies’.

        1. Spanner1960 11 Sep 2012, 9:26pm

          That one:
          Someone who really fcks things up – derived from the term “spanner in the works”.

          Fcked you lot up enough times, haven’t I? ;)

          1. As a boring, suit wearing dullard who happens to be gay, I agree.

            Having grown up in the 60s/70s when being gay was basically John Inman, and other such Clichés, it tires me that the fights we are winning just to be accepted as humans is sometimes lost by these “mincing queens” throwing petrol on the fire.

            We have not won yet.

            Knowing what stonewall and pride was all about has been lost on a lot of these people.

            By all means. Have fun. Enjoy yourselves

            But stop making us look like sex is all we are about.

            I am much more than my sexual preference. and I would object to nipping out ot Asda for a pint of milk only to discover some woman in fishnets on a float flagellating her groin at me claiming it was her pride in being a woman.

  5. Suddenly Last Bummer 11 Sep 2012, 5:26pm

    Pheelin’ Ma Crackin’. I bet he does!

    1. Wasn’t that Phil.

  6. This is so true.

    Sydney Mardi Gras sold it self out to commercialism more than 2 decades ago.

    None of us can relate to it any more. Means nothing to most of us now.

    The sponsors own Mardi Gras now, practically. Along with Government funding.

    Costs have blown out considerably over the years.

    When we put it on, we had pride in doing so. Not now. Politics has taken firm reign of the event. Every year members leave or don’t stay long.

  7. This years Pride in Brighton will probably be the last my friends and I attend.
    It was a lack lustre parade with no Brighton based floats. The only cheerful colour provided by Easyjet (and you could see the scruffy white van underneath even that).
    If the event once again becomes free and we can march with pride behind a decent procession up to the park, then perhaps we’ll change our minds.
    We were prepared to make a day of it between us took serious amounts of money to spend.
    What we did was have a couple of drinks in a gay bar, a lunch and then home by about 1500.
    In the past it would have been 0100 the next day at least before we’d teeter off home.
    The heart has gone out of it and it has become dull.

  8. Seattle WA 27 Sep 2012, 4:29pm

    Wish I could have read more examples of ‘commercialism’ as this phenomenon is recognizable elsewhere in different forms. From the comfy lense of 2012, Pride Parades of the 60’s & 70’s were motivated for Gay Liberation, Awareness and Self Acceptance against a backdrop of universal loathing and fear. Some 30+ years behond Stonewall Gay Pride Parades seem more driven more by the broader Civil Rights movement that identifies more as an ally than LGBTQ, transforming ‘Gay-Pride’ into ‘Pride’ in some places. Is the Gay Silent or Integrated? This his where I think I’m relating to Mac Cafferty’s point. I suppose I could lament the coded implications between Gay Pride vs Pride, but have chosen to be greatfull instead, as I realize how much more dangerous it is elsewhere in the world.

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