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Comment: Homophobia is still a blight on our society

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Reader comments

  1. Homophobia is a mental illness which is caused mainly by bigotry.2000 ago people looked at homosexuals as everyone else.It is a shame how much has Christianity degraded civil rights for LGBT

  2. The main reason for homophobia in Northern Ireland is religion.

    There is a toxic level of religious extremism in Northern Ireland – which seems to emanate more from the evangelical christian cults than the catholic cult (although the catholic cult remains vile. The First Minister Peter Robinson is part of a cult which believes that we are an ‘abomination’.

  3. Spanner1960 11 Sep 2012, 4:28pm

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:

    Homophobia is NOT LGBT people’s biggest problem: It is simply ignorance.

    Few people are wilfully malicious.
    Many, particularly those religiously motivated have been told it is “against their teachings” simply because ‘that’s the way it has always been’ – anybody that questions those beliefs is considered a heretic, and so the attitudes continue to propagate generation after generation.

    Likewise, many politicians that have been brought up with right wing and/or religious leanings that have been apparently homophobic until they encounter a situation where they have to actually deal with LGBT people and their problems – it is only then they realise that they have got it wrong all this time.

    The only way to turn people around is to enlighten them; explain that we really are no different, and that we expect nothing more than everybody else expects from society.

    Ignorance is simply absence of knowledge. It is up to us to educate others.

  4. Paddyswurds 11 Sep 2012, 7:41pm

    As i post regularly on my facebook page……..
    “Homophobia is a social disease suffered only by the terminally ignorant”

    1. This is an EXCELLENT quote!! I hope you don’t mind, but I borrowed it!!!! :o)

  5. Christopher 12 Sep 2012, 1:34am

    The psychological reasons must continue to be explored as to why a str8 man can react so violently to the idea of two other men getting together.

    Is it fear of rape? Is it fear of not being in control and being possibly overpowered (women readers – sing the song, you know the chorus!!)

    They forget that two men occupied with each other clears the competition on the way to the women…

    And why is Lesbianism a turn-on for str8 men, as witnessed in EVERY str8 porno, but not gays for str8 women? Is it the harem effect?

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