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Australian PM supports bid to host 2014 gay rugby world cup

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Reader comments

  1. She really is bizarre isn’t she? She loves the fact that these events will bring in serious spending power but still is against same sex marriage!

  2. I really hope the people who organise the Bingham Cup don’t take it to Australia until the country is at least taking steps to introduce equal marriage.

    1. Robert Brown 11 Sep 2012, 4:34pm

      The Bingham Cup has already taken place in:

      – San Fran
      – Washington
      – London
      – New York
      – Dublin
      – Minneapolis
      – Manchester

      NONE of these places had equal marriage when it was held there . . .


      1. vversatile 11 Sep 2012, 5:35pm

        The world was a different place then.
        San Fran, Washington, London, New York, Manchester – all of those places now either have equal marriage or are onhave governments which support it and have promised to implement it.

        Australia is sadly still a long way from that.
        Gillard need to be told that she can’t be allowed to put up a front of being supportive towards the LGB community while espousing inequality under the law.

  3. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 11 Sep 2012, 1:14pm

    She is certainly a strange and weird prime minister!

    She supports rugby – but she bans gay men from marrying a hot gay male rugby player for example!

    She is like an out of date and out of control Christian robot!

    She must think voters and taxpayers like us gay men can be taken for granted – well she has lost plenty of votes from all of my friends and family!

    If gay men like us are banned from marrying, I should not have to pay tax!

    I have paid $3,000 last financial year to the taxman in PAYG (withholding income) and what do I get back – a measly $800!
    Just enough for the CTP on my car!

    My country Australia is an complete embarrassment and a total disgrace not moving foward towards marriage equality when Luxembourg, Uruguay, UK, France and New Zealand are all moving forward towards marriage equality!

    1. You should go to an accountant – find out how much you’d have to pay if you were married and not pay a penny more.

      They can’t/won’t jail people for this.

    2. she may be a robot but she isn’t Christian……..We have de facto status in Australia and the labour govt changed all the tax rules ages ago to equalise the tax rights for all de facto couples (straight and gay) with married couples. I’m pretty certain of this. I agree it stinks about not giving us equal marriage but lets not go over board. It’s a far better country that most. The states as far as I know doesn’t even give equal tax /pension/ health / tenancy rights to gay couples as married couples, again I’m fairly sure Australia does.

      Tasmania and a few other states are also making steps towards SS marriage. Yes, Gillard is a cow and so are those other useless lab MPs who are negative about SS marriage but she’s only got a majoriy of around 1 in parliament.

      1. Australia is still DEBATING THE GAY PANIC DEFENCE in 3 states which still have it on the books;-NEW SOUTH WALES, QUEENSLAND AND SOUTH AUSTRALIA!!!
        It was last used succesfully in 2008!!!where a guy killed a gay disabled man at a beat.
        Certificates of non impediments allowing Oz Gay ppl. to marry overseas were only allowed in 2012!!

        That was the level of spite n malice directed towards the community- cant marry n Oz n cant marry overseas. This was after norway n NYC said they would overide the requirement. I could go on. but u get the picture

  4. Christopher 11 Sep 2012, 1:16pm

    In other words: you aren’t human, but we’ll take your money…

  5. Julia Gillard is a hypocritical idiot.

    “We’ll take your money but you won’t get equal rights.”

  6. She’ll never have a conscience because she can’t see both faces in the mirror at the same time!

  7. Our prime Minister is such hypocrite.

    Won’t support gay marriage, but will support the Bingham cup bid for Australia.

    She is only thinking about the pink dollar, and how much the Government will reap in for the event. Don’t buy it.

  8. Remove the word “Sport” and her statement could also say the same thing to add her support to equal marriage!

    Ms Gillard said: “Australia is a loving nation which also has an abiding commitment to diversity and mutual respect”.

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