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Australia: Priest hopeful for a “more inclusive Christianity” including marriage equality

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Reader comments

  1. It’s Synod, not snog, and Tasmania is IN Australia.

  2. GingerlyColors 10 Sep 2012, 1:08am

    Nowt wrong with Bedding someone of the same sex!

  3. So even the “progressive wing” of Christianity are still delusional bigots who want to deny us equal rights. The sooner we ban organized religion the better.

    1. New Aussie 10 Sep 2012, 1:57am

      Er, there are plenty of religious organisations that wholeheartedly support gay rights and equal marriage even if the Anglicans and Catholics are totally backward. They include:

      The Quakers
      The Unitarians
      The URC
      The MCC
      liberal Judaism
      Reform Judaisim
      The Pagans
      the humanists
      SGI (the Buddhists)

      1. In the UK the combined membership of the cults you mention would not even make up 2% of the population.

        These cults are harmful as they create the false impression that religion is not hateful and vile and suitable only for wilfully stupid people.

      2. Tim Chapman 10 Sep 2012, 5:21pm

        Humanists aren’t religious.

  4. What is the need of having a priest ‘bless’ anything..?
    What is the ferkin POINT of priests, anyway…?
    The very fact that two people want to be together shows that it is ‘blessed’ from the start.
    Why does anyone need another to ‘bless’ anybleedinthing…?
    A man and a woman decide that “You’re for me babe..!” 9 months later another being makes his/her appearance.
    Two people; no-one else.
    What need is there for any marriage service, blessing, call it what you like, in the first place..? Mumbo Jumbo.
    What did our ancient ancestors do long before silly, lace-bedecked queens in pointy hats read from ‘holy’ comic books ..?
    Had a bunk-up and that was that.
    Nowt’s changed.
    All was going on very nicely long before Sweet JC was ever a twinkle in the Paraclete’s eye.
    Who needs it…!
    The wedding industry needs it, that’s who.
    What a load of ass wipe.

  5. I really hope that you make a positive impact to clear the apathy at the top of the churches.

  6. This priest is an idiot.

    Firstly for believing in ‘god’. Only wilfully stupid people believe in ‘god’.

    Secondly he could join a cult that is already inclusive – why wait?

    He is enabling bigoty by remaining in his poisonously bigoted cult.

    Then again he is religious so stupidity is only to be expected, I suppose.

    1. p

  7. We can all hope I guess! However with Gillard as leader and probably Abbott from some time next year I can’t see it happenning very soon.

    I’m putting my hopes on the states and terrorities and if Australia hasn’t bucked its ideas up in the next 10 yrs I’m either moving back to the UK where hopefully the UK might have pulled its finger out or I’m off to NZ.

    1. Australia is far more homophobic and rightwing than Canada, the UK, New Zealand etc and for that matter both coasts of the USA. Why would you want to stay in that reactionary s-hole?

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