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Australia: Archbishop backs anti-gay ‘smoking’ comments of Christian leader

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Reader comments

  1. Cesar Vazquez 10 Sep 2012, 3:43pm

    I’m Australian and I agree with the archbishop. The gay lifestyle is more hazardous then smoking. It’s great that there are people who are willing to stand up to political correctness and tell the truth on homosexuality.

    1. Do you still beat your wife?

    2. That There Other David 10 Sep 2012, 4:12pm

      Once again, all the bigots do is provide greater argument for marriage equality. A monogamous gay relationship is only as hazardous as a monogamous het one, so surely society should encourage gay people to get married eh?

    3. .When will you be sacrificing a goat for us . . . ?

    4. Spanner1960 10 Sep 2012, 4:38pm


    5. What is the truth Cesar about homosexuality… You seem to be an expert on this field so please enlighten us?

    6. Of course you agree with the archbishop. You have mad beliefs without evidence to support them in common.

    7. I live in Australia and I am appalled that this wicked man is primate of the Anglican church here. The remarks are the same as those of the evil Tartaglia in Scotland.

  2. Could those religous crackpots get any worse ???? Not only bigoted but also dishonest and ignorant !!!!

    1. David Waite 11 Sep 2012, 2:19am

      Yes, but I’ve never met a bigoted person who wasn’t also (really, by definition) dishonest and ignorant.

  3. What is this gay lifestyle I keep hearing of? I am an individual, not a stereotype! Oh and I quit smoking.

    1. Cardinal Capone 10 Sep 2012, 4:26pm

      I keep wondering that too. There’s no such thing as a ‘gay lifestyle’. Just gay people with the same vastly differing lifestyles as everyone else.

    2. Is there a hetero lifestyle?
      Or a bi-sexual lifestyle?

  4. Religious belief is akin to mental illness.

    The anglican archbishop is a idiot and should be locked up for his own and everyone else’s safety.

    1. For his own safety he should be send off to the moon… one-way flight..

      And I disagree… he is not an idiot… as idiots have brains that dis-functioning, what he has in his skull is simply the brown matter normal people have elsewhere…….

  5. What a PERFECT opportunity for Rowan Williams to put his money where his mouth is and respond to his Australian archbishop.

    1. that would require him to have balls though … not gonna happen – Do the church still castrate boys and priests? That might explain his cowardice

  6. When will you be sacrificing a goat for us . . . ?

  7. Cesar Vazquez 10 Sep 2012, 4:15pm

    He’s right! Homosexuality should be re-criminalized in Australia to protect society.

    1. Dave North 10 Sep 2012, 4:29pm

      Protect them from what…….?

      Excellent taste!

      1. Cesar vanques needs to go back to Mexico or where ever he came from!

    2. Who is this Dago?

  8. Like all religious pronouncements, there is no evidence to back up the claims.

    PS Mary wasn’t a virgin she was a slapper!

    1. Indeed, Jesus hung around with 12 men and was best friends with a prostitute. What does that tell you?

      1. When you put it that way… it makes me really suspicious about the fact that one of the twelve expressed his intention to “kiss Jesus”… we’ll never know if the bible if the bible was scripted to read betrayed instead of bet roved

  9. Dave North 10 Sep 2012, 4:31pm


    The more these religious idiots open there mouths, the deeper into the backwaters of society they dig themselves.

  10. I have never smoked and I’m 54 years old leading a healthy productive tax paying life not a lifestyle thank you very much!
    Another religous zealot causing and spreading evil and hatred under dubious man made teachings.

  11. Spanner1960 10 Sep 2012, 4:40pm

    I don’t understand.
    If I start smoking, will that turn me gay?


  12. These people just don’t realise how bloody stupid they sound do they? There will be many Australians and indeed those of us out side Oz, reading his comment and just laughing at their stupidity.

  13. “He also suggested that life expectancy for gay men is up to “20 years” lower than for heterosexuals” …. where on earth does this come from….sounds like a stats from the early 1970s when AIDS in gay men in America was just out…If they want to discuss health risk then go for it and deal with the actual issue of health and not being gay or wanting gay marriage. If there is a risk then lets talk about it and try to reduce it. But for heavens sake we’re not going to turn straight because of health risks. I wouldn’t go outdoors if I was scared of health risks.

    1. I think he got it from that discredited survey that appears on many fundamentalist Christian websites as ‘fact’ when it’s nothing of the sort. These lies are repeated ad nauseam by people with prejudices to justify.

  14. Even if his claims were true it would support the demand for equality and the refutation of discrimination.

  15. More hogwash. Archbishop stop interfering in matters that you do not understand or that do not concern you. Your opinion is as important as that of RCC Cardinal o’Brian’s, meaning it is irrelevant and meaningless. You obviously do not know what you are talking about and me thinks you only want publicity. Equal marriage will happen whether you like it or not. Your career could come to an abrupt halt. Stay out of this or resign.

  16. I’m a New Zealander. I think “Sydney Anglicans” are a disgrace to the Anglican communion and they should secede and form their own nasty little cult- come to think of it, that’s what they already are, in any case. Perhaps they could join Anglican Poisonstream- oops, sorry “Mainstream”…

  17. On Sunday I heard Rowan Williams on the radio say that he wished he’d gone out to America at the time they were thinking of consecrating an openly gay Bishop-namely Gene Robinson- because he thought he might have been able ‘to do something about it”.

    OK Rowan-why aren’t you packing your bags for Australia to kick this ninconpoop OUT of the Anglican Communion?

    Or is ONE rule for gay people and ANOTHER for homophobes!


  18. This sounds like Paul Cameron, the quack ‘social scientist’ who was expelled from the American Sociological and Psychological Associations for ethics violations. I think it was also intended to justify the fact that virulent homophobe and US Senator Jesse Helms received money from the tobacco lobby in his native North Carolina.

  19. Well of course he agrees…. he’s a person who thinks he hears the word of god in his head and performs ritual cannibalism every week at mass – hardly an opinion that matters though.

  20. David Waite 11 Sep 2012, 2:02am

    I am a mean and unkind person who rejoices when I see my enemy destroy himself without my having to push him off the cliff top. Every time a purveyor of superstitious drivel preaches hate while professing love I rejoice. At this rate the RCC may pre-decease me –and I’m 70.

    1. David Waite 11 Sep 2012, 2:09am

      Oops, my bad. Just change RCC to Anglican Communion in my comment above and I still stand by the rest of it. Yes, I know both organizations will outlive me, but when we stop wishing for the outcome we hope for we die a little inside, and we die early.

  21. Unfortunately we also have the RC archbishop Pell in Sydney alongside this backward little man Jensen.Sadly Pell has the ear of the opposition leader Abbot whom, although the most negative opposition leader I have ever experienced, is poised to become the next Australian PM. Then we will all wish there was a really compassionate god up or down there.

  22. Several decades ago I was friends with a gay clergyman in Sydney Diocese. He was `found out’ and forced to end his (monogamous) relationship and live a celibate life on pain of being defrocked. He was then watched like a hawk by these ghastly people. He had several breakdowns, and when I know him was close to being a nervous wreak. He died in his 60’s. This was the Sydney diocese `solution ‘ to being gay.

    1. And probably the ones watching this poor man like hawks took advantage of his needs and desires as well!

      All these people can deliver is hate, pain, suffering and torture!
      And they fail totally giving love, being compassionate, protecting the weak and sick!
      They not only fail in all these things that are by and through god and Jesus, they oppose them, openly, completely and with force!

  23. There is proof that gays have more health problems:
    Transmission of HIV in Australia continues to occur primarily through sexual contact between men…
    In 2006 – 2010, 66% of new HIV diagnoses occurred among men who have sex with men, 25% were attributed to heterosexual contact, 3% to injecting drug use and exposure was undetermined in 7%. Men who have sex with men accounted for 86% of diagnoses of newly acquired HIV infection. Exposure to HIV was attributed to heterosexual contact and injecting drug use in 10% and 1%, respectively, of diagnoses of newly acquired HIV infection.$file/KIRBY_ASR2011.pdf

    1. Irrelevant. HIV transmissions rates are not an excuse for bigotry or removing someone human rights.

      If your argument was valid, we should remove the right to marry from smokers, who have “more health problems”, or from straight people who do not exercise, who have “more health problems”.

      You must be some desperate fool to think this makes a valid argument. But I suppose a bigot will grasp at anything, its proven you have a lower IQ….

      1. The point is we warn people about the health dangers of smoking, we should also warn people about the health dangers of homosexual sex.

        1. Perhaps you should also warn people against the mental health dangers of the RCC……

          1. Perhaps we should warn people about the RCC, but let’s keep on topic, Jim Wallace pointed out that we warn people about the health hazards of smoking so why don’t we warn them about the health hazards of homosexual sex?

          2. No, Adrian is right. You make a stupid like to between “homosexual sex health issues” and the rights of the individual, which is bordering on lunacy.

            The fact here is quite clear:- a bigot, of limited understanding, trying to validate your petty prejudice with this rubbish.

            There is no health dangers with “homosexual sex”, HIV affects everyone, as do all diseases. Ergo, your argument is nothing but the religious right rantings.

            How about we remove your right to reproduce on the basis you’re an idiot and your offspring will be of limited capability? By your logic, this is acceptable.

    2. I don’t mind people raising the issue of health risks for gay men or suicide rates higher in LGBT people. However, religious organisations use these stats as weapons against LGBT people. They don’t care about our health and making life easier for us.That’s the issue here it’s used as way of saying we shouldn’t be encouraged, a excuse to give us no rights and possibly to wind back legal changes.

    3. HIV infection is not caused by being gay it is caused by unsafe sexual behavior.

      You lare dishonestly trying to use the high risk behavior of a small few to argue against marriage equality. How utterly dishonest of you. But then that’s obviously the low down type of character you are.

      1. Anal sex is unsafe sexual behavior, I would imagine that most gay men indulge in it.

        1. Its already proven that bigots like you “imagine” about anal sex a lot.

          1. I’m from Australia and the same article has been published on other websites here. It seems our friend John has been spewing the same garbage with his comments on those other websites. The information that he is posting is very out of date. I am led to believe in originated in Canada (Don’t quote me on that one) I am also let to believe that this information wasn’t meant for general publication.

  24. How could anyone with brains expect differently from someone belonging to the biggest worldwide organized bigots organization ever?
    Any Roman Catholic in a leading position must be saying what he says, otherwise they are dragged back to the Center of Bigotry, the Vatican, and put before an illegal tribunal that sentences everyone opposing dogma’s to degrading and humiliating actions!
    The RCC is and remains an terrorist organization, it was, it is and always will be!

  25. tomchicago01 11 Sep 2012, 1:16pm

    These guys always ignore the lesbians when they start in on the “lifestyle”. Lesbians consistently have the LOWEST rates of STIs.

  26. Its a shame people get so lazy when responding to this sort of provocation. The claims of shortened lives and ill-health aren’t old or outdated at all, they were just always wrong, biased and false. Now some daft LGB campaigner has given them retrospective endorsement in his haste.

  27. Organised religion has no credibility left.

    Religious leaders such as this chap have betrayed the followers that put faith in them.

  28. Simple comment….
    P R I C K.

  29. James Komar 19 Sep 2012, 3:02am

    The lower life expectancy of gays is not the result of smoking, because straight people smoke too. It is more likely the result of the poison spread by people like Wallace and the Archbishop, which makes like a living hell for gays. Have they ever heard of Jesus of Nazareth?

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