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UK LGBT community urged to think about becoming parents

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Reader comments

  1. Where apart from the headline does it say that people are being urged to have children?

  2. What we really need to do is DIScourage straight people from having children. What with the world being horribly overpopulated already…

    1. and make it easier to adopt

  3. Gay people who want to have children should go for it. I never thought that being gay would mean I couldn’t have children and now I have a lovely son.

  4. Spanner1960 8 Sep 2012, 7:45am

    I totally agree with the above comments.
    Children are not fashion accessories, and are extremely time consuming and expensive, and certainly should not be brought into the world on a whim. The world is already overpopulated as it is.

    If LGBT people really want to have them, try fostering first, and then consider adoption.

  5. We adopted 9 months ago. We have the most gorgeous son who takes up all of our time! We wouldn’t change our lives now, he has enhanced it. I think being a gay male couple has been better for our son who wants to be in control. Just be aware of how we get the feeling that a lot of people seem to think that gay men can’t parent ‘like a mum’ can. It can get quite annoying. We can do it and our son does not need a mum because he’s got two dads who love him lots!

    1. what will you think of your child when he’s no longer gorgeous? explain how he will “enhance” your life when he’s nineteen, say, or older?

      1. Spanner1960 8 Sep 2012, 4:11pm

        What a truly pathetic response.
        Good children enhance their parents lives from babies to adults.

        1. insults aside, at age nineteen and older, as an adult, what will the enhancement, your choice of word, consist of?

        2. tell me how you “enhanced” your parents’ lives, then

    2. what will you think about the child when he’s no longer “gorgeous”?
      how will he “enhance” your life when he’s nineteen, say, or older?

  6. postopgirl 9 Sep 2012, 10:57am

    A very difficult task to undertake when this government is removing people from their homes if they are classed as “under occupancy”, in other words if you are in social housing, and you are single and have a 2 bed property that is classed as “under occupancy” also if you are officially classed as in a relationship and living with a partner then you are expected to share a bedroom, yes its true, its printed in a leaflet published by my social housing landlord. If you are classed as under occupany, you are expected to pay between £8 and £20 depending on 2 factors (a) your level of rent and (b) how many spare bedrooms you have. If you can’t afford the extra rent, then you are expected to move to an appropriate property for your needs.

    How can anyone who wants to adopt, go ahead with it, if this government doesn’t allow anyone to have a spare room available for a child.

  7. What is wrong with “Just Being Gay”

    Our lives have been completely ruined now because of Thatchell, And other gay activists.

    Gay rights was NEVER about being sperm donors to women /Lesbians.

    You should all hang your heads in shame to what you have done to our lives.

    The gay community should have been a single sex, gay men only community.

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