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Connecticut: Priest reprimanded for participating in his cousin’s same-sex wedding

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Reader comments

  1. Garry Cassell 7 Sep 2012, 2:08am

    Oh you are really going straight to hell Father…It looks like you don’t care about your cousin going to hell either..thats the line religion use to condemn same-sex marriage…what a farce…dumb arso..

  2. email the good archbishop and tell him to leave the priest alone!

    here is his email address:

    1. They are too thick skinned to take any notice, but I have emailed him.

    2. I wrote too.

      1. That’s great of you guys. Let’s mo0re of us tell them to stop bullying the priest!

  3. Christopher 7 Sep 2012, 4:23am

    I am I,
    Don Quixote,
    the lord of La Mancha,
    My destiny calls and I go…

  4. Rev Michael DeVito it was brave of you to do what you did and also for putting your family values ahead of those of your employer. I am saddened though that you did not follow it through at your interview with the archbishop and to tell him to shove his job. resign and start your own LGBT Church or join MCC etc. However thank you for doing what you did, it was a stand and a step in the right direction for you.

    1. A Catholic priest is surely unlikely to give up his job to join the Protestant MCC!

  5. Thank you Archbishop Mansell for so effectively publicising your organisation’s blinkered prejudices.

  6. The Catholic Bishops are sick men. Their obsession with same sex relationships is pathological.

    The crazy thing is the more the Bishops behave in this way the more they loose the power they crave. Followers and the wider society just turn their back on this type of arrogant and rude behavior.

  7. What a spineless individual. How must his poor cousin feel inviting him, he goes and then throws it back in their faces in a public fashion.

    How this person has the nerve to stand in front of people at preach on Sunday is beyond me.

    1. Harsh but true. It is a shame the priest was put in the position of having to imply contrition. But this might just be the way Archie Bishop is spinning it.

    2. You can’t expect much more from these snivelling little creeps.

  8. Kudos to Rev Michael DeVito for growing a pair and participating in the celebration of marriage between his cousin and life partner..

    Perhaps the insight of the experience will lead hm to question why his Archbishop and church’s attempting to lead their flock through theocracy, has failed!

    instead his Pope, Cardinals, and Archbishops are no longer leading the flock! but are actually lost in reality behind them and unable to understand why their followers have gone, dispersed, or even how they managed to lose them!

    If the Archbishop wants to live his life leading his flock as if these were the times of Noah, he might be more of a realist if it were explained as simply why he would be refused boarding on the grounds of “No bigots on the boat!”

  9. I bet he would not reprimand a pedo that fast. Have to love that joke of a “church.”

  10. What a ridiculous farce. The bishop can take a long walk off a short pier. Glad to see that the priest was there for his cousing when he married.

  11. Mumbo Jumbo 7 Sep 2012, 12:46pm

    This being the RC Church, if he’d raped some children he’d be in the clear.

  12. After all their talk of “family values”, this church sure dislikes the value of family.
    For the crimes of acceptance, and being there with his cousin for such an important day, instead of disowning him on the spot. The priest is going to be punished.
    It is becoming clearer by the day, love has no place in the world of the Church.

  13. Miguel Sanchez 7 Sep 2012, 3:15pm

    Give me a break. That bishop needs to remove his head from his ass. So what Michael DeVito wore his black shirt and tab. That’s the standard dress for priests.

    Way to go Fr. Michael, I applaud you and for your acceptance of your cousin.

  14. I commend Father Michael for his courageous support of his cousin. I am another Roman Catholic Father Michael and I detest my church’s homophobic cruelty. As an older priest I am going to stay in my vocation but I will try my best to move the church forward to support Gay people. If I was not a priest I would want to be in a Gay marriage. I know religion has hurt so many Gay guys but I am fighting our corner as best I can as a priest in the UK. Support me please. Mike x.

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