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Massachusetts: State lawmakers call for appeal on surgery for trans prisoner

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Reader comments

  1. Treating someone for cancer or similar condition is expensive too, but I doubt they’d deny prisoners that care.

    1. HIV medications have been denied in the past.

  2. Does she want the surgery? Something as physically altering as gender reassignment surgery should always be a voluntary decision.

    But if she doesn’t actually want the surgery, what’s wrong with moving her out of the men’s prison and letting her live incarcerated as a woman, surgery or not?

    1. Either way, this person is totally screwed until they die in prison. If she stays in the man’s prison, she’ll probably be raped and treated like garbage, and if she moves to a women’s prison, she’ll be beat up for not being “real”. There is no winning for her.

    2. as she has attempted self castration I think it’s likely she does want the surgery

  3. When the state takes custody of you, they are taking responsibility for your life for the duration of your sentence. If she’s there for life, they have the duty to carry out any necessary medical treatment that she needs. Oh wait, that’s not vengeful enough for the U.S. system. Why don’t we all go through and spit on our prisoners and show them who’s really boss!

    1. While I agree that the state must pay for prisoners upkeep, is it right that a convicted murderer should get expensive treatment that others in the state, who have not murdered anyone, could not get for free?

      1. If the state didn’t take custody and responsibility for their lives, then that person may have gotten the surgery on their own. I’m not talking about any specific crime. I’m simply talking about the end result. And that is that you don’t have control over your life anymore because the state has taken responsibility. Just like when you’re a child, it’s your parents’ responsibility to take care of you.

  4. What does this have to do with gay lesbian or bisexual? NOTHING. Who cares???

    1. Pink news says: “Get the latest LGBT headlines in your inbox with our free daily newsletter!”

      the T stands for trans.

      1. ….or in mikes case ‘Twit’!


    2. We are all sexual minorities. You may want to throw trans people out on the curb, but it really doesn’t make sense. We’re all a continuum of the same cause – to break down what society says each gender is supposed to do with their lives.

  5. Gynn Morgan 7 Sep 2012, 6:09pm

    She murdered another human being and is asking the state to completely fund her surgery?. Unless it’s surgery that is absolutely necessary(to save her life), then I say it’s a waste of money the state doesn’t have. If she wants such an expensive surgery, her family/friends can pay for it.

    1. Did we forget there is a women’s body rotting in the cold ground,killed by this person, he has lost his right to be in society. Let him end the life he has left as miserable as he can.

    2. Not life threatening? At one time 30% of transsexual people in the USA committed suicide before the age of 30.

      Even now more than half transsexual people seriously consider or actually attempt suicide.

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