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Lesbian couple escalate adoption rights battle, attempt to have equal marriage ban deemed unconstitutional

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  1. Let’s hope the Governor, et al see the writing on the wall and do what’s right and work to strike down this unconstitutional amendment. On a more mercenary note, Michigan’s economy is hurting badly and the influx of equal rights marriage money can do nothing but help the bottom line of the state.

    1. I don’t know how much you know about MI politics, but the governor, who was saying at election time that he’s a moderate Republican, has already signed several specifically anti-gay laws. (The most recent one being taking away the local municipal benefits for partners of municipal employees.)

      1. Here in the UK, MITCHNEWS reads like a pamphlet from the taliban.

        Do they inbreed in that scary place.

  2. Good luck to the ladies, I look forward to reading about their progress.

  3. The picture with the report is a pretty insulting image for lesbians with children.

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