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Exclusive: Brighton Green MP criticises party councillor for opposing equal marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Cllr. Summers needs to go, end of!

  2. Let’s not forget that the Green party has been the most pro gay equality party in history. I’m glad Caroline Lucas is addressing this individuals actions.

    1. Robert Brown 7 Sep 2012, 2:57pm

      Actually . . . the Liberal Democrats have been the most pro-gay of all the parties.



  3. Summers needs to be expelled from the Greens.

  4. I always understood that the Green Party was committed to LBGT equality.

    I’m trusting that the party will do the decent thing and expel this religious fundamentalist after due process and send a clear message that they will not support such bigots within their ranks.

    And if Cllr. Summers still wants to practice politics she could always join the ‘christian party’ and stand a cat in hells chance of being elected!

  5. Robert Brown 7 Sep 2012, 2:56pm

    Cllr Summers should be disciplined and reminded of ‘party policy’ . . .

    Failing that The Green Party should take the decision to ask her to resign from her Cllr position and have a by-election.

    The electorate deserve better.

  6. Nice to see Caroline Lucas responding with such understanding and not the vagueness politicians are renowned for. If, as Caroline Lucas says, all Green councillors signed a pledge about equality, the surely Ms Summers has pulled the wool over people’s eyes by signing something then reneging on it? If so, she needs to go.

    And – as an aside – i love the way some Christians make up cr*p to suit their prejudices: “….you’re hitting at the very heart of God..” Very emotive language there – and totally made-up logic. Unless god herself told Ms Summers that, it’s total rubbish. If there is a god, I’d imagine she/he/they would be more concerned with people promoting bigotry and discrimination in their name.

  7. Sister Mary Clarence 7 Sep 2012, 3:45pm

    I’m not a Green party supporter, or fan in any way, but to give them credit, it does sound like Ms Summers is about to get crucified

  8. Will the odious woman jump before she’s pushed?

  9. Robert in S. Kensington 7 Sep 2012, 5:26pm

    Just watch. If Summer is booted out, she’ll be the first to cry “abuse of religious freedom” followed by all of the religious nutters at C4M/CI and like minded right wingers in the Tory party.

    That she signed on to Green Party policy including LGBT rights, it’s proved what a liar she’s been by not supporting equal marriage. I thought telling lies was not part of the christian ethos. So her membership has been a total fraud and she should be kicked out on her bigoted arse.

  10. Organised Superstitions like Religion will always allow this kind of ‘permitted’ bigotry and hatred until ALL so called Faiths are outlawed for the backward pack of brain-washing lies that they offer.

    Who does she think she is and where does she get off telling other that ‘God’ wouldn’t like any attack on his heart and family – what a lot of old Shyte –

    1. Is it any wonder that young gay teenagers end up attempting suicide with mad old cats like her trying to guide peoples thoughts. . . how is it she knows this god’s mind?. . . silly witch, she should take her medication and sit quietly in a corner, certainly never sit on a council again!!

  11. I understand Christina Summers’ position to be one of support for the equality under law that Civil Partnerships offer to Gay and Lesbian couples, but of defining ‘Marriage’ according to the criteria outlined in the Bible (e.g. Matthew 19), a book that her faith accords authority to.

    In a multicultural society, it is to be expected that our political parties include multicultural views – diversity exists within all the mainstream parties. It is always easier to tolerate those with whom we agree, than those with whom we disagree but I think that those who have experienced and overcome intolerance are well placed to be an example of tolerance and respect for selves and others.

  12. Cllr Warren Morgan 9 Sep 2012, 12:54pm

    Just to point out that the motion supporting equal marriage was proposed by the Labour and Co-operative group on the city council, not the Greens.

  13. Whilst I support equal marriage I dislike how this issue alone is being used by MP’s like Lucas , to onside and keep sweet gay people around a single issue.
    Not a murmur from Lucas when her council colleagues unanimously voted prosecute 80 year old Josephine Medhurst . Josephine like many 80 year old pensioners, gay or straight, could not afford to pay her deceased husbands accumulated council tax of £3,000. For that Josephine spent a week of her life in Bronzfield prison. Shame on you Caroline Lucus for not speaking up against this disgraceful pursuit of pensioner. Shame on you Brighton and Hove council for scapegoating the LGBT and Straight poor!

  14. I thought the green party was fundamentally an environmentalist party? Shame the party doesn’t have a diversity of opinion on matters of conscience.

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