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Culture Secretary Maria Miller appeals for dialogue with gay community

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Reader comments

  1. She really needs to prove that she’s up for the job. It will take a lot of hard work because from how it looks now I would say say obviously doesn’t ‘get it’ when it comes to the principle of equality. If I were her I would record an Out For Marriage video quick sharp.

    1. Londinium 7 Sep 2012, 9:15pm

      So that would make everything okay then? The same as Boris Johnson equating gay relationships with bestiality but, after much delay and bad press, he records a quick “pat on the head” Out4Marriage message everything is forgotten?
      We need to rely on better politics than a soundbite or two.

      1. Spanner1960 8 Sep 2012, 11:25am

        What would you like? A contract signed in blood?
        The trouble is, nothing is good enough for sanctimonious pricks such as yourself.

        1. Instead of engaging in insults how about you explain why you think a woman with such a dreadful record on LGBT voting issues should be appointed equalities minister (bearing in mind that she has not retracted her support for homophobia).

    2. And Out for Marriage video would be woefully inadequate – it would be simply a PR move and would not cancel out her appalling prior homophobia.

      What about the rest of her homophobia – her opposition to gay adoption; IVF treatment for lesbians?

      An apology for her disgusting homophobia would be a start.

      Until that happens there can be no dialogue.

      Maria Miller’s record of disgusting homophobia renders her completely inappropriate as equalities minister.

      Her appointment has been made to appease the bigotted base of the Tory Party and is the starkest warning yet that the Tories have no intention of legalising equal civil rights for all.

  2. In other words she wants people to listen to her spin and lies rather than pay attention to her concrete action.

  3. well at least she wants to learn about the issues and that.

  4. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, as they say! We shall see won’t we?

    1. I rather think her voting record IS the pudding being eaten.

  5. And seriously – Teresa May showed her dedication to our rights by making a video?!


    How easily are you bought! Sure she voted time and again against legal rights, against actual equality, sure she said grossly homophobic things and championed some of the vilest homophobic laws and policies the country has ever had


    More politicians should try this. Voted for the war on Iraq? Quick, make a youtube video for peace! Voted for tax cuts for the rich? Quick, make a youtube video saying how much you love poor people! Think of the money they could save on spin doctors (though Lyn Featherstone and her ilk will have no further role in government)

    1. Londinium 7 Sep 2012, 9:21pm

      Well said Sparky. Odd how Maria Martin didn’t think of talking to LGBT people before voting against equal rights, but thinks we should not judge her now she has a new job. A one way conversation, of any ilk, is not a conversation.

    2. Spot the misogynist!

      Why are you so bitter and cynical? – you know nothing about Mrs Miller so put your knives away and give the woman a chance. Its a beautiful summer’s day and we could all do without your nasty negativity.

      1. He/she said nothing remotely misogynistic

        1. Spanner1960 8 Sep 2012, 7:32am

          She is a woman. Most of the commenters on here are men.
          Actually, they aren’t mysoginistic, just lefty Tory-bashers unwilling to give anybody a chance to prove themselves.

          1. Spanner, you are such a dyed-in-the-wool Tory you are easily able to overlook someone’s history of bigotry just because they get a new job and have to confirm to new party policy. Easy to see where your loyalties are. The Tories have an APPALLING record on GLBT rights. I am glad some are changing but you are too easily pleased.

          2. Spanner – Maria Miller has proven herself by her homophobic voting record.

            She needs to state quite clearly whether she is still opposed to gay adoption or lesbian fertility treatment.

            If she is still opposed and remains equalities minister then it is a clear sign that the Tories will not be bringing in marriage equality.

          3. Spanner1960 8 Sep 2012, 11:17am

            @Cal: It demonstrates just how much you know.
            I am not a Tory voter at all, and I am aware of their many shortcomings, but I am prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt simply because they have done more for LGBT rights in the last two years than Labour did in the previous 13.

            I am more than willing to criticise them as and when, but so many people on here automatically attack them for even trying.

          4. What have the Tories done in the last 2 years Spanner?

            Be specific please – and please only reference the legislative changes they have made (and Out 4 marriage video doesn’t mean diddly, as I’m sure you agree.)

      2. Because I criticise a woman who is a homophobe I’m a misogynist? She’s a homophobe – male or female, still a homophobe.

        I’ll keep my negativity rather than assuming all is well and closing my eyes to bigotry. We know Mrs. Miller’s voting record. We know, when given the chance to support gay rights she decided to oppose them.

    3. All these people making videos doesn’t mean they will support it.
      I agree with what Sparky said, they will make a video, its just words.
      Wait until the time and see.

  6. I had assumed that equality was considered to be per se desirable, a feature of any civilised society. Not something that needed endless debate and dialogue?

  7. I hope she is sincere (which i doubt!) and not just making up lies about her views just so she can keep her seat in the Cabinet which do not come up often for MP’s.

  8. And if you remember Theresa May said the same thing when she got her cabinet post turning her views around, which i question weather those are her true views. . (sorry im just feeling suspicious about this.)

  9. Robert in S. Kensington 7 Sep 2012, 8:07pm

    Surely though, wouldn’t Cameron have questioned her on equal marriage before giving her the appointment? How could he put someone in charge who is opposed to equal marriage andbe expected to oversee the draft of a first bill to legalise it and who may not support it? Makes no sense. Something has changed and I suspect she may have had an epiphany but until there is genuine evidence for that, I will remain very sceptical and leery of this sudden reshuffle. There will never be another Lynne Featherstone and it makes me wonder why on earth Cameron pushed her out. I think we deserve an explanation.

    1. Yes, we do deserve an explanation.

      1. He’s trying to satisfy the right wing cronies in the Tory Party whom are feeling resentful for not getting there own way.

    2. Watch that this marriage bill doesn’t also take away rights to equal accommodation.

  10. Anyone get the impression government might be getting ready to back out of marriage rights for GLBT by putting someone not on our side in this position?

    1. It could well be a trick to push the issue into the next parliament so they no longer have to deal with it.
      Someone against the change will put more weight to the arguments against, and as a result will be more likely to recommend further discussion, re-worded proposals, and other delay tactics.
      I hope that Scotland’s parliament wont suffer from this also.

      1. Im not sure about Scotland yet the health minister hasnt made his views clear yet.

    2. At the last election the Tories received 9% of the LGBT vote (despite having 38% of support before the extremism of people like Philippa Stroud; Chris Grayling et al was revealed.0

      If they had received 38% of the LGBT vote there is a strong chance that they would have gotten a parliamentary majority.

      If we do not have civil equality by the time of the next election then the LGBT population can decide then who to vote for.

      1. Spanner1960 8 Sep 2012, 4:03pm

        You have made this statement before without any corroborative evidence.

        Either name your sources for these statistics or put a sock in it.

  11. Peter & Michael 7 Sep 2012, 9:18pm

    Haven’t we been having discussions with the Coalition Government already?, including same-sex marriage, which is supposedly to happen in 2015, yet other countries are implementing same-sex marriage already, this is just spin, because David Cameron has too many of his flock proposing to replace him before the next election, which will be in 2015, and then we shall have to hope that another Parliamentary Party that takes office will give us our Equal right to be married.

  12. The Conservatives are really risking being re-branded as the NASTY PARTY going into the 2015 Gen Election. They need to nail thT Lbel well and truly by implementing equal marriage BEFORE then.

    1. Peter Cat 8 Sep 2012, 3:41am

      What libel? They are and always have been the Nasty Party.

      1. Sorry. It should say “label” and NOT libel. It was a slip of the keys.

  13. Stunning that she’s actually asking people to judge her by her words and not her votes and actions.

    I was always taught that it should be the other way around.

    1. There can be no dialogue with someone who in her heart is opposed to equality.

      Dialogue is a waste of time.

      She needs to explain herself and retract her appalling homophobia.

      If she doesn’t then David Cameron is declaring that the Tories are the same Nasty Party they have always been

  14. I have no interest in what she has to talk about, it’s all about what she actually does do, her actions and how it affects us. Fine words in select groups are all well and good but when it comes to voting on issues of true equality her position regardless of what she may say speaks very loud and clear to me.

  15. Those eyes. They’re scary, like she’s infected with religion.

  16. OH DEAR- just checked her voting record on the Christian Institute web site! It ALL GREEN TICKS- check it out. Surely the very LAST person you would put in charge of gay equality issues.

  17. Spanner1960 8 Sep 2012, 7:37am

    As soon as I saw this article, I thought “Let’s spot how many attacks I can count before the woman has even got her legs under the desk.”

    18 out of 28 so far.

    Somebody brandishes an olive leaf and you lot hack off her arm before they have even started. No wonder gay rights gets such a bad name these days.

    1. Where were her legs before?

      How did she get the job again?

    2. Spanner – I don’t see an olive branch.

      I see a bigot who has repeatedly voted against equality looking to get a pass.

      No can do,

      Does Maria Miller oppose adoption by gay parents?
      Does Maria Miller oppose fertility treatment for lesbians.
      Does she believe that marriage equality has nothing to do with religion?

      If not then you are being wilfully blind to her bigotry.

    3. Hardly on olive branch. More of a passive aggressive moan. If you cant judge someone by their actions, what else do you do?

    4. What olive branch?

      She is an Equalities Minister who has only ever voted AGAINST our rights. That is her entire record. Where’s the olive branch? Where is the one damn thing she’s done for GBLT people who she is now supposed to be advocating for and protecting?

      1. Spanner1960 9 Sep 2012, 9:01am

        “…appeals for dialogue with gay community”
        OK, I don’t believe in the ‘community’ concept, but at least she is trying to make bridges. That is not the actions of somebody trying to gag us.

    5. mark young 8 Sep 2012, 3:41pm

      As soon as I saw your comment, I thought “oh shut up”.

  18. Actions speak louder than videos.
    You can’t be pro-black equality and then vote for seperate waterfountains.
    You can’t be pro-LGBT equality and then consistantly vote against every LGBTequality measure put in front of you. It’s really that simple.
    If she wants a dialogue she can start by putting her money where her mouth is, otherwise I’m going to stick to judging her on her voting record.

    1. Completely agree.

      Evolving views maybe? I don’t think so.

  19. She should certainly talk to the GLBT community and I am glad she has shown an interest in doing so, but it is ridiculous for her to suggest her past voting record is not an issue. If she wants our trust she must work hard not to renounce her previous bigotry.

  20. What an incredible thing to say – that a voting record is not an indicator of a politicians convictions. That statement beggars belief.

    1. Spanner1960 8 Sep 2012, 11:20am

      Why? Have you never changed your opinion about someone / something?
      30 years ago this country was massively homophobic, but it is far less today; and it isn’t because they are all dead now.

      1. Has Maria Miller changed her opinion Spanner?

        We don’t know.

        If she has not then do you accept that she is a bigot who is completely unsuitable to be equality minister.

        We need an explanation before any dialogue can begin

        1. Spanner1960 8 Sep 2012, 4:06pm

          Precisely. WE DON’T KNOW!
          That has still to be seen.
          FFS she has only been in the fcking job two days!

          I prefer to see actions either way before drawing ridiculously biased conclusions.

  21. “On Thursday (from 10.30am) it’s the turn of the new Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport Secretary, Maria Miller, to make her question time debut. Expect some questions to her and her newly-appointed junior minister for women and equalities, Helen Grant, to face some questions about the government’s proposed bill on gay marriage. …..”

    I shall wait until Thursday! As someone has previously said before the “gay community” has already spoken quite clearly for the last year or so on equal marriage , so has the govt, yet both she and Helen Grant haven’t yet made it on the C4EM list of supporters!!!

  22. So her voting record is not an indication of what she thinks about?
    Does that mean she doesn’t think when she votes?
    Politicians get both stupider and scarier every day.

  23. “Perhaps looking at voting records isn’t the way to assess what people think about in this world and perhaps actually talking to them is a better way of doing it.”

    Let’s hope what she says to the “gay community” (I’m assuming she will tow the line and come out for SS marriage before some uncertain date before the next election) corresponds to what she tells the Christian groups (privately and publicly) and to what she says in private to her right wing Tory friends.

    1. Yes but this is not only about SS marriage.

      There’s the rest of her homophobic voting record as well.

      An Out4Marriage video will simply be a PR stunt,

  24. So basically saying “don’t judge me on the stuff I’ve actually done.”

  25. Robert in S. Kensington 8 Sep 2012, 12:54pm

    Though I’m extremely sceptical in regard to her appointment, let’s not forget that other MPs who were once opposed to equality have now evolved, including Cameron and May. Cameron’s recent attack on the CoE and it’s poor record for lack of support for LGBT people was commendable and changed my opinion of him in spite of his past.

    I’m looking forward to hear Miller’s views in spite of her dismal record over the years. Whether this has to do with political expediency is one thing, but if she truly has evolved, then that is quite another. I’m quite prepared to forgive if she proves to be wholly supportive. I’d rather have her change for the good, than have her oppose me, my rights and my dignity as an equal as she did in the past. Some people can and do change. Let’s hope this is the case.

    1. We don’t know whether she has evolved though.

      If she still believes that gay couples be denied adoption rights and that lesbian couples be denied IVF treatment, then she does not get a pass.

      She needs to be fired.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 8 Sep 2012, 2:11pm

        If she hasn’t evolved, although I suspect she has, given her urging Cameron back in May to not drop equal marriage, then yes, she deserves a backlash. I don’t think Cameron would have appointed her if she hasn’t evolved, political suicide for her and for him and their party in general. I don’t think Nick Clegg would stand for it either. So far, no protestation from him. Significant I think.

    2. Evolve – to Develop over successive generations, esp. as a result of natural selection.

      So I guess you can’t evolve overnight –

      Liar – A person who knowingly utters falsehoods

      Now that you can do overnight!

  26. I could understand if she was pressured into it, given the tyranny of the whip (ask Michael Portillo), but she went against her own party making these votes… and yet she gets selected for this?

    It’s just as well these reshuffles don’t mean diddley squat. Cameron inherited the presidential style of leadership from Blair. These are all his policies. I don’t expect to see anything radically different. You’ll get a full mea culpa from me if that doesn’t turn out to be the case.

  27. She is a politician…talking is her stock in trade. As a general observation, politicians are not renowned for their integrity and keeping their word, whereas a voting record provides verifiable facts. Perhaps she prefers not to acknowledge the low esteem that politicians are generally held in.

    However, this is the minister that the community has to deal with and, cautiously, I think we have to work with what we have, but I would be disappointed to find that we had been too trusting if it turns out badly. Leopards and spots and all that.

    And she is wrong…her voting record speak volumes about what she was thinking a the time. She has a lot ground to make up…she is no Lynne Featherstone, human rights champion.

  28. So not only is she a homophobe and a self loathing woman – she thinks to keep her job she just has to record a message purporting to support the very issue she is vocally against – jeez what a vile, lying, hateful bitch!

    But hey folks don’t judge her how she has voted go find her and ‘talk’ to her.

  29. quite fankly I don’t care what you say if your voting record shows it all to be rubbish. Whinning because we judge her for her actions not empty promises? Fine example of a modern day politician

  30. In the Sunday Times she says that the introduction of equal marriage is needed to ensure marriage “remains as a relevant and vibrant institution. I think everybody should be married. It’s something which creates strength in our society and whether it is two men, two women or a man and a woman it is a way for us to stengthen our society further”

    1. If that is what she said.

      She has my support.

      I am quite frankly sick of this “back of the bus” civil partnership status I am in.

      Mind you. It will be interesting to see the caveats, no doubt built around it to protect the
      religious from our loving family status.

      They will still be aloud to call us dirty sinners and get away with, FIXED in law.

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