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Turkey: Gay teenager allegedly murdered by father and uncle

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Reader comments

  1. These people are barely human.

  2. Lynda Yilmaz 6 Sep 2012, 2:02pm

    I live in Turkey (a Brit married to a Turk) and it’s not just gay and lesbian people who suffer. As the article states, there is minimal protection for women. This murder would come under the category of ‘honour killing’ – the boy ‘dishonoured’ the family and he was killed for it. This happens to girls all the time, although lately in order to avoid prosecution the families have taken to forcing the girl into suicide. This can be for something as simple as talking to a boy or refusing to marry someone she’s been promised to. In Eastern Turkey (where this crime occurred) it is even worse, because there is no modern influence on the lives of the people and this tribalistic mentality exists almost in a vacuum. It is nothing short of a miracle that these two murderers have been arrested.

    1. Lynda Yilmaz 6 Sep 2012, 2:10pm

      It is normal for gay children to be excluded from their families and the medical abuse performed by the army if someone is believed to be, or admits to being gay is nothing short of criminal. There is a group in Turkey called LISTAG, who are the parents of gay children who campaign to support gay people in Turkey, but as this country is becoming more Islamic under the current government, it is likely to get worse and worse. Gay people can only work in the sex sector (if they’re out and proud), because no one will employ them. The police don’t protect them, because they don’t approve of them. Istanbul does have an annual pride, but then Istanbul is another world from Diyabakir. Human rights generally are not taken too seriously if they detract from the Islamic/Arabic culture. I fear gay rights are a long way away.

      1. fyi – turkey is not arabic country. if you lived there you would know that. calling a turk an arab would be considered an insult.

        1. Lynda Yilmaz 6 Sep 2012, 2:43pm

          Well Jack. I DO live here and I did not call any Turk an Arab. If you actually read the post again, I was referring to Arabic culture in Eastern Turkey. Nor did I suggest Turkey was an Arabic country. FYI. the culture in Eastern Turkey is Arabic and if you knew anything about it you would know exactly to what I was referring.

          1. the number or Arabs in turkey is vanishingly small. a few clusters on the boarders of Syria and Iraq. there is a large Kurdish population in south eastern turkey. perhaps you are calling them Arabs – which they are not. if there is homophobia and tribal honour based violence in turkey it from the Turks just as much as the <2% of the population that is Arabic in origin. i'd bet even the Armenians would get in on the act. who are….wait for it…..Christians.

          2. Lynda Yilmaz 6 Sep 2012, 9:54pm

            Jack. I again urge you to read my post. I am not calling anyone Arabs. I am, for the last time, referring to arabic culture, which is undeniably the case of the far eastern borders of Turkey. Arabic culture came to Turkey via the Ottoman Empire and is inextricably bound up in the culture and religion of Turkey. . I don’t know what you agenda is, or what you are commenting on, but it certainly doesn’t seem to be at all related to the fact that a 17 year old boy was apparently murdered for being gay or that Turkey has a poor human rights record generally.

    2. GulliverUK 6 Sep 2012, 3:09pm

      This is one of the major reasons Turkey won’t be joining the EU anytime soon, it has a very bad record on domestic human rights. I can’t see them meeting the criteria for quite some years, and that’s if they work hard, because there is so much to be done. And token gestures won’t work either, it needs to be a fundamental change in attitude, with a considerable level of legal protections.

      1. Lynda Yilmaz 6 Sep 2012, 5:35pm

        You are absolutely rıght Gullıver. Interestingly, we never hear anything about this in the Turkish media. The reasons they tell us Europe is holding back their membership are never anything about human rights. The vast uneducated population do not even realise how bad Turkish human rights are. The media is censored and so is the internet. Websites with the word ‘gay’ in them are banned. There was a huge outcry here recently because young gay people who rely on internet cafes to communicate with the gay communities are not able to access them. The thing that worries me, is that I don’t actually know why Turkey wants to be in the EU. The economy is one of the fastest growing in the world and with the state of the EU at the moment, it’s only a matter of time before they say they don’t want to join anyway, but human rights are appalling and the education ‘reforms’ have recently set the country back by about 200 years!

  3. Lynda Yilmaz 6 Sep 2012, 2:14pm

    why can’t I see my comments?
    Anyway, I thought of another thing. The Turkish Minister for Family recently went public with the astounding news that homosexuality was an illness and ‘we’ must find a cure for these ‘sick’ people!

    1. Dave North 6 Sep 2012, 2:22pm

      How can you live in such a backward dump?

      1. If you read some of the things that are being said by prominent people in the UK recently in relation to equal marriage, you could be forgiven for thinking this country isn’t as advanced as it usually appears.

        In developing countries the gulf between the metropolitan and rural states of mind is generally far more marked.

      2. Honor styled killings are happening in the UK. The good thing is the two Pakistani parents were recently convicted of killing their daughter although they nearly got away with it.

  4. Lynda Yilmaz 6 Sep 2012, 2:40pm

    I still can’t see my comments. Are they even here? Is there any point in writing anything? Help!

    1. GulliverUK 6 Sep 2012, 3:11pm

      You need to do browser refreshes (F5).

      1. Spanner1960 6 Sep 2012, 11:00pm

        Failing that, SHIFT-F5

  5. Garry Cassell 6 Sep 2012, 3:05pm

    Such backward, stupid people..again no doubt in the name of F*****g religion..

  6. And people from the uk flock to this s/hole for holidays. A bunch of tribal savages

    1. Before everyone gets too carried away, as an elderly gay person, I have to say in Britain of fifty years ago, things were just as unpleasent here. The police, the workplace and the family were to be feared, we were refered to in the press as people of the twilight and anywhere we met was a homosexual haunt. . . outside major citys even today the homophobia is still there, particularly from the religious people.

  7. mark young 6 Sep 2012, 6:27pm

    I hope turkey never get into the EU. more importantly i hope that islam doesn’t get any more power in turkey, because if it did then this sort of abuse would become law, like other muslim states, rather than just stupid families enacting islamic beliefs.

    1. Isa Kocher 24 Oct 2012, 6:06pm

      well that just isn’t true. honor killings are completely against islamic law. most muslim countries outlaw it. it is cultural. christians in the middle east commit honor killings more often than muslims do. honor killings are utterly unreservedly categorically unislamic. Mohammed personally forbid it specifically. what islam condemns is rape. male on male rape. homophobia in muslim countries only occured after french and english colonization in the 19th century.

      ratzinger before he became pope was head of the inquistion which kept explicit records of 10s of millions of gay lgtb first nations victims burnt alive in central and south america between 1500 and 1700. burned alive.

      turkey’s record of tolerance is far better than most of europe over the last 5 centuries. nothing in any muslim country comes anywhere near the 1 million lgtb victims of germany between 1935 and 1945.

      in the usa today gay lgtb children are routinely forcibly tortured by christian “therapists.”

  8. And that hypocrite erdogan aks why Turkey isn’t allowed to join the eu !! His Party even explicitly condoned honor killings

    1. Isa Kocher 24 Oct 2012, 6:08pm

      honor killings are illegal. no party in turkey condones honor killings. the perpetrators are arrested convicted and jailed.

  9. Dennis Velco 6 Sep 2012, 7:53pm

    Thanks for this article and your reporting. What you do is appreciated.

    I posted it to my LGBT Group on LinkedIn to spur members to read your article and to make comment. I also scooped it at Scoop.It on my LGBT Times news mashup.

    Link to group >>

    All LGBT+ and community allies…. please come join me and 15,000+ of your soon to be great connections on LinkedIn. The member base represents 80% of the world’s countries.

    It’s core value is – Visibility can lead to awareness which can lead to equality. Come stand with us and increase our visibility on the globe’s largest professional networking site. Be a professional who just happens to be LGBT – or a welcomed community ally.

    1. Spanner1960 6 Sep 2012, 11:01pm


  10. the poor guy. This is incredibly sad and troubling.

  11. Spanner1960 6 Sep 2012, 11:02pm

    And these people want to be in the EU.
    What worries me is they might well do so.

    The sooner we distance ourselves from this nepotistic bunch, the better.

    1. I agree and I think that their entry into the EU has been slowed down because of the Turkish human rights record.

  12. Islam again. A disgusting religion, filled with Satanism, death and darkness. Backward primitive people.

    1. So unlike that religion where people worship an instrument of torture, isn’t it?

      1. The abrahamic sects are diseases witch must be exterminated !!! If you compare the bible to the koran you will see that they are the same misogynist,genocidial and ignorant books that history of mankind has created.If you have forgotten they both call the execution for Homosexuals

  13. Wim in Holland 7 Sep 2012, 2:01pm

    The fact, that there are two offenders makes it unclear and unprovable what part of the crime is due to which of the offenders.It happened in the Hetherlands that both the offenders (in a murder case?) had to be uncharged and released. May be this dad and uncle have the intention to present the same trick.

  14. Isa Kocher 24 Oct 2012, 5:52pm

    in turkey, you can be as gay as you want as long as it’s in the closet. i feel much safer as a gay retiree here in turkey than i ever was in new york city. the epidemic of bullying in the usa results in far more killings than gay honor killings in turkey. turkey’s most famous and most popular musicians have been gay. yes turkey is not a nice place to be gay. it’s laws are in the dark ages still. but in general it’s not that much worse than most of north america where 1 in 4 gay teenagers according to some studies are homeless and gay parents earn 20% or less than straight parents. honor killings are rarer in turkey than homophobic killings in the USA, where even young children, preteens are literally bullied to death by whole communities and church leaders preach and judge scalia recommends criminalization of anything lgtb similar to Uganda where usa christian missionaries recommend burning us.

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