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Radio 1’s Scott Mills says Chris Moyles is ‘not homophobic’

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Reader comments

  1. Ian Bower 6 Sep 2012, 5:06pm

    Never listen to Radio 1. Crappiest station in the UK.

    1. How do you know it’s the ‘Crappiest station in the UK’ if you don’t listen to it?

      1. Sorry. Never listen to it nowadays. :)

        1. They have great stuff on late at night. When Annie mac and Skream & Benga DJ they just play great track after great track. The day time stuff sucks though.

  2. Well Scott Mills would say that wouldn’t he?

    Chris Moyles has used the word ‘gay’ in the sense that something is ‘crap’ or useless (and he refused to even acknowledge that this was homophobic.)

    He was also reprimanded for homophobic comments about Will Young.

    Chris Moyles is an obese bigot. And good riddance to him.

    1. Ahem my gay brother I dislike him because of his homophobic ways. The BBC is supposedly liberal yet has biggots like moyles and top gears Jeremy Clarkson

  3. He’s a complete tosser so it’s not like it even matters.

  4. Moyles stopped being funny about ten years ago. Since then he has sat fat and happy on £600 odd grand a year which anyone could see he is not worth.

    Whether his homophobia is an act or otherwise the bloke is still one of the biggest idiots on radio.

  5. I feel like the odd sock of the bunch here, but I’m sad Moyles is leaving Radio 1, he’s a good laugh.

  6. It is okay to act and speak like homophobe, and elevating homophobes and their hate on air, but he is not a homophobe. That is like Mother Theresa or the pope claiming, ‘we are actually atheist.”

    Low IQ rationalization.

  7. I call things gay, and I am gay. Does that make me a ‘homophobic bigot’?

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