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Australian PM cancels speech over Christian gay ‘smoking’ row

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Reader comments

  1. You see the company she is placing herself in by her position against extending equal marriage to gay and lesbian people. There is a famous old saying-and it is very apt here – “You can judge a man by the company he keeps”

  2. Julia Ford 6 Sep 2012, 12:15pm

    I just can’t wait for the outcome of this demented situation . If it was’nt so serious it could be a comedy .

    I need a cigarette now.

  3. Why on earth was she (an atheist) going to speak to these hideous people anyway? Note also that the Liberal leader had been deadly silent on Wallaces’s comments while his attack dog, the so -called Senator `Eric Abetz’ has attacked Gillard for not going to speak to them. Australia is NOT a gay friendly place!

    1. If you haven’t noticed, homophobic hate makes for VERY strange bedfellows. Do you know of ANYTHING other than homophobia that could bring Muslims, Jews, Catholics, Orthodox and Evangelicals together in Jerusalem to sing Kumbaya and declare their unity?

      Considering that it should be no surprise that a political whore, who will do anything to get ahead and happens to be atheist would jump in bed with the extreme religious right with whom she made a pre-election deal.

      1. Agreed. I have seen some pretty weird political alliances. in my 59 years. Apparently homohatred (I prefer to call a thing by its name) is strong enough to unite all these loonies…look at the Religious Right in bed with Romeny when generally fundies do not consider Mormons to be Christians.

  4. It never occurs to these people that the reason we die younger is not bercause we are gay, but because they wont give us equal treatment. Bullying, stress caused by unequal rights and the general abuse we get tends to reduce our lifespan.

    Maybe we should ban christianity as that reduces our lifespan by promoting the hate.

    1. Cardinal Capone 6 Sep 2012, 3:39pm

      Not to mention the occasions when they have murdered us!

  5. Garry Cassell 6 Sep 2012, 12:41pm

    As a Canadian I really thought that Australia was more progessive in areas such as same sex marriage and their attitude towards gays…sadly I am wrong…time to wake up and stamp out the hatred of these so called Christians,,,

  6. Someone needs to reduce that assholes life to just one more day.

    1. Highly inappropriate, offensive and threatening comment.


  7. Sarah Brown 6 Sep 2012, 1:12pm

    My LGBT lifestyle includes 3 runs of 5km per week, horse riding, mountain climbing, growing and eating my own fresh vegetables, etc..

    I think that might be a bit healthier than smoking.

    1. Me, on the other hand, well I’d would drop dead trying even 1 of those activities! Omg, what if he was right!?!

      Well, at least they can cure my homosexuality, if not my cancer.

    2. Even if there were such a thing as a “gay lifestyle” these prejudiced and ignorant twits clearly believe it only applies to men.

    3. Julia Ford 6 Sep 2012, 3:07pm

      Sarah! I think you better take a break and have a cigarette. We don’t want you dieing on us.

  8. Julia Gillard is hypocritical scum.

  9. Julia Gillard is a hypocrite. She has a go at this man for being offensive towards gay people yet she’s happy to be offensive in her own way – by not supporting equal marriage. The struggles faced by Australian gay people would be a lot less if they could get married.

  10. So… they don’t think smokers should be allowed to marry?

  11. Cardinal Capone 6 Sep 2012, 5:05pm

    Julia Gillard has no respect for the human rights of gay people. I hope she is replaced by some one else, soon, who does. Isn’t she looking a bit tired?

  12. Isn’t she an never married atheist who has a boyfriend ??And yet she gives speches at a reactionary christian lobby…Hypocrisy at its finest example

  13. i smell someone desperately trying to backpeddal.

    In order to treat stress related illness you remove the causes of stress – such as ostracisation for something natural, you remove hatred and bullying from their life – you treat them as a normal person and let them have the same rights as any other normal person.

    Then and only then will the “gay health problem” go away.

  14. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 7 Sep 2012, 2:23am

    At the next election people in the prime ministers seat need to voter her out and people in Tony Abbott’s seat need to vote him out!

    Here is an idea, after plain packaging here is a plan:

    Set up a register of tobacco addicts for people of any age who are currently smoking and help them come off the stuff, then anyone born after the year 2000 needs to banned from smoking with a $1000 fine or 30 days imprisonment.

    Also here is another idea:
    Bigots needs to be completely banned from getting married or entering into a marriage or even arranging one (such as a bigoted civil celebrant)!

    Allowing civil same sex marriage will grow our economy and provide jobs and have full equality (not half-baked schemes such as civil unions which do not work anyway and are only half way in terms of equality which are not universally recognised in the way as marriage currently is)!

    Just a few thoughts!

  15. radical53 7 Sep 2012, 4:16am

    A victory for common sense.

    No Government or minister should align themselves with religion.

    Church and state do not mix. Which is what is happening in Russia.

    Now this is a step in the right direction. hoping now you may show a little bit more progress with our other matter. (Marriage).

    We will await with anticipated breath.

  16. Chairface 7 Sep 2012, 9:29am

    “God Hates Fags” So stop smoking!

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