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Minnesota: Gay parenting study becomes focal point of anti equality campaign

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Reader comments

  1. A highly suspect study exploited by the faction of bigots and liars – SOP.

    And irrelevant – You need not be married to have children, you need not have children to be married.

    Dishonest and pointless. As usual.

    1. And aimed at the Black community, which is more homophobic/

  2. Just searched for “Mark Regnerus” on Google, and almost immediately say articles finding fault with the ‘study’.

  3. Contrary to popular myth the standard of academic rigor is not particularly high in many US universities.

    It is not particularly hard for a US academic to get their work published as not all social science publications set the bar for accepting research particularly high. Also sociology is not the social science discipline that has been known for presenting particularly valid and reliable research findings. They don’t have the social science tools to measure as these are found in science of psychology.

    This research is not honest and reflects badly on the quality of social science coming out of the USA.

  4. “On 25 of the 40 outcomes, young adults raised in a family structure that included a same-sex parent are worse off than those raised in an intact family with married parents.

    Would Kalley Yanta care to elaborate on this? It seems to me like she is just picking numbers out of the air!

  5. They are getting really desperate now, actually fabricating so called facts.

    They show themselves to be the fools they are.

  6. In any community forced to hide due to being the focus of the majorities’ hate and bullying, you can expect there to be more mental illness and other problems. This is a message to support people to have healthier lives free of hate, and you can then expect it to effect healthier individuals, as they would not have to waste time in their life dealing with their wounds. If you socially castrate a person through hate and bullying – passively or aggressively-, you cannot then expect them to be able to function fully in society until they heal. Though the tides are turning in our favour, we are still at war with the majority against us in this world, and our soldiers suffer more wounds, hanging, death, tortures, deaths…. I commend our fighters, and I fight for the day when we can finally take a deep breath, relax, heal, love and create, as we finally enjoy equal rights and personal freedom for ever beautiful member of our LGBT community. Then, we can guide this world forward as it

  7. This is getting boring…… I am getting tired of these people. They, like the Roman Catholics, non stop spout rubbish and nonsense.

  8. Predictable and depressing. This study did NOT look at gay parents, it was short of numbers so it upped them by including as ‘gay’ anyone who’d ever had a same sex experience, even if they had been married to an opposite sex person and had children in that marriage.

    Regnerus himself admitted that the study was most likely to simply show that children are better off in stable families – whether those families be straight or gay.

  9. Scott Rose 6 Sep 2012, 3:57pm

    The Regnerus study was only published through corrupt peer review. The main funder of the Regnerus study was the anti-gay-rights Witherspoon Institute. The specific Witherspoon program that funded it, was the program for Marriage, Family and Democracy, whose Director is W. Bradford Wilcox. Wilcox is on the editorial board of the journal that published the twinned Regnerus and Loren Marks studies. Witherspoon created a stand-alone site for these two studies. Wilcox is a paid Regnerus study consultant, and he was a peer reviewer for one of the studies. Wilcox’s multiple conflicts of interest in this — which the Social Science Review journal editors knew about — violate all science publishing ethics. There should be unyielding demand for the study to be retracted from publication and put through valid peer review prior to any eventual future republication.

  10. Scott Rose 6 Sep 2012, 4:01pm

    There also were violations of science publishing ethics in the commentaries published alongside the twinned Regnerus and Marks studies in the journal Social Science Research. Normally, commentary would be written by topic experts. None of the three commentary writers were LGBT sciences experts and still less same sex parenting experts. And, all of them had conflicts of interest, including that one was a lead researcher on the study itself, another a paid study consultant, and still another had strong connections to the funders. This was an orchestrated hoax, driven by a combination of political motives and corporate publishing greed. The trust on which science is based has been very seriously undermined.

  11. Scott Rose 6 Sep 2012, 4:05pm

    The Regnerus “study” is similar in intent and effect to hoax studies that the tobacco industry perpetrated in the 1960s and ’70s. The aim of those tobacco industry studies was to keep on the table the notion that smoking cigarettes might not be so bad for health. That ludicrous idea was taken off the table, when the hoax studies were documented as hoaxes. We do already have documentation that this study was schemed up as a hoax, but that documentation needs to be included in more widely-disseminated news reports about this scandal. The fact that a program director of the Witherspoon Institute, which funded Regnerus, sits on the editorial board of the journal that published Regnerus, and also is a paid Regnerus study consultant, did peer review and has a stand-alone site promoting the studies for his (anti-gay-rights) organization that funded the study is WAY beyond the pale, as far as science publishing ethics go.

  12. Scott Rose 6 Sep 2012, 4:06pm

    There is no legitimate scientific debate involved here. The study does not support the conclusions it offers; and it was perpetrated as a hoax. Debating where there is no legitimate scientific debate, but only a hoax, only rewards the perpetrators of the hoax.

    1. Someone should make a reply video to unmask all these lies.

  13. Dominic K 8 Sep 2012, 3:15am

    Did they never consider that the only thing affecting children of same sex couples’ mental health and well-being, is bigots posing as moral authorities telling them that the people who bring them up and whom they love most in the world are invalid citizens, or not worthy of being married?

    If you ask me, encouraging people from all backgrounds, sexualities, abilities and disabilities, etc etc to raise families, is the thing the world needs now to create happy, caring and tolerant children who respect everybody in their world.

    It’s not so long ago that these people opposed interracial marriage, rights and upbringings … Look how silly and pathetic that looks now – in 20 years we’ll be laughing at this!

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