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Democrats endorse equal marriage, and ‘appropriately represent’ LGBT community

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Reader comments

  1. radical53 5 Sep 2012, 3:38am

    Now is the time for Americans to show their hands.

    If they want to progress and move forward. Then they must vote for Barack Obama. No contest.

    They must listen and get involved with his campaign. Otherwise all will be lost.

    Then they will have to wait another decade for any developments for their future.

    1. Incorrect – if the US wants to move forward it needs to become a democracy.

      It needs to scrap its horrifically undemocratic 2 party system and must ensure that corporate ownership of the politcal system is returned to the population.

      Otherwise it doesn’t really matter who wins the election as LGBT rights are merely a wedge issue whose sole purpose is to show the cosmetic differences between the Republicans and Democrats – both of which are rightwing parties whose loyalty is to corportate America and not the American public.

      1. I see where you’re coming from dAVID and agree with you on the 2 party system but your claim that it doesn’t really matter who wins the election is just ignorant.

        A win for Romney would push back LGBT equality in the US for decades. His victory would be a nightmare coming true for the LGBT community. It must be prevented at any cost.

        1. That’s what everyone said about Bush the Second.

          And guess what – it wasn’t true.

  2. Pavlos Prince of Greece 5 Sep 2012, 4:05am

    Bigot candidate, who will gave gay community nothing, or liberal, who will gave all? The most easy choice for the American LGBT ever. (For us 2010 was much more difficult.)

    1. Don’t be ridiculous.

      Obama’s primary loyalty will be to corporate America – just like Romney’s will be.

      It’s largely irrelevant who wins – since the American political system is owned by corporate America.

      1. It’s only irrelevant to people who don’t care for LGBT equality.

  3. This is going to be interesting. It’s exciting and scary to be at the centre of this race.

  4. @radical53 100% agree with you. This is good news indeed. Now it must be made into law. Vote for Obama and see a bright, united future with real progess. The only other alternative is to vote for Mitt the nit and plunge America into darkness and violence.

  5. There is a clear but interesting choice here. es, Obama is motivated to an extent by his backers (large corporations, but he isn’t bound by the religious right.

    It is a clear choice for gay people and other minorities. Obama is the only way to go. Romney’s handlers wouldn’t allow him to support minorities even if he wanted to. As a Morman, he has been trained all his life to believe that we are going straight to hell. I can only hope that my American friends can see this as clearly as those of us “north of the 49th” can.

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