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Australian Christian lobbyist: Gays shouldn’t be allowed to marry because they are more likely to smoke

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Reader comments

  1. Grasping at straws… are ACL banning smokers from getting hitched now?
    Bit of a tenuous argument…
    Is this what Fred Phelps meant by “God Hates Fags”?

  2. Bugger, someone else managed to get in with God Hates Fags before me…

  3. What a total fckwit!

    Decries the “homosexual lifestyle” (Habitat or Heal’s?) on the one hand; then objects to extending marriage to include same-sex couples on the other – which, in the real world, could be thought to encourage stability and counter the supposedly reckless excesses of this perceived “lifestyle”. Sheesh.

  4. Straight women should not be allowed to get married either as they are more likely to have abortions.

    Christians should not be allowed to marry as they are more likely to be mentally ill.

    1. Men should not be allowed to watch sport as they’re more likely to become violent because of it…

      We could go on.

  5. Michael Breen 5 Sep 2012, 1:02pm

    If smoking is the best the God Bother’s can come up with against same sex marriage. I think them interfering with children is a better argument to stop them from being parents. We should just ignore them altogether.
    Misogynistic, racist,homophobic, bigoted Bible bashers one and all.

  6. More disingenuous christian bilge.

    Regarding suicide rates, mental health issues etc… yes, there is truth in the stats but what is the truth BEHIND those stats? A life made intrinsically harder by the hateful and the vile for no reason other than they don’t like us.

    As for smoking – nonsense. Spurious argument grasped from the straws of “useless junk christians say.”

  7. Can the barrel get any deeper to scrape ?

  8. …normalising the lifestyle … has to be considered in what it does encouraging people into it,” he said.

    Interesting how many of these militants seem to believe people can ‘turn’ gay if encouraged – says a great deal more about them than anythign else.

  9. They always get it the wrong way round, don’t they? They say we are promiscuous, unhealthy, hedonistic, can’t maintain relationships etc etc. Because of this, they say, we shouldnt be allowed equality. What they don’t realise is that most LGBT people who do these unhealthy things, do them BECAUSE there is no equality!!! The health problems that we quote ‘because we want more money’ only illustrate the effect views like his have on us. I wonder if his arguement then is that if you sideline and oppress LGBT people, they’ll become healthier and less likely to smoke???

    1. Yeah, I love that they say we live a promiscuous lifestyle, but our relationships CAN’T be marriage or what they consider to be ‘normal’ and non-promiscuous relationships by definition, because they won’t let us have them! HELLO….. Anyone in there??? Big stupid ignorant losers who are full of hate… It baffles me that so many people can be so dumb!

  10. Lynda Yilmaz 5 Sep 2012, 1:24pm

    I wanted to say something pithy and clever – all I could come up with is hahahah!

  11. casparthegood 5 Sep 2012, 1:28pm

    Surely if that was correct these fools would be positivly encouraging us all to get hitched,after all smoking is proven to reduce life expectancy and that would suit them wouldn’t it?

  12. Paul Essex/London 5 Sep 2012, 1:30pm

    Smoking among those in low income households and areas is higher for a lot of the same reasons – dispair, depression etc.. Does that mean we should keep the poor poor in order not to ‘normalise’ smoking and other substance abuse among the rich?

  13. Garry Cassell 5 Sep 2012, 1:36pm

    Oh my oh my…what a F***king dipstick..Christian you say…really…bunch of dumb F****.

  14. These idiots really are tiresome!

    Can anyone else hear the bottom of the excuse barrel being scrapped?

  15. Marriage will almost definately reduce my partners life expectancy from another 70 years to a matter of days – when I finally have enough and clobber the git.

  16. Yes, he’s an idiot, but he did not say that gays are more likely to smoke, he said we are more likely to take drugs or commit suicide, i.e. being gay is more dangerous to your health than smoking and should be dealt with accordingly. Sort it out, PinkNews.

    1. Fair point, though I don’t see either being prone to depression or taking drugs as an all encompassing bar to getting married either (which seems closer to the thrust of his dumb tenuous argument) unless you top yourself or overdose before your big day.
      They might be an argument for rehab or cognative behaviour therapy, but if two consenting junkies or depressives want to get hitched, what’s to stop them and what’s that got to do with same-sex marriage anyhow?

      1. Yes, he was still talking rubbish, but PN should at least accurately report the point he was making.

  17. Douglas in Canada 5 Sep 2012, 2:20pm

    Perhaps we should ban Christianity and a few other religions, as they seem to inhibit a person’s ability to think logically.

  18. LOL, they get more and more ridiculous every time they open their mouths! What a nut job!!

  19. Robin Ellwood 5 Sep 2012, 2:50pm

    What twaddle. Do we apply the same ruling to celibate Catholic clergy who also have a tendency to smoke?

  20. Katie Kool-eyes 5 Sep 2012, 2:56pm


  21. Miguel Sanchez 5 Sep 2012, 3:00pm

    You just can’t fix STUPID!!!!!!!

  22. But those of us who don’t smoke?

    1. According to the ACL if we don’t smoke we probably drink alcohol, use marijuana, cocaine, heroin, LSD, crack, crystal meth, bana peels or eat and drink the flesh of newborn babies instead. We don’t want these homosexual lifestyles to be encouraged by legalizing same-sex marriage, don’t we ?

  23. essexgirlbecky 5 Sep 2012, 3:26pm


    I would be inclined to say that, in these circumstances, what is required is a health and well-being strategy which focuses on eliminating inequality.

    Wouldn’t that be the ‘Christian’ thing to champion? After all, I’m very familiar with the Bible and I can’t remember Jesus championing discrimination of any kind.

  24. “…..normalising the lifestyle by the attribution of marriage, for instance, has to be considered in what it does encouraging people into it,”

    So Mr Wallace is scared that if being gay is ‘normalised’ he’ll be encouraged to have gay relationships? Maybe he’d be better off spending more time sorting out his own issues regarding his sexuality and less time making up pathetic ‘reasons’ to deny us equality.

  25. Where do these idiots keep coming from? Honestly, it’s a wonder to me that some of them are capable of dressing themselves in the morning.

    1. Wherever they keep coming from, I hope they keep sending them. The world needs some laughter in these times of wars and terror, and the LGBT community certainly need these jesters.

  26. GulliverUK 5 Sep 2012, 3:40pm

    And what is the difference between Westbro Baptist Church and the ACL|?

    One is in the US, and one is in Australia.

    ACL is so rabidly homophobic, if they were a dog you’d have them put down.

    1. Ahh, but the Westboro Baptist Church is even more special because it’s led by a mentally-ill drug abuser (yes, I once read from one of Fred Phelps’ son that his father is addicted to barbiturates).

  27. That means smokers make bad parents ? Damn ! Someone should have warned me that my own father, who is a heavy smoker, all these years has been pretending to be a lovingly supporting father, one of my best friends and even educating me and my sister about the dangers of tabagism and he is actually a bad father and should never have been a father. Thanks Australian Christian Lobby !

  28. Uhmmm, Jim Wallace most certainly did not say that married gays would be more likely to smoke as your title states! What he said was that gay people have an even shorter life expectancy than smokers. His logic therefore is that same sex marriage ought not to be legalized as doing so would normalize and promote homosexuality, which according to him is more harmful than smoking.. Change the title PN- I feel embarrassed for you.. Oh, and Jim Wallace is a f***ktard, which is stating the obvious really..

  29. Samuel B. 5 Sep 2012, 4:12pm

    I always suspected that one day political correctness would eventually eat itself!!

    1. Political correctness???? What on earth are you talking about? Are you commenting on the wrong article?

      1. Sam B is one of this sites finest idiots. You have to give him a lot of understanding as he’s probably mad too.

  30. I can someways see there point, Gays are also likely to take drugs as well.

    1. Please do not make stupid generalisations. Its make you look, well, stupid.

      1. Simon has a very valid point – the proportion of gay people who still practice this filthy habit, huddled in club and bar doorways and smoking areas slowly killing themselves IS higher than in the straight population. Go observe. We can all disagree with Mr Wallace’s bigotry and ignorance towards our community but that shouldn’t blind us to recognising and debating why smoking is still so prevalent in gay circles, and working together to change this.

        1. What on earth does this have to do with getting married????

          I’m amazed there are any comments agreeing with this rubbish. Guess what, straight people smoke too and do drugs, lots of them.

          1. Spanner1960 6 Sep 2012, 9:49am

            Jason is correct, smoking is proportionally more prevalent amongst gays than straights. Please don’t throw straw-man arguments about straight, it makes you look like an idiot.

            I do agree though, what has this got to do with marriage? I smoked before I was married, my partner did not. I still smoke after we were married, and my partner does not. A really stupid correlation between two totally unrelated facts.

        2. “the proportion of gay people who still practice this filthy habit, huddled in club and bar doorways and smoking areas slowly killing themselves IS higher than in the straight population”

          Statistics please.

          Forgive me if I don’t take the word of someone on the internet with a bee in its bonnet and a penchant for dramatics.

  31. Every time I see someone come out with a corker like this, what I hear from them is “LGBT people have worse mental health because people like me constantly give them abuse. We can fix this health problem by not letting them be gay, so then I don’t have to give them abuse.”

    I suspect it’s cause by brainworms. Wormy, wormy brains.

  32. Julia Ford 5 Sep 2012, 4:35pm

    Cristian straight couples should not be allowed to be married because
    1. They have babies “and” they may grow up to be gay.
    2.They have babies “and” if they lose thier jobs it will cost the state a furtune.
    3.They have babies “and” may grow up to be priests “gay priests”.
    4. I could go on all day but i have a life plus i need a cigarette.

  33. When calling someone broken, unnatural, evil, and god only knows what else. Do people like Jim Wallace not think this pressure plays a part in the higher rates of drug-taking and suicide he mentions within LGBT communities?

  34. Send this bigot off to places where life expectancy for the entire population is lowest: Mozambique (39.2 years), Swaziland, Zambia, Sierra Leone, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan, etc.
    Get back to us when you get all of them to 81.8 years – sinful Iceland with its equal marriage laws!

    1. GingerlyColors 6 Sep 2012, 7:07am

      Mozambique does not criminalize homosexuality unlike most other African countries.

  35. We have got a real bright one this time. Stupefyingly ignorant.

  36. nothingpetty 6 Sep 2012, 1:23am

    And we eat egg yolks, too.

  37. GingerlyColors 6 Sep 2012, 7:06am

    Another stupid, moronic statement from Christian evangelists. I wonder what they are going to come up with next?

  38. Excuse me?

  39. Don Harrison 6 Sep 2012, 9:18am

    Desperation tactics. How pathetic

  40. Spanner1960 6 Sep 2012, 9:45am

    I saw the headline and just burst out laughing.

    These people really are scraping the bottom of the barrel for excuses, aren’t they?

  41. How unbelieveable is that, what a load of crud where the heck do some people get theses ideas form, must be listning to voices in their head.

  42. Er… that’s a new one.

  43. Oh you have got to be kidding me! I’m GAY but never smoked in my life yet my straight sisters, aunt, grandad, brothers all smoke and my straight nan and father are former smokers; yet I know many gay men and women…only 1 is a smoker. Yet it have nothing to do with sexuality! Some people are so stupid it’s scary

  44. Gay Progressive Christian Activist For Marriage Equality! 7 Sep 2012, 3:09am

    He has been smoking way too much pot again!

    I hope he is not driving home that day and gets pulled over by the drug bus!

    I work for a Loverly Christian organisation with several other LGBT people and they are way way more progressive then him and he calls himself a Christian hey?!

    Love they neighbour, god loves gay too!

    We stand for stable loving long-term committed married/de facto relationships of any gender or sexuality.

  45. Gay Progressive Christian Activist For Marriage Equality! 7 Sep 2012, 3:12am

    “Smokers are jokers!” and
    “We will flush your sin sticks down to hell!”

    [a reference from the kid Todd Flanders in The Simpsons]

  46. billywingartenson 21 Sep 2012, 7:03am

    the twenty year shorter argument is from the so called Amsterdam report by a hate group.

    they got names of people from the death notices who had died of aids and averaged them

    they are just as dishonest as the people who turned a Jewish rabbi to the son of god.

    Mary was a virgin because she said “i have known of no man”

    She lived in a society where women not virgins when wed were stoned to death

    1. She was raped by a roman soldier – they had the same morals as the roman church re kiddies

    She sold her body

    3. she sat in a puddle or small warm lake, whre the kids would go to masturbate. sperm can live several days and have one goal – to swim to find the egg

    BTW many swiming pools put spemacide in the water
    (no kidding)
    Need I say more

    Except how many billions of people have suffered horribly and prob a billion murdered to propagate a falshood that made the chruch the largest landholder in both italy and spain (dont know about elsewhre

  47. All hetrosexual women ‘smoke’… after intercourse and they don’t even need cigarettes! HA! HA! HA! So, Mr Wallace, put that in your pipe and smoke it!!

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