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Gay Tory MP Nick Herbert resigns from government

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Reader comments

  1. Nick Herbert is a decent guy and widely respected politician. It’s a pity he has resigned, but he certainly won’t fade away into oblivion.

    A robust supporter of equal marriage.

    1. What has he actually done to speed up the introduction of equal marriage.

      His silence regarding the high level of extremist homophobia among his party colleagues has been deafening.

      He has not condemned the horrifyingly offensive consultation on equal civil rights.

      At best he has been a lukewarm supporter of equality.

      Then again he is a Tory.

  2. A sad loss to a strong voice and champion of Gay Equal Rights

    1. Again – what specifically has Herbert done to advance LGBT rights.

      Saying that he supports equality is cancelled out by his refusal to condemn the extremists homophobia of such a large party of the Tory Party.

      And those extremist bigots Chris Grayling and Maria Miller are now the ministers for justice and equalities.

      Does Herbert condemn these appointments?

  3. Pavlos Prince of Greece 4 Sep 2012, 5:18pm

    Mr. Herbert leaves, Mr. Gove remains… When Mr. Cameron still wish to demonstrate, that in his government is no place for homophobes, he do this in the very strange way, I must say.

    1. Michael Gove is a very strong supporter of gay rights.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 4 Sep 2012, 5:37pm

        Maybe he is, but I doubt if he supports equal marriage given his defence of that Catholic school and the C4M petition debacle several weeks ago.

        1. He does support equal marriage, check the campaign for equal marriage website for evidence.

          1. GulliverUK 4 Sep 2012, 8:37pm

            Click on the link and tell me if you think it’s evidence. I don’t. Also, in this guardian article
            I don’t believe he will outlaw homophobic materials used the Catholic church, or allow positive teaching materials to meet the requirements that we all know are needed. Marriage equality isn’t enough, education needs to be clearly showing that it’s ok to be gay, talking about the contributions of figures from history who are gay, and thus tackling homophobic bullying.

            What’s the point of providing equal marriage, acknowledging our relationships are just as good as anybody elses, in law, and in the eyes of the government, if you still make the topic “don’t mention gay” in schools, and leave generations to grow up without fully understanding the reality of the diverse society in which they actually live. Might as well never mention drugs — if you do that, people will grow up unaware that they exist !!! (not)

  4. Robert in S. Kensington 4 Sep 2012, 5:36pm

    Grayling is one to keep a close eye on, given his defence of that christian couple. One less vote for equal marriage now that Herbert is going.

    1. Grayling supports gay marriage and I know he said those stupid remarks in 2010 – he did vote for the sexual orientation regulations which bars couples from barring gay couples.

      1. Grayling’s recent voting on equality (the sexual orientation regs) is fine, but the history isn’t good – plenty of abstentions and no votes. And his damn silly comments around the homophobic hoteliers didn’t do him any favours. Still, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt … for now …

        1. Grayling is a bigot.

  5. Paul Halsall 4 Sep 2012, 5:57pm

    This is a vicious Tory government. LGBTs who voted for it should feel shame.

    1. mark young 4 Sep 2012, 6:27pm

      anyone who voted for the tories should feel ashamed. but then what do you do when the choice are a bunch of imbeciles as well. i mean are you really gonna vote for milliband? not unless you want the UK to turn into a backwater. and then who else is there? the green party? the lib dems? not exactly a great choice is it.

      1. GulliverUK 4 Sep 2012, 8:43pm

        Damn straight we’ll be voting Milliband – they deliver. I’ve love to vote green, but as I said elsewhere, for most of us how we vote is illusionary, because we live in settled constituencies – there there’s a Tory you can’t unseat, or a Labour who will get in anyway. But the very bright and clever, but easily deceived, idiots didn’t want AV — oh now, it made their brain hurt trying to work it out, so they’re left with FPTP and that’s that. I’ve vote Green in a heartbeat if I thought they had a chance of getting in. Where I live they’d have to knock out the 6000 majority for 1st place, and 2nd place is the LibDems ! I would vote LibDem if I lived somewhere they had a chance. Anything to get a party who will actually give us our rights, all of them, and quickly.

        1. Sister Mary Clarence 4 Sep 2012, 8:57pm

          Ooohhh blimey yes, gays in the military …. ooohh blimey no, that was the European Court of Human Rights.

          Oh yes, but they were really big on not sending gay asylum seekers back to countries where they faced torture or death … of hang on, no that’s right they used outdated and ambiguous clauses in the 1958 Refugee Act to do exactly that.

          But just a minute … they did try to introduce gay marriage. Oh damn no, that’s right, Tony Blair went to extraordinary lengths to make it clear civil partnerships were not marriage.

          To be fair though there were countless other people of equality legislation to benefit us that they did introduce. No, no, you’re absolutely right, they didn’t have a choice and where just fulfilling their obligations under the Treaty of Amsterdam.

        2. GulliverUK might want us to vote like trolls for Miliband but I am not,

          Voted Tory last election very much doubt I will this time but voting for Labour and Miliband – no chance!

          Miliband is a weak leader, has no policies other than to oppose, has no plans to cut the deficit, no growth plans… nothing. His party is just as bad, if not worse than the coalition at the moment,

          As for the Green party – they are a middle class, Islington Guardian reading millionaire socialist party – not for me – bunch of hypocrites!

          May vote Lib Dem but it would have to be a Orange Booker rather than than a hypocritical socialist in disguise.

          The selection of parties on offer is absolutely awful.

          1. GulliverUK 4 Sep 2012, 10:30pm

            Have you managed to get your leg over since the last election, or do you just not tell people you voted Tory !! :D

            Just joking. As I said, I’ll vote for a turnip if I get my rights. That comes first, then, when that is done, I’ll think about which economic system I think is best.

            As it happens, I would be a plan B anyway, because I did A’level Economics at a time when they taught Keynes was God. I don’t rate Monetarism — all this M3 M1 rubbish. I don’t even know if there’s a word which described their current strategy.

            You want to save the economy, scrap nuclear weapons, period. £100 billion over 10 years, that’s for starters. Collect all the tax due £35 billion a year in uncollected taxes.

            “As for the Green party” …. what are you talking about?!! I’m middle class, Islington, Guardian reading and a socialist. :)

            I would vote LibDem but only fake-tan Orange bookers, want to privatise the NHS (Laws proposed that). The Orange Book is archaic now.

          2. GulliverUK

            I won’t vote for anyone to get ‘my rights’ – although LGBT issues do matter a lot to me, especially marriage equality – it wouldn’t make me vote Labour though.

            Economics are very important to me too, hence why I won’t be voting Labour and I won’t be voting Tory either because they haven’t performed.

            If you studied economics you should be able to understand the doubling of the debt under Labour, the huge deficit which started from 2002 and carried on every single year, fake economic growth (was through borrowing and debt)… absolutely nasty legacy.

            The current strategy is an absolute mess but of what labour has to offer is the same failed policies that got us into this pit in the first place. the deficit needs to come down, debt needs to start being repaid back (when the deficit has disappeared) and economic growth needs to come from the people rather than borrowing and evermore government spending – totally unsustainable.

          3. GulliverUK

            Although LGBT equality is very important to me, it is not the only issue, I need a job, house etc too. These are all important to me.

            If you have knowledge of economics then you should be able to understand the absolute mess the Labour government left the UK in. Massive deficit which started from 2002 despite economic growth, doubling of the national debt, youth unemployment growing from 2004, fake economic growth – based on debt and consumption – and they want to continue this.

            Scrapping nuclear weapons wouldn’t save the economy – how will that promote growth?
            If we collected £35 billion in taxes you apparently have identified we still would have a massive deficit, it was 175billion under Labour.

            You’re a typical greeny/socialist – not my type of politics.

            You have said you’d vote Labour – the party which brought in the private sector into the NHS on a big scale.

      2. Id much rather have the “other” Milliband to vote for, but labour certainly would be an improvement on this sham marriage of crowing tories and quivering lib dem brides…so “red ed” gets my vote for now.

      3. GingerlyColors 5 Sep 2012, 7:27am

        There’s no way I will be voting Labour. They plundered this country’s pension funds, sold off our gold at rock bottom prices, got this country up to it’s eyeballs in debt and even jepordised my job. Another Labour government would be a disaster for Britain but what are the alternatives? UKIP? The BNP? Sometimes you have to choose the lesser evil which to me are the Conservatives.
        Don’t forget, many of us vote for polital parties for a wide range of issues such as the NHS, law and order, immigration, the economy, Europe, foreign policy, education, transport and the enviorment as well as LGBT issues.

        1. well yes exactly, the tories are not exactly doing wonders for the economy are they? Their stance on europe is “lets not do anything in case we upset the eurosceptics”, they want to sell the NHS/Post Office/Education to the highest bidder (to follow up on all the disasters their previous privatisations have achieved- Rail? Gas? they are obviously SOO much improved!) regardless of whether the people involved are known loonies/ripoff merchants/foreign governments. As for transport they seem to have one policy “lets make it as easy for people to get to london as possible by spending Trillions on the SE of england and the rest of the country can die”…

  6. There goes another Tory token. The first mission this gay man has been assigned to when in government was as an envoy to a homophobic political branch in Poland. The criminals currently playing rulers of the Union know one thing or two about throwing people to the lions.

  7. I am SICK of these Tories being described as ‘strong supporters of LGBT rights’

    To be a strong support of LGBT rights these Tories should have kicked up a STINK about the horrifyingly offensive public consultation about marriage equality (never before has a minority’s equal civil rights been subject to a public consultation).

    The fact that we are STILL waiting for equality (and with no timetable) and that Cameron regards equality as a conscience matter should be condemned.

    If we don’t have marriage equality by Christmas will Nick Herbert resign from the Tories?

    If not then he is no champion of our rights. he’ll just be your typical Tory, opportunistic scum.

    1. I am “sick” of tory scum full stop. If only we had a PR system like in democracies.

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