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Dublin City Council votes to support equal marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Good news.

    So long as the government drops the homophobic lie that a constitutional amendment (thereby a referendum) is required to introduce equality then it’s a very simply matter of introducing legislation. (After all the idea that there would need to be a public vote on a minority’s civil rights is a truly horrific idea, that needs to be left in places like the US).

    The Irish Labour Party need to organise this legislation and they need to inform Fine Gael that oppoistion to equality legislation is unacceptable.

    In the UK the horrifically offensive public consultation on equal civil rights for LGBT people was used as a delaying tactic (never before had a public consultation been used to determine whether a minority deserved equality)

    In Ireland the government seems to be using the constitutional review to delay equal civil rights.

    This is unacceptable.

    1. Paddyswurds 4 Sep 2012, 11:30am

      I don’t think that is the Government position dAVID. I think they are leaving it to the Constitutional Convention in November to confirm that a referendum is NOT required . The Constitution at the moment does not mention the necessary sex of the couple to be married but the convention will confirm this anyway. so I imagine there will be a bill on Marriage Equality in the next Dail after this….

      1. Well the last government pretended that a referendum would be needed for equality

        So hopefully you are right,

        How long does this convention last for anyway?

  2. Irishman1989 5 Sep 2012, 2:25am

    Sometimes I wonder if this is the same conservative country in which I grew up?

    Certainly – in parts. But this is a welcome, although surprising, development.
    Labour had better not step away from this and allow more conservative members of Fine Gael to filibuster.

    The cloud to this silver lining is that we’re more likely to see David Quinn on telly, whinging about the ‘liberal agenda’, in the coming weeks.

  3. Pavlos Prince of Greece 5 Sep 2012, 2:43am

    When Scotland will legalise same-sex marriage before England, its will be very shameful for Westminster. But when Ireland will do so too, its will be the most funny story in the history of British LGBT since marriage of Princess Margret with bisexual guy.

  4. A step in the right direction. If Ireland can get their act together quickly, they along with Scotland, will beat Westminster and that will stick in the throats of some English MPs

  5. Timothy (TRiG) 10 Sep 2012, 2:26pm

    There’s a thought. Irish politics being what they are, the idea of annoying the Brits by getting in first might just appeal to some of them. Perhaps I should mention that in a letter to my TD.


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