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Democrats expected to endorse equal marriage in their platform today.

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Reader comments

  1. sEan Johansen 4 Sep 2012, 3:00am

    screw the religious …. marriage is nothing to do with religion it is a civil action. Keep religion out of marriage.

  2. And they still keep fighting against it. I just don’t understand how people don’t realize that this is going to happen one way or the other. We can either do it now and move on and deal with other issues, or we can drag it out. Delaying is doing nothing for their cause besides making them look like morons. I just can’t wait until it’s legal in the whole country. Pope Rat and every other religious figure needs to just admit defeat, and direct their money to helping the poor and feeding the hungry.

  3. Ha, it’s funny, they put a period in the title of this article :-D

  4. Would the bigots prefer that we all become *politically correct* and NOT call them bigots, even though they clearly are?

    1. At least they are admitting they are bigots, by saying that people opposed to same-sex marriage are bigots. At least that’s how I interpreted Frank Schubert’s syllogism.

  5. Well, let us hear the promised support and the words made into law

  6. Clearly this news about the Democratoc National Convention is more important and interesting to a UK audience than the news about the 4 British christian cultists taking their cases to the European Court of Human Rights today.

    I read it on the BBC – which has become far better on reporting LGBT issues.

    Pink News on the other hand has become an amateur blog recycling dreary US stories stolen from US websites.

    1. Mark Young 4 Sep 2012, 10:24am

      what’s more boring and stupid about PN is having to read your comments.

      1. Paddyswurds 4 Sep 2012, 11:44am

        You have to admit though that Pink News is a tad top heavy with pointless American stories, like for instance the Travolta shyte. Who cares about a two bit actor from the seventies or the dross about Madge Richie which only gleaned 22 comments not a mention today about the European Court case but loads of American bs……

      2. Paddyswurds 4 Sep 2012, 11:48am

        …oh an BTW, there bare only two major American Parties that matter …..The Democrats and the Republicans….

  7. Nice to see this happening…itps past time that the Democrats put their money where their mouth is. Now if Obama is reelected, I look to see some serious work on making it reality.

  8. Robert in S. Kensington 4 Sep 2012, 12:40pm

    Unless the Supreme Court of the United Status is stacked with progressive democrats, I don’t see how the iniquitous Defenc(s)e of Marriage Act (DOMA) will be overturned. Don’t forget, there are six staunch conservatives including an Opus Dei member, the majority of them catholic sitting on the bench for life.

  9. the Republican party want to remove marriage equality and the choice to have a termination? They must not be voted in to carry out their assault on the LGBT and women.

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