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Sussex Police: 40 arrests made during Brighton Pride

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Reader comments

  1. Dave Page 3 Sep 2012, 2:56pm

    Doesn’t every group on a Pride parade openly invite people to come and join them?

    1. Yes they do! It took me two minutes to find invites from Labour, Lib Dems and Conservatives on Twitter.

      Also, Pink News, why is half the article devoted to Brighton Pride’s statement, rather than any statements from/links to opposing perspectives?

  2. Why have you quoted Sussex Police but not anyone from Queers Against Cuts?

      1. Craig Denney 4 Sep 2012, 1:24pm

        Businesses should not be allowed to control Pride and we need to return Pride as a protest.

  3. Hypercube 3 Sep 2012, 3:22pm

    I hope that one day, arresting people for having a bit of weed on them will go the same way as arresting people for consensual gay sex. They are not dissimilar injustices in my book.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. The sooner they legalise dope the better. Why give someone a criminal record for indulging in a harmless pleasure. So much for freddom of the individual and what a stupid waste of resources.

      1. You are kidding, right?

        Check pubmed before you praise the drug – also, Nature recently published an article about its lowering of a human’s IQ if they indulge in smoking weed (weekly) during their teenage years.

        Infuriates me that people still refuse to acknowledge the facts.

    2. It’s not harmless and does affect people; for one making them about as responsive and with it as a sloth.
      What is available now is not the mild version of the 60s/70s and 80s it is far stronger.

  4. Police cuts?

  5. Were Queers Against the Cuts approached for a comment?

    Is so what did they say?

    If not, then why not?

  6. Cardinal Capone 3 Sep 2012, 4:24pm

    40 arrests sounds like a lot for Gay Pride. Were there any at all at World Pride in London?

  7. Even the BBC managed to include a quote from Queers Against The Cuts, one saying that said her experience of being surrounded by police on horseback and on foot was “unnecessary” and “heavy-handed”.

    Unless it’s incredibly poor ‘churnalism’, Pink News seems to be operating some sort of agenda here. Either way, we deserve and expect better.

  8. Spanner1960 3 Sep 2012, 10:43pm

    Sounds like the police did the right thing.
    Pride doesn’t need stroppy lefty agitators spoiling a nice day.

    Sure, make political statements if you will, but just bear in mind you are one of many groups on Pride, each with their own intentions. If you want to cause trouble, go march on your own someplace else and don’t try to drag everybody else down to your level.

    1. I’ve read the organiser’s blog and she doesn’t say anything to refute the lack of organisation of her group. She clearly states that she didn’t know who was supposed to be a part of the group and who had just turned up. That doesn’t do anything for the facilitation of an organised march. She thinks the request to move back was political because of the nature of her group. The fact that there was representation from all 3 major parties proves the political inclusiveness of the organisers. It’s simple: if you want to register a group make sure you know who you’re registering. She should learn from this for next year.

    2. vversatile 4 Sep 2012, 4:22am

      “Pride doesn’t need stroppy lefty agitators spoiling a nice day.”
      I think members of the GLF who started Gay Prides in this country might disagree with you on that – being “stroppy lefty agitators” themselves.

      Pride is (and has always been) about fun – but it’s always been about politics too

      1. Spanner1960 4 Sep 2012, 12:23pm

        It may well be political, but what has spending cuts got to do with gay rights? Sounds like just Tory-bashing to me.

    3. Let’s be clear about this. QUAC didn’t cause any trouble the stewards did and yes we are left wing and proud of it. If you would care to google Queers Against the Cuts you will find reasons why we were on the parade given that LGBT people are disproportionately affected by the budget cuts in terms of losing jobs, services and benefits. The Tory Party, the Labour Party and the Lib Dems were also on the parade. All of them support budget cuts. We don’t and offer an alternative strategy. Presumably you don’t want to see any alternative points of view. Also as an original Gay LIberationist from the 70s, when Pride first started up, I can assure you QUAC is standing in the honourable tradition of GLF in being a stroppy fighter for LGBT equality and rights.

  9. It doesn’t say that 40 gay people were arrested – just that 40 people were arrested. For all we know, some of those might have been offences against LGBT folk.

    Also, Queers against Cuts has an agenda that actually has nothing to do with being LGBT its simply what links them together.

    1. Spanner1960 5 Sep 2012, 11:15am

      One might say that being LGBT has nothing to do with any of these people, as it is just who they sleep with that links them together.

    2. I’d say cuts to HIV+ services, the bringing back of Section 28 through the back door to academy schools, cuts to hate crime prevention and so on have quite a lot to do with being LGBT…

  10. Grossly counterfactual. On assembly, QAC were told, contrary to the parade order given earlier that day, that they had to move to the back of the parade. When members objected to this, they were told that they would be thrown off the parade. No reason was given for this besides “police advice”.

    There are numerous accounts (including photos) which state that QAC were subsequently kettled by police; police only refrained from forcibly ejecting them from the parade after the intervention of veteran activist Peter Tatchell and by Caroline Lucas MP. As it was, the group was contained within a static and later a mobile kettle, and partially dispersed by a police line including horses. This was a peaceful group including children and disabled members. People freely joined other political groups.

  11. In my opinion pink news is not remotely representative of gay people. Behaves and reports more like a quango spounting the official line and careful not to rock the boat. Like so many supposed campaign groups. 1984 et all

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