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Schools are getting better at tackling anti-gay bullying, says Brighton charity

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  1. Hypercube 3 Sep 2012, 3:34pm

    I shudder to think what my life would have been like if I’d been out at school. Anything which makes schools more welcoming for LGBT pupils has got to be good.

    Of course, kids pick on all sorts of perceived differences, but I don’t think many kids commit suicide because of being bullied for having, say, ginger hair, whereas we all know that tragically, many gay teenagers kill themselves because of homophobic bullying. Anti-gay abuse at schools is a particular problem and it’s right that it’s being tackled specifically.

    Any teacher who won’t fully support pupils who are victims of homophobia is frankly scum. There’s no excuse, whatever their private beliefs may be. Bullying is bullying, and no-one “deserves” it. As the article says, this kind of viciousness towards teenagers can permanently affect them mentally. No teacher worth their salt would ever find that acceptable.

  2. Progress is progress and a step in the right direction is better than none at all. I still think that we should have LGBT Schools where children can feel safe and be themselves without the trauma of bullying, hate, bad atmosphere and all the stress that goes with it. Education and more education about the LGBT Community is needed throughout the UK and indeed the world. I keep beating the same drum but I pray that one day we shall have all our rights.

    1. I agree with your second idea there – education is very important to dispel myths and downright lies about LGBT people – but I’m not so sure about your first idea. It’s giving in to the bullies in a way, but also isolating LGBT young people doesn’t help them be part of the community and be accepted. It might even add to the bullying when they’re not in school.

      LGBT children and teens should be able to attend whatever school they want to without fear of homophobic bullying.

  3. Although I’m very pleased things are getting better at schools, I’m still really sad that it’s taking so long. It makes me think that some schools don’t prioritise homophobic bullying and deal with it as they should.

    Yes, there’ll always be some kind of bullying sadly (as Hypercube says above) but homophobic bullying should be dealt with as firmly as racist bullying.

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