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Poland moves towards introducing civil partnerships

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Reader comments

  1. Spanner1960 3 Sep 2012, 1:45pm

    The Law & Justice Party will move hell and high water to prevent this.

    Poland is riddled with homophobia, and the country is only just coming to terms with the existence of gay people, let alone any kind of legal recognition.

    1. … and you know this because you actually live in the country or have some special power that allows you to feel and judge the mood of an entire populous? Moron…

      1. Jen Marcus 3 Sep 2012, 2:35pm

        Spanner1960, a “Moron,” not so much! I am of Polish ancestry and have relatives still living there.I know first hand that its politics and religious beliefs are dominated by a very conservative element of the the Roman Catholic Church that operate in “goose step” with the Vatican hierarchy and we all know where they stand on LGBT issues.

      2. Spanner1960 3 Sep 2012, 10:56pm

        I know because I have many gay Polish friends and I was involved in making a documentary over 18 months about the LJP and their homophobic attitude.

  2. Yay Poland… One step at a time!

    1. David Myers 4 Sep 2012, 1:41am

      Congratulate them when its actually been passed.

      1. 28 Sep 2012, 9:41am

        congratulate them now to help them feel better about the struggle to cum.

  3. Pavlos Prince of Greece 3 Sep 2012, 2:36pm

    Polish Minister for Justice Jaroslaw Gowin, an active member of ‘Opus Dei’ (as Minister of Foreign Affaires Radoslaw Sykorski is too), has long time fighting against this proposition of gay member of Parliament Artur Dunin. But now is he loosing? I still have some doubts, maybe. Anyway, same-sex civil partnerships in Poland will be very strong signal not just for Lithuania or Slovakia, but for Italy and Greece too.

    1. 30 Sep 2012, 2:26am

      is opus dei prounced TALIBAN? I think that fits

  4. Robert in S. Kensington 3 Sep 2012, 3:02pm

    Every country where equal marriage is legal had various forms of legal unions for gay couples. All of those conservatives and religious nutters in opposition are going to have a much tougher time trying to prove those adverse effects they claim will happen. Nothing of the sort has occurred in the 11 countries with equal marriage. As more countries get on board, France, New Zealand, UK, it’s going to become increasingly difficult for the opposition to justify its resistance to change and progress. It’s coming whether they like it or not.

    As Theresa May so aptly put it, “if you don’t like equal marriage, don’t have one”. Simple as that. The only thing it changes are the lives of gay people, nobody else.

  5. Good news. Tiny steps towards equality are better than no steps at all.

  6. It is a step in the right direction but the Polish Government still has quite a way to go before it is fully open to change. Most of the post Communist countries are the same. Entire forests used for the bureaucracy it is mind numbingly stupid. The Roman Catholic Church still has a strangle hold on the country but step by step through a lot of hard work and education, the Polish Government is learning that the sky is not going to fall on their heads if they make changes even though the RCC threatens that it will. The RCC hates to lose control of anything so it is a brave step by the Polish government. @Spanner1960 is right though – homophobia and anti-gay feelings are alive in Poland. But slowly changes are taking place. The RCC is the bottle neck and the fascists (Law and Order party).

  7. Hey guys,
    are there any other articles about this news?

  8. “Opponents, including justice minister Jaroslaw Gowin and members of the reactionary Law & Justice Party claim civil partnerships will undermine the institution of marriage.”

    Not sure if deliberately misleading the nation, or actually that stupid.
    Either way, they seem not to notice what every other country in Europe to their west has been doing in recent years.

    1. With the exception of Italy and Greece…

  9. What;’s missing from this article is what these proposed civil unions will offer in terms of rights.

    So there will be no marriage; no equal tax responsibilities and no adoption.

    But what will be on offer?

    1. Spanner1960 3 Sep 2012, 10:58pm

      Just legal recognition of a partnership. (Next of kin, that kind of thing)

  10. For Poland, being a deeply conservative country, it is a progress of sorts. The most important thing that they must sort out is inheritance rights and powers of attorney. My opinion is that these are the areas that matter most and which will offer the most protection to gay couples in Poland.

    Of course it’s not the real deal, but one step at a time eh?

  11. Only a start, but a good one for such a priest-ridden country as Poland. This is the country where Catholic radio stations were told to be less bigoted and extreme in their promotion of Catholic belief by – John Paul II!!!

    1. 30 Sep 2012, 2:30am

      JP was a good guy. He saved many Jews. As did John 23rd (about 20000)

      RATZInger UNexcommuncated a holocaust denier, bishop williamson.

  12. the proposed law is a limited version of french pacs, bare minimum, basic enough not to seriously piss off the church and conservative section of polish polpulation and at the same time enough to shut up the critics. i guess polish lgbt is being promoted to category of second class citizens

    1. David Myers 4 Sep 2012, 1:44am

      A step up! We will not stop climbing those steps until we are on the same platform as everyone else. Equal rights for all means just that!

  13. GingerlyColors 4 Sep 2012, 7:17am

    Thanks to the Polish born Pope John-Paul II who played a role in the country’s Solidarity movement and the eventual demise of Communism, the Catholic Church is quite strong in Poland. While the last Pope did a lot for Poland, the country must reject the poisonous anti-gay rhetoric of the current Pope who incidently was a member of the youth wing of the very organisation that sent it’s tanks into Poland 73 years ago.
    The decision of Platforma Obywatelska to introduce civil partnerships must be applauded as it is a step in the right direction, something that we do not see enough of in the former Eastern Bloc even if it falls short of full equality. Don’t forget it was Denmark that first introduced civil partnerships but it took them 23 years to upgrade them to full marriages. It will be interesting to see where Poland will be in another 23 years but they will not be the first Catholic country to have marriage equality. The Spanish, Argentinians and Belgians are already there.

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