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In Photos: UK Brighton Pride 2012

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Reader comments

  1. Why can’t you have a decent photo viewer??….clicking each one individually is really tedious…dammit..what number’s the lycra?

    1. Brussels Calling 3 Sep 2012, 11:09am


      1. jajajajajajaja thanks! CLICK::::: oh yeah!

    2. Mark Young 3 Sep 2012, 1:25pm

      The PN photo viewer is like something you’d see on the net 10 years ago – on a cheap website.

  2. I haven’t viewed all of your photos due to the crap way of having to click each one…but sad to see that no-one over the age of 36 managed to get to Brighton Pride according to your photos…..

    1. Iainthomas39 5 Sep 2012, 8:39pm

      exactly what I was going to say – glad I saw your comment. No representation of over 35’s , families or (except for 2 pics) anyone who isn’t a regular gym bunny. A shame and a miss and not a broad picture of the event

  3. Pleeeeeeeeease fix your ridiculously awkward photo viewer Pink News!

  4. WTF are those green rubber bands those 2 dick heads are wearing..

    1. Suddenly Last Bummer 3 Sep 2012, 12:02pm

      They look like a civil partnership’s stag party. I’d still smash all their backdoors in though.

    2. Mark Young 3 Sep 2012, 1:30pm

      they have to do something to try and get some attention when they’re standing with the fella in yellow shorts.

      1. Suddenly Last Bummer 3 Sep 2012, 2:23pm

        Ouch! Harsh but true.

    3. I kissed the one on the right! They were both very nice. XD

  5. Good to see that this was a gathering to which children could be brought, to celebrate diversity . . . unlike the gathering last weekend in Manchester where some gay men carried explicit placards that were obscene and unacceptable in a public place.

    1. I just hope they weren’t around some of the stalls selling double-ended dildos and extreme porn!!

      Seriously, the line for the Wild Fruit tent was a disgrace, thanks to Elf n Safety (who else!).

      Now we have to pay for the pleasure of being caged in and herded through metal interlocking gates for over an hour:- or two hours for those too self-conscious to dismantle said gates and slip through, mindful that the 30 stone security woman who delighted in shouting “you little b*st*ards” at us over and over was looking the other way.

      Then, of course, when you eventually made it inside the huge space was…half empty, with everyone bunched at the front towards the DJ box and vast areas of empty space around the rim.

      Back in the pre-bureaucratic days when it was a free event, you could largely come and go as you pleased and the tent was fill with a real vibe and buzz about it.

      One reason why I will NOT be making the effort to traipse down again next year!

      1. Samuel B. 3 Sep 2012, 7:16pm

        IT has it spot on further down:- those queueing to have a bop in the Wild Fruit tent were also literally herded and kettled in to interlocking metal fencing for nigh on 90 minutes!

    2. What explicit placards?! Did you go? They were funny. You know: haha? Good grief.

  6. Suddenly Last Bummer 3 Sep 2012, 12:00pm

    I gave up after photo no.20, can’t be doing with the way the photos are posted. On another note was surprised to see how much talent there is in Brighton, I’d assumed Brighton was for those who couldn’t hack the pace in London.

  7. What a lovely day we had at Brighton Pride. Queers Against he cuts were harassed by the stewards and kettled by the police. See reference below.

  8. Anyone else think it would be nice if PN had cations with their photos! Also PN really should put them in a slide show I have just wasted an hour of my life clicking each one individually lol

  9. We had a lovely time at Brighton Pride. Queers Against the Cuts were harassed by the stewards and kettled by the police. See reference below.

  10. Brian mark andrew redpath 3 Sep 2012, 8:54pm

    i just found my other half in your pics number 58 the guy in the wheel chair nice to see he took my advise and got one sadly i could not go it looked like fun tho

  11. Spanner1960 6 Sep 2012, 3:14pm

    Come on PN.
    This is WordPress, there are tons of free plugins and widgets available for photo galleries, and it isn’t rocket science to install them.

    Sort it out

  12. Really, there’s no point in even taking photos if you’re going to make them so small and hard to access. Also, if I don’t fill in the required info on your comment-box pop-up thing, it’s be nice if it took me back to my comment, rather than giving me now way to get back to it so I have to retype the whole thing just because I missed out my email. Please, this website needs rewritten, get someone to look at it.

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